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Title: Exposure

Author: Aly Hayden

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Aria from Resplendent Media

Genres: Contemporary M/M Romance

Length: 61,000 words/150 pages approx.

It is the first book in the Drawn Together series.

Each book follows a different couple, so there’s a HEA and no cliffhanger.



Sam Hayward’s parents think he has a boyfriend. And he does… in his dreams. But when they insist Sam bring his partner to the annual Labor Day family reunion, his options are to either admit it was all a lie or find a stand-in in a hurry. The trouble is that his lies have all been based on one very real man.

Ben Matheny has been hurt before. When he’s bribed into playing a part by his friends, he fleshes out Sam’s dreams, but it’s like flying too close to the sun. He’s always had a crush on Sam, and now they’re going to the Hamptons to spend a week pretending they’re lovers, everything is getting harder.

When Ben uncovers another lie Sam has told – that Ben is every bit as rich as Sam is – things begin to unravel. If Sam isn’t happy with who Ben is, Ben can’t stick around to get burned again.

With their hearts on the line, the two must fight for their dreams as the pressure mounts. It would be so easy to admit that it was all a sham, but some dreams are worth the risk.



“Guess we have the hot tub all to ourselves,” Ben said with a smile.

He didn’t know whether he meant the words to be flirtatious or not. It was one thing to flirt when there were other people present. That was just what he did, how he interacted with people. Deliberately flirting with Sam was different. Dangerous.

“Guess we do.”

Sam’s voice was lower than usual. Almost seductive. There was no one around that would make Sam feel like he had to play the part of the boyfriend, which meant only one thing: Sam was actually into him. The signs were all there, if Ben was reading them correctly—the way Sam had taken to holding his hand, the morning wood after cuddling all night long, the look Sam had given him when he’d seen Ben in the shorts. And then there was that thing he had started to say right before they had gotten on the boat.

Much as Ben wanted to believe that Sam might have feelings for him too, there was still a part of him that wasn’t sure. There was certainly one way for him to find out, though. The hot tub was big enough for about six people, so naturally they had taken corners along the same wall. Slowly, Ben moved closer and closer to Sam, until they were sitting side by side. He took a deep breath, steeling his nerves, and let his leg brush against Sam’s.

“What are you doing?” Sam’s voice was low and husky, and when Ben looked up, he found Sam’s pupils so large that only a sliver of hazel showed around the edges.

He swallowed hard. “Getting closer to you.”

His heart beat so fast that his chest ached as he waited for Sam to do something. Say something. Have any reaction at all. It had been so easy when it was just flirting, but this…this was terrifying.

Seconds passed, though, and Sam didn’t move away. Instead, he leaned back against the side of the hot tub and slid his hand into Ben’s, underneath the water.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he said softly.

Encouraged by the reaction, Ben shifted down a bit and let his head rest on Sam’s shoulder. “Me too.” They sat in silence for a few seconds. Ben didn’t want to ruin the moment, but he knew that if he didn’t say anything, he would regret it. “Before, when we were about to get on the boat. What were you going to say?”

“I um…” Sam scratched at the back of his neck. “I was going to say, what if—”

“Sammy, Benny!”

Ben whipped around to see Karrigan. Someone had escaped from nap time. He fought to suppress a groan. Looked like this conversation would have to wait.

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Meet the Author

Aly Hayden has loved writing ever since she learned to pick up a pencil. As a child, she used to write short stories, then progressed to novels of various genres, none of which were ever published – for good reason. She started writing fanfiction in 2011, publishing on Archive of Our Own. After finding M/M romance in 2012, she fell in love and made it her mission to write one of her own one day. When Aly isn’t writing, she can be found playing with her lovable Yorkie and watching old reruns of House Hunters.

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Lydia Reviews: One Last Try by Kari Gregg

TITLE: One Last Try
Author: Kari Gregg
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 155
Characters: Nox and Dio
POV: 1st Person
Sub-Genre: Shape-shifter
Kisses: 4


When Nox was fourteen, his brother Joth murdered their older brother, their mother, and a human girl. Nox survived, but the attack wrecked his womb. Shattered, Nox rejected the pack who fumbled helping a barren, grief-stricken omega cope. He built a new purpose for himself as a master craftsman. Mating? No thanks. He’s better off alone.

Humans studied Joth in prison until his father’s death ended the weekly visits. Joth demands Nox in their father’s stead in exchange for resuming therapy and tests… thereby risking the destruction of Nox’s carefully ordered world. Again.

