Anne Reviews: All the World’s An Undead Stage by Angel Martinez

TITLE: All The World’s An Undead Stage

Author: Angel Martinez

Publisher:  Pride Publishing

Pages: 151

Characters: Carrington/Erasmus

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre: Urban Fantasy, Series

Kisses: 5


Carrington Loveless III, skim-blood vampire and senior officer of Philly’s paranormal police department, has long suspected that someone’s targeting his squad. The increasingly bizarre and dangerous entities invading their city can’t be a coincidence. So when a walking corpse spouting Oscar Wilde attacks one of his officers, Carrington’s determined to uncover the evil mind behind it all.

As a rare books librarian, Erasmus Graham thought he understood some of the stranger things in life. Sharing a life with Carrington’s shown him he didn’t know the half of it. They’ve survived attack books and deadly dust bunnies together and got through mostly unscathed. Now his world and his vampires appear ready to collide again. Books are missing from the rare books’ collection—old tomes of magic containing dangerous summonings and necromancy. He’s certain whoever’s been stalking the Seventy-Seventh is composing their end game. It’s going to take a consolidated effort from paranormal police, librarians, and some not-quite-authorized civilians to head off the impending catastrophe.


This series has been on my radar for some time, and it didn’t disappoint.  Although I started with the latest book—and am planning to go back to the beginning and work my way forward—it didn’t detract.  Given the number of characters, it did take me a while to work out who was who, but I think the author does an excellent job in explaining everything for new readers without it becoming an info dump.

I love the world building in this story, and that the police squad is a mix of different supernaturals all working together to solve crime. I read a lot of urban fantasy and I always enjoy seeing the unique way in which authors approach supernaturals, especially vampires.  These vampires are a little different in that they see their reflection, and can walk in daylight but get sunstroke, and I’m curious as to the hints that Carrington’s relationship with Erasmus is having some interesting side effects.  I also liked the fact that Carrington has family, rather than being very old, which is a common vampire trope.  I’m looking forward to reading the series from the beginning to find out more about his background.

The relationship between Erasmus and Carrington is a real strength in the story. I loved the easy sense of humour between them, and it was obvious that they are comfortable together.  I had to smile when Erasmus referred to Carrington as ‘his vampire’, and Carrington called Erasmus ‘my librarian.’  I always love reading about librarians who kick arse, but still are very much librarians in their love of books and ability to research.  The rest of the squad are an interesting mix, both in personality and abilities, and I love Audacity—she’s adorable!  Nice Poe reference with the raven being called Edgar, and I appreciated the choice of name for the coroner. I haven’t read a story before with animated items of clothing as characters, and I thought the author pulled that off extremely well.

The author is obviously having fun writing this series, and I loved all the literary references in this story especially when someone is horrified that a zombie is mangling Wilde.  After all, that is just not on. Erasmus’s mothers being fans of Supernatural and offering advice was a hoot, and I enjoyed the way people in this world just take things in their stride. Of course, there’s a database of necromancers—I would have been disappointed if there hadn’t been one.   I had a bit of a giggle with the choice of name for one character—Ms Teecosi— and the question “To the Batcave?” which is answered by “To the library!”  This is my kind of story!  The story does get a bit crazy in places, but that added to my enjoyment of it, and I got the impression crazy is a way of life for these guys.

I’d recommend All the World’s An Undead Stage to readers who enjoy urban fantasy with a bit of humour, likeable characters who work together and feel more like family than work friends, and fabulous world building.

More please.

Reviewed By: Anne

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Check out Angel Martinez’s latest book, All the World’s An Undead Space!


All The World’s An Undead Stage

Author: Angel Martinez

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Release Date: January 2nd, 2018

Format: eBook, paperback

Price: $3.99, $10.49

Story Type: Novel

Word Count: Approx 55K

Cover Artist: Emmy Ellis

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Humor

Pairing: m/m

Tropes: law enforcement, established couple

Keywords/Categories: paranormal, police, Philadelphia, magic, vampire, zombie, humor

Series Name: Offbeat Crimes

Position in Series: 6

Necessary to Read Previous Books? No, But Doesn’t Hurt

Other Books in Series Available? Inquire if Interested


Carrington Loveless III, skim-blood vampire and senior officer of Philly’s paranormal police department, has long suspected that someone’s targeting his squad. The increasingly bizarre and dangerous entities invading their city can’t be a coincidence. So when a walking corpse spouting Oscar Wilde attacks one of his officers, Carrington’s determined to uncover the evil mind behind it all.

