As a side note


Michele here. I have a favor to ask of you. I did some thinking outside of the box and submitted an idea for an app for our phones. I call it the  Clever Shopper. 

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a rush and need just one or two things from the store, it never fails…I can’t find it…I end up running around the store like a maniac and during that frenzy, I’m also keeping an eye open for someone who works there to guide me in the correct direction. HA! FAIL.

OR, just say I’m in a store I’ve never been in before and I have no idea where the jars of gravy are kept. I’m sure you can understand.

So, I went to a site and pitched my idea to the developers. I submitted an idea called: Clever Shopper. You can read about it and while you’re there, can you please vote for me? For it? It’ll take a second of your time. And I’d be so grateful. You never know, that may be the app you’ve been wishing for but didn’t even know you needed it.

Here’s where you go to vote. The Web page will ask you to log in, use Facebook if you have it, and then grab this link again,  and it will let you vote.  I swear it only takes a minute.   Please? And Thank you.