The pack drafts alpha fixer Dio to untangle the mess. One sniff of the wary omega convinces him Nox is his mate. New medical treatments offer a slim possibility Nox could bear children, but if the past years taught shifters anything, it is an omega’s value is greater than his fertility. Reconciling Nox with his pack is more important. Laying to rest the ghosts haunting Nox is too. Learning to trust? Vital.

Dio just needs to coax Nox into one last try.


One Last Try is the latest release from author Kari Gregg. This shifter story is sure to be a hit with her fans and those trying her for the first time. Before I go any further in this review however, it is important for me to let everyone know that this book touches on several topics that could be triggers. For that reason, please think twice if abuse in one form or the other is something you are uncomfortable with.

One Last Try has the usual alpha and omega pair up, but that is the only commonality this story has with others in its sub-genre ends. Dio is an alpha fixer. When a pack has issues, and no alpha to rule over it, Dio goes in and cleans up any problems while finding the right alpha to take over. When his job is finished, he moves on to the next pack. From the start, it is clear that this time will be different, especially since Nox turns out to be his mate.

Nox is an omega, but one unlike any other. He keeps himself away from the rest of the pack, having as little contact with them as possible. He also has no wish to be dominated by any alpha. When readers learn of his history everything about Nox becomes clear. In fact, there were times I was close to tears and could totally understand why Nox was the way he was.

I want to say that the relationship that develops between these two men is one of love and caring right from the beginning, but that is not necessarily true. When Nox’s father dies, Dio forces Nox to take his place visiting Joth so that the human authorities can continue to study him. There were times I really wanted to smack Dio and thought he was being too hard on Nox. I also thought he used his strength against Nox at times. One of the things I did like was the fact that Dio has Nox go into therapy, something that should have been forced on the young man a long time ago.

While this story is at times hard to get through, it is good. I think many readers will enjoy it if they keep in mind that it is very raw at times. Those that have read other stories by Ms. Gregg know that her stories do not always follow the easy path. One Last Try is no different.


Reviewed By: Lydia

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Gabbi Reviews: The Masterpiece by Bonnie Dee

Title: The Masterpiece
Author: Bonnie Dee
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 142
Characters: Arthur Lawton, Joe Sprat
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Historical Romance
Kisses: 5+


Built from the bottom up: one perfect gentleman.

Man about town Arthur Lawton spends his days pursuing entertainment while shoeshine Joe Sprat labors to better his family’s lives. When an argument about nature versus nurture sparks a wager, Arthur swears to a friend he can turn this working man into a gentleman who will pass at a society function.

Joe is happy to participate in the experiment for a fee but receives more than he bargained for after moving into Lawton’s house. Arthur is determined Joe won’t merely wear a veneer of sophistication but educates him in every way. As he creates his new and improved man, Arthur grows more deeply infatuated with him, while Joe falls equally hard for his charismatic mentor.

Underneath a growing friendship, desire simmers and one day explodes. After their relationship escalates, the pair exists in a dream bubble until the threat of exposure sharply reminds them they belong in different worlds. When the ball is over, each must resume his own life, changed by their encounter but destined for different courses.

Find out if love is strong enough to bridge the gap between peer and pauper in this twist on the tale of My Fair Lady.


The Masterpiece by Bonnie Dee is a brilliantly written romance set in 1909 London. Not only was I immediately swept up into the lives of these characters, the historic setting was almost as captivating.
The blurb describes the story so well, there is really no reason for me to rehash it. Instead, I thought I’d write the reasons why I loved this story and why it’s one of my favorite books I’ve read this year.

To say that I loved this book is an understatement. Not only was it a beautifully told romance, I became addicted to these two heroes. Coming from two totally different lives and circumstances, they shouldn’t have fit together so perfectly…but they did.

There is an honest emotional connection between them. It was easy to see how much they came to like, respect and admire one another. I loved the friendship they developed and enjoyed the camaraderie and easy banter they shared together as their story progressed. When they do give into the heated attraction they have for one another, it is a natural and beautiful step in their relationship.

Actually, heated attraction is an understatement. WHEW! The sizzling chemistry they shared steamed up my computer screen! After a scene or two, I found myself needing to turn on the fan to cool off! *Fans Self*

There isn’t anything I didn’t love about this story and the two heroes. They will live with me long after I write this review and I know I will have to read this book again, just to have my Joe and Arthur fix. In my opinion, Bonnie Dee is one of the best gay historical romance authors out there, and her books are not to be missed. I’ve loved each and every one of them and I can’t wait to read more stories written by her in the future.