As a rare books librarian, Erasmus Graham thought he understood some of the stranger things in life. Sharing a life with Carrington’s shown him he didn’t know the half of it. They’ve survived attack books and deadly dust bunnies together and got through mostly unscathed. Now his world and his vampire’s appear ready to collide again. Books are missing from the rare books’ collection—old tomes of magic containing dangerous summonings and necromancy. He’s certain whoever’s been stalking the Seventy-Seventh is composing their end game. It’s going to take a consolidated effort from paranormal police, librarians, and some not-quite-authorized civilians to head off the impending catastrophe.

All The World’s An Undead Stage

Series Blurb:

Every region has them, but no police department talks about them—the weird crimes, the encounters with creatures out of nightmares. The 77th Precincts exist in certain cities to handle paranormal crime and containment, usually staffed with experienced officers exhibiting psychic abilities.

In Philadelphia, through an odd mix of budget issues and circumstance, the 77th is manned entirely by officers with bizarre or severely limited psychic talents. The firestarter who can’t get a spark when it’s humid. The vampire who can’t drink whole blood. These are the stories of the misfits, the outcasts from even the strangeness of the paranormal community. Call them freaks, but they’re police officers first, serving and protecting, even if their methods aren’t always normal procedure.


“Hunter? It’s all right. I promise.” On his knees in the room LJ and Hunter shared, Carrington peered under the bed where Hunter huddled in the far corner. “No one here will hurt you.”

To Carrington’s relief, his mom had taken care of nearly all of the arrangements for this open house luncheon on and left him out of it. He would’ve preferred something with less fuss and fewer caterers but it was only for a few hours. The squad room would survive. His only task now was to try to coax an obviously spooked Hunter out from under the furniture.

“I have a theory,” Jeff said from where he leaned in the doorway.

Carrington smacked his head on the bedframe trying to reach far ther underneath, so his next words were sharper than necessary. “Oh, yes? I don’t suppose you’d care to share this brilliant bit of enlightened thinking.”

Jeff let out a little huff. “Not if you’re going to take my head off.”

“My apologies. I’m not in the best position to be civil at the moment.”

“I can wait until I’m not talking to your butt.”

“Fine.” Carrington eased out from under the bed and sat back on his heels. “What’s your thinking here?”

“When Hunter was living on her own, she was pretty careful and particular, wasn’t she?”

Living on her own translated as when she was homeless, and careful and particular into skilled and cautious thief but Carrington appreciated his colleague’s care with Hunter in the room. “So one is given to understand.”
“I’m thinking maybe someone or several someone’s invited today might have been a target. Maybe Hunter’s afraid of someone recognizing her and making the connection.”

Carrington leaned down far enough to peer under the bed again. “Is that it, Hunter? Are you concerned that someone will recognize you from your previous life?”

Even with Hunter scrunched in the corner, she still managed a collar nod.
“Very well, then.” Carrington patted the mattress. “We’ll close the door, Ms. Hunter. You don’t have to see anyone if you don’t wish to.”

A sleeve poked out from under the mattress to pat Carrington’s hip. He took the hint and got to his feet to give Hunter room to wriggle out. She floated up and settled carefully on the blankets with her sleeves crossed.

“My word of honor.” Carrington held up both hands. “You can lock the door behind us.”

She slumped as if in relief and nodded. Then she twitched up straight, holding up a sleeve to ask them to wait. Jeff peered over Carrington’s shoulder as Hunter pulled a box out from the steamer trunk she shared with LJ. She handed the box to Carrington with a sleeve motion that appeared to mime pulling up a zipper.

“This is for LJ?” He waited for her nod. “I’ll bring it right out to him.”

As he’d promised, he shut the door behind them to give Hunter her privacy and found LJ in the squad room with Audacity under one arm. Their kitten wore a scaled-down version of a black K-9 vest.

“Don’t you look official?” Jeff let her catch one of his fingers to gnaw on.
Carrington gave her an approving nod. “It suits you. Do you like your new uniform?”

Mew. Miii-iiw. Audacity pedaled with all four paws until LJ set her down. She turned in an obvious modeling pose to show Carrington one side of the vest with POLICE stenciled in white block letters, then turned to display the other side with CADET FAMILIAR. If that wasn’t Jason’s idea, Carrington would eat his police hat and Amanda’s.

“Outstanding, Cadet Audacity. Very sharp.” Carrington carefully kept the laughter from his voice since she was taking it all so seriously. But it was difficult in the face of such monumental cuteness. “LJ, Hunter refuses to come out but she sent you this.”

