The Scarlet Letter: Issue 2 Now Available

The second issue of The Scarlet Letter is now available!! (Party in the pants!!)

We have interviews from authors such as:

Kiernan Kelly

SJD Peterson


Rae Gee

We have guest blogs about:

The Boy Next Door by Zathyn Priest

Where Do The Stories Come From? by GL Roberts

What is Steampunk? By Rae Gee

Being a writer has its ups and downs, doesn’t it? By Michele L. Montgomery

There’s even a Podcast!!

I interviewed Zathyn Priest! You can hear that sexy Aussie accent and practically see him blushing. (Audio Interview)

Meet our roving reporter/interviewer Digi Me

This issue he sat down with Tyler Curtis (The Curtis Reincarnation)and we have pictures of that meeting.

If you’re a reader and would like to see something added to the magazine, or perhaps have us interview your favorite author, please let us know.

If you’re an author, The Scarlet Letter would love to have you do guest posts, hear about your new releases, even share original free GLBTQ fiction with us.

You can find all the information on how to submit something to us in the magazine. Our email address is: if you have any questions.

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Top 2 Bottom Merges with The Scarlet Letter!!

I would like to take a moment of your time to make a special announcement. It’s one that has been in the works for some time now and it’s finally come to see the light. As you are aware, I’ve been hard at work with Zathyn Priest and The Scarlet Letter magazine. In saying that, I’m proud to announce the merging of the two!

The Scarlet Letter and Top2Bottom reviews have merged to offer authors and publishers a wider audience to reach readers. The Scarlet Letter featured reviews from Top2Bottom in the first issue and this will become a regular feature. As it’s been mentioned previously, the magazine is not geared toward emulating a review site, which is why the partnership was agreed upon. Zathyn does not write reviews and he doesn’t intend to start. This is Top 2 Bottom’s area of expertise. If you’re interested in having a book reviewed, please visit Top2Bottom and follow the instructions on the ‘submissions and contact information’ link.

Please do not send review requests/inquiries to Zathyn or via The Scarlet Letter. There is a very good chance they won’t reach their intended target if you do.

With each issue of The Scarlet Letter we will feature one title as the editor’s pick. This book will be chosen by myself from our list of recently reviewed books. The author chosen will be contacted by Top2Bottom and informed their title has been selected.

We look forward to working with many publishers and authors in this adventure, and are always open to suggestions.

A note about The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter is an online magazine aimed toward offering writers of GLBT fiction an avenue for promotion while offering readers the opportunity to get to know they’re favourite authors better. Through the free e-card feature, we are also opening the doors to artists who would like to promote their work. The magazine is one part of the Scarlet community, which will include publishing, a forum, and a chatroom.

All authors, whether self-published or traditionally published, are invited to submit content for use in the magazine – please see submission guidelines. Guidelines are also available for artists/photographers.

The Scarlet Letter focuses on positivity and creating a safe, encouraging atmosphere for all writers and readers. We do not publish negative reviews, we do not publish gossip, and we will not publish guest blogs/articles that focus on another author or book in a negative light. Such submissions will be discarded immediately. Continued submissions of this nature will result in the sender being blacklisted.

Magazine staff

Zathyn Priest: Editor & Site Manager –
Michele L. Montgomery: Promotions –

Inquiries should be emailed to either Zathyn or Michele. There is also a FaceBook group where updates are regularly made. If you would like to utilise the magazine for promotion, please join the group to keep you in the loop. The group is also open to readers of GLBT fiction.

Click HERE to join our FaceBook Group

We sincerely thank all authors who have contributed to the magazine and extend a welcome to continue sending us promotional material, guest blogs, and articles. We also sincerely thank readers of the magazine and of GLBT fiction – without you, we have nothing.

Enjoy the magazine and be sure to bookmark us for future issues!

Zathyn Priest