If you love historical romance…read this book. If you love sexy heroes that are so well-written they live off of the written page…read this book. If you are craving a fast-paced romance that will live with you long after you finish reading it…read this book.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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Lydia Reviews: The Escort by Jeff Erno

TITLE: The Escort
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: Self Published through Amazon
Pages: 279
Characters: Travis Sheppard and Darren Kinney
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4.5


At twenty-five, Travis Sheppard knows all about taking care of himself. He’s been on his own since the age of seventeen, and he learned long ago how to use his assets and natural-born talent to get what he needs…and wants. Travis is a hustler, a male escort, and he caters to men of means who like to shower him with gifts and cash in exchange for his affection—sometimes for his mere presence.

When Travis accepts an overnight gig with a new client, he’s surprised by the fact the customer has pre-paid. When Travis arrives at the gentleman’s surprisingly modest home, he learns that his client is an accomplished, best-selling author. Darren, otherwise known as DJ Torrent, makes Travis a proposal. He wants Travis to accompany him to a gay literature conference. The catch is that for their five days together, Travis is to be more to Darren than just his escort. Darren wants Travis to pose as his husband.


The Escort is one of Mr. Erno’s latest releases. The main characters, Travis and Darren, are well written and pull you into their story from the beginning. While readers may have a hard time imagining these two together, they really do mesh well.

Travis is an escort. When he found himself on the street as a kid, it was the only job he could find. It is not a job for everyone but it is one he is good at. His latest client surprises him in many ways. Darren is a well-known author. Normally he stays home writing and socializing with fans on social media. But a convention is coming up, one he needs to attend and Darren needs someone to pose as his husband. Enter Travis.

I loved watching these two together. Travis teaches Darren how to come out of his shell, while Darren teaches Travis about love. The author does a wonderful job with these two men, bringing them and their story alive in a way that is believable.

As much as I loved the relationship between these two, the secondary characters are just as engrossing and I loved how they helped bring the story alive. I have never been to a GRL retreat and I realized that a lot of poetic license was used for this story, but I could not help wondering if some of the craziness that goes on in this book isn’t based on some actual events. Many times, I found myself laughing at what was going on. While most of the secondary characters are friendly, there is one that throws the men’s lives into turmoil. Thankfully he does not do too much damage and the way he is handled will make many readers happy I am sure.

Fans of Mr. Erno’s are sure to love The Escort. I cannot wait to see what the author will bring us next and think The Escort is a great book for anyone wanting to give this author a try.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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Gabbi Reviews: Hot Under the Collar by Summer Devon

Title: Hot Under the Collar
Author: Summer Devon
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 89
Characters: Sam Trevisani and Dan Bailey
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4


Attorney Sam Trevisani never thought he’d play the bad guy, but now his job to stop a dog park makes him the enemy of every dog owner in town—and whenever he meets his main opponent, Dan Bailey, the vet gives him the evil eye. Tired of playing for the wrong side, Sam has to find a solution. Maybe the tempting Dr. Bailey can help him find a solution for his restless need for change. Or maybe it’s his attraction to the vet that pushes Sam to pay a late-night visit.

Tired of town politics and manipulative games, Dan has no interest in helping the flashy lawyer. Yet Sam’s dogged interest in him proves oddly appealing. Dan reluctantly allows the attractive lawyer into his house and sparks fly. Sam doesn’t mind hookups, but Dan doesn’t do them–yet in one night, they both change their minds.

Determined to keep Dan from running away from something promising between them, Sam has to get past his attorney uncle, Dan’s pack of misfit dogs, and a powerful but unpleasant client who could end not only the dog park but any chance of romance between the lawyer and the vet.


Summer Devon is a must read author for me. I read many of her books and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. Who doesn’t love an enemies-to-lovers romance? Throw in adorable dogs and some heated chemistry between the two heroes and I’m in! I’m pleased to say that Hot Under the Collar is a fun and flirty romance that was a well-spent escape from the everyday ho-hum life I lead.

What I liked about this couple was the banter and the shock they share from the realization that, despite their past negative feelings for one another, that they really do like one another. Though their relationship develops quickly, it was pretty well-written and an enjoyable read.

While Sam goes through some self-discovery and much needed personal growth it was fun watching Dan be perplexed by the determination Sam had to both change and to be an important partner in Dan’s life. I have a feeling that in the future these two men will be develop a strong emotional bond and be a couple who will have an amazing relationship.