He handed over the box and stayed to watch LJ ease it open by pinching the top with his sleeve. The long slender shape of the box made guessing the contents easy and Carrington wasn’t disappointed when LJ held up a regulation police uniform tie. LJ stared at it a moment, his version of staring at any rate, then gave a sharp nod before he handed tie and box to Carrington to hold.

“You don’t—” Carrington nearly asked if he didn’t want it but LJ’s intentions became obvious when he zipped up his front and straightened his collar. “Ah. Would you like me to do the honors?”

LJ gave another nod as he held himself straight and still. Strange to see him that way. He almost never zipped himself closed and never floated completely still. Carrington stood behind him to get the tie on just right, easier than trying to think about tying one backward, and finished it off with the silver tie clip Hunter had provided.

“There, sir.” Carrington clapped him on both shoulders. “Almost as sharp as Audacity.”

LJ had no way to blush, but his front puffed out just enough to be noticeable and who would ever have predicted that? A jacket entity, former street thug and informant proud to wear police issue anything.

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Pride Publishing:

Note: The general release date for this title is 1/2/18

Author Bio:

The unlikely black sheep of an ivory tower intellectual family, Angel Martinez has managed to make her way through life reasonably unscathed. Despite a wildly misspent youth, she snagged a degree in English Lit, married once and did it right the first time, (same husband for almost twenty-four years) gave birth to one amazing son, (now in college) and realized at some point that she could get paid for writing.

Published since 2006, Angel’s cynical heart cloaks a desperate romantic. You’ll find drama and humor given equal weight in her writing and don’t expect sad endings. Life is sad enough.

She currently lives in Delaware in a drinking town with a college problem and writes Science Fiction and Fantasy centered around gay heroes.

You can take a look at Angel’s Website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.




Lydia Reviews: Misdemeanor by CF White

TITLE: Misdemeanor

Author: C F White

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages: 226

Characters: Micky O’Neill and Dan Peters

POV:  3rd

Sub-Genre:  Contemporary

Kisses: 4


Life isn’t always responsible…

After his mother tragically dies and his deadbeat father goes off the rails, nineteen-year-old Micky is left to care for his disabled little brother, Flynn.

Juggling college, a dead-end job and Flynn’s special needs means Micky has to put his bad-boy past behind him and be the responsible adult to keep his brother out of care. He doesn’t have time for anything else in his life.

Until he meets Dan…


I want to be up front from the beginning of this review and let you know that Misdemeanor drove be crazy and when the book ended I almost tossed my iPad.  It is not that I did not like this story, I did.  In fact, I was drawn in from the very first page.  Micky and Finn grabbed my heart from the beginning and I wanted only the best for them.  Micky is barely 19 and taking care of his little brother after the death of their mother.  It is a struggle but he is doing all he can. However, the fact that there is little money, plus he is trying to finally finish his schooling, and with Finn having special needs, it makes things hard  on Micky, especially since he is trying to keep the state authorities from finding out.

Dan is a department manager in a grocery store.  He has been working at the store since he was a teenager and even though he has a degree in education, he is comfortable where he is.  He does not really have the time to take care of another department or to interview the young man showing up for a job.  When Micky is up front about the troubles in his past, Dan cannot help but give him the job.  These two really click and it is not long before the two men and Finn have formed a family unit.  But things do not go smoothly.  While Dan may be out, Micky is not.  As you can imagine that causes a few conflicts, especially when misunderstanding cause Dan to be beaten.

If that were not enough, the authorities are really getting persistent about meeting up with Finn’s father.  This is when the book started to drive me crazy.  I did not realize that this was the first book in the author’s Responsible Adult series.   When the book ended, my first response was OMG!!  You got to be kidding me.  I hope the follow up to this book will be out soon because I need to know what happens to Micky, Dan, and Finn.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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Anne Reviews: Burning Boundaries by Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham

Title: Elemental Evidence, Book 2: Burning Boundaries
Author: Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Pages: 270
Characters: Mari Gale/Jake Chivis
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Kisses: 4.5


Their passion isn’t the only thing creating flames.

Mari Gale’s life has been a whirlwind since meeting Jake Chivis. A new job prospect and his mother’s health preoccupy him, so when Jake invites him on a date he’s ready to cut loose. Their night out turns into a nightmare when a fire breaks out in the basement of the bar and they barely escape.

Soon Jake learns that the horrific accident is being investigated as a possible homicide, and it’s not the only case. Detective Inspector Cordiline of the London Met hints at spontaneous human combustion but as far as Jake knows, SHC doesn’t exist.

When Mari looks into a group called Birthright he finds a connection to the victims of the fires and Jake risks himself to go undercover at the shadowy organization. The race is on to determine the truth before Jake becomes the next target.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a non-consensual scene.