Though I really enjoyed this book, I do wish it had been longer. I thought the ending was a tad bit abrupt. But, I still liked this story even though I found myself wishing for more.

If you are looking for a smoothly written and sexy romance then Hot Under the Collar is definitely a great choice if you are looking for a hot and sizzling summer read. I can’t wait to read more by this author and will definitely be looking forward to more from her in the future.


Reviewed By: Gabbi

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Anne Reviews: After the Snow by Lane Swift

Title: After The Snow
Author: Lane Swift
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 150
Characters: Dale Hepburn/Nick Harris
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Series
Kisses: 5


To be that perfect someone doesn’t mean you have to be perfect…
Christmas is over, but Dale Hepburn is determined to show his new British love, Nick Harris, how much fun a Michigan winter can be, starting with outdoor ice skating lessons. His life would be perfect—if he wasn’t secretly trying to dig himself out of an avalanche of debt that he doesn’t want Nick to know about. After all, Nick believes Dale is reliable, sensible, and solvent.

But while Dale works extra hours, and saves every spare cent, and hopes Nick never finds out about his past financial mistakes, unforeseen expenses keep piling on like Michigan’s unrelenting snow. And to make matters worse, there’s that little white lie Dale told Nick about having another teaching job lined up after the end of his current contract…

An emotionally tense romance with a satisfying HFN


This is my first Lane Swift story, but it definitely won’t be my last. After The Snow is the second in this contemporary series, and although I haven’t read More Than Christmas which introduces Dale and Nick, I was able to follow and enjoy this story without any problem.

Dale and Nick come from very different backgrounds, and although we see Nick through Dale’s somewhat rose tinted glasses it’s still a realistic relationship. I loved the fact that Nick is British and the contrast between Dale’s speech and Nick’s ‘Brit speak.’ There was also a fleeting reference to one of my favourite animes, which I must admit made me squee.

I liked the way in which the story showed how one small omission of truth can grow into an impossible situation and the dangers in trying to pretend to something you’re not. Dale’s money issues were realistically written, and showed clearly how a few wrong choices made by a man trying to do the right thing can build into a major problem. Dale and Nick are both very likeable characters and their relationship is sweet, although both are far from perfect. Their argument is well written, and I liked the way their problems are not easily fixed and they take things slow while they work things through. The author makes them work for their happy ending and I thought that made it a lot more satisfying.

I also enjoyed reading about the supporting cast. They were three dimensional, and not without their own faults and problems. The descriptions of the settings made the story very visual and easy to imagine.

I’d recommend After The Snow to readers who enjoy a contemporary romance in which the characters come from different backgrounds, and a story which keeps you reading as the author makes her characters work for their happy ending.

Reviewed By: Anne


Gabbi Reviews: Married for a Month by Cate Ashwood

Title: Married for a Month
Author: Cate Ashwood
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 171
Characters: Chase Bradley, Alec Montero
POV: Alternating 1st person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


Best friends since high school, Chase Bradley and Alec Montero are opposites in almost every way. The one thing they can agree on, though, is that marriage is for suckers.

Everything is going their way until a drunken bet leads Alec and Chase to the altar. Their temporary “I Do’s” aren’t as amusing in the sober light of day when they find themselves thrown into married life and everything that goes with it.

The question they have to ask themselves now is, can their friendship survive being married for a month?


Married for a Month is a sexy romance filled with plenty of warm and fuzzy moments that will lighten your heart and bring a smile to your face. Cate Ashwood’s latest is a must read for anyone who craves a well-written friends-to-lovers romance.

The blurb does a good job describing the story, so I won’t rehash it. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun and romping romance between two best friends? The great thing about this story is that Ms. Ashwood wrote a true kinship between these two men, and I honestly enjoyed the banter and genuine feelings of friendship and affection they shared between them.

Watching Chase and Alec’s relationship develop into something more was a delightful way to spend my afternoon. As a reader, I appreciated the their relationship evolved…believe me, though they are best friends and know just about everything about one another, it’s not a smooth transition, but once they allow themselves to truly admit the feelings they have for one another…buckle up because it is a delicious romp of a ride!

Even BETTER was the sexual chemistry between these two men. Once they finally fall into a physical relationship, they entered into a realm of sexual desire and satisfaction that left this reader turning on the air conditioner in the middle of winter. Whew! I swear my computer screen steamed up from their steaming, sizzling need for one another and I LOVED it!

Married for a Month is a simply delightful read and a perfect way to escape the ho-hums of everyday life. I loved this book and can’t wait to read more books by Ms. Ashwood in the future.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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