This is the first book I’ve read by Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham, and although it’s also the second in their Elemental Evidence series, I didn’t have any problems following the storyline. However, having enjoyed this story so much I am going to have to read book 1—Breathing Betrayal—now.

I love paranormal/fantasy stories, and this one didn’t disappoint. The world building is detailed, and I was quickly drawn into the elemental storyline, which I found fascinating. In this world, individuals called Elementals have powers that are linked to their bloodline, so are either earth, fire, water, or air. Jake is a fire elemental and as such has the ability to read objects and the memories of the last person to touch them AKA psychometry. Mari is an air elemental so his power is connected to gathering knowledge, and communications. I loved how he was able to interface with computers and go beyond the keyboard, following the information to the source while leaving his body behind.

I enjoyed the balance between the investigation and Mari and Jake’s relationship. There is quite a lot of sex in the story, but as Mari needs to work through a big issue in that, I felt it didn’t detract from the storyline, but advanced their relationship. I also liked how their relationship grows as they work through things. It isn’t an instant “I love you” connection, although it’s obvious they do love each other by their reactions, and the way they are around each other.

As the story progressed and the tension grew after Jake infiltrated Birthright I was on the edge of my seat, needing to know what happens next, and needing to know it now! The action scenes are well written, and very tense.

I’d recommend Burning Boundaries to readers who enjoy an action filled paranormal story, with interesting characters and a slow burn—no pun intended—romance.

Reviewed By: Anne

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In celebration of Pride Publishing’s bestselling gay romance author Tara Lain, they are discounting the first in the Dangerous Dancers series, Golden Dancer!

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Here is the Blurb for Golden Dancer:

A reporter and the thief he’s investigating both fall for a golden dancer, forging a ménage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue.

Mac Macallister is obsessed—the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing the Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art, from Horst Von Berg. The story promises the recognition Mac craves. But then Mac meets a real golden dancer, ballet star Trelain Medveyev, and his attraction to the man rocks his formerly straight world.

When the mysterious Terrebone ‘collects’ this beautiful dancer, too, Mac rushes to the rescue like a knight in shining cargo pants and plunges into a three-way passion that tears him between love and guilt. Can Mac keep investigating when his story could send one man to prison and another to the morgue? Will this reporter get his story or get his men?

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Lydia Reviews: Shards in the Sun by Trina Lane

TITLE: Shards in the Sun
Author: Trina Lane
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Pages: 251
Characters: Brandon Blackstun and Tyler Synder
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Western, Contemporary
Kisses: 4.5


The heart of Texas beats strong, fueled by the love between two men whose lives are in-terwoven like the long grass of the hill country they call home.

Brandon Blackstun has spent the last decade moving on from the hellish halls of high school. With an invitation to his reunion in hand, he plans to show his former classmates that not only did the repeated occurrences of being slammed into lockers not cause brain damage, but he’s now a successful cover artist for the very books they buy off the shelves.

Tyler Synder was determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps as head of the interna-tional corporation that bears the family name. Instead, his heart is tied to the beat of his horses’ thundering hooves. He operates a breeding program for Tennessee Walkers and a guest ranch a couple of hours from the urban luxury of Dallas where he was raised.

The two men might live very different lives, but the heat between them is hotter than any Texas sun. With the help—or meddling—of an unlikely pair of friends, the two explore a re-lationship that stirs something deep inside them. Distance and misunderstandings force Ty-ler and Brandon to consider whether the fulfillment they’ve experienced in each other’s arms is worth the sacrifice of the lives they’ve built individually.
Texas may be the second biggest state in the union, but is it large enough to embrace the love between these two men, or will their deeply hidden fears shatter the boundaries of their hearts?


Shards in the Sun is the first book in Ms. Lane’s The Heart of Texas series. This book is a contemporary western that spans over a period, however the author does such a good job with this story that it does not feel as if is dragging.

Brandon was raised by a single mother and while he’s smart he felt college was not for him. After some struggles he found himself a job at the library, which he sort of loves, and a side job designing book covers. When his ten-year high school reunion rolls around, Brandon would prefer not to go but gets talked into it. While there, two things happen. One, one of his old tormentors apologizes for what he did and explains why he behaved the way he did. Two, Brandon meets the love of his life, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Tyler was raised with everything he wanted. However, when he decides not to follow in his father’s footsteps, his parents do not approve and things between them become tense. Tyler had plans though and with an inheritance from his grandfather he buys a ranch and starts on his dream. While he doesn’t leave the ranch much, he does go out occasionally and when he’s out one night he comes across Brandon.

The two have a rocky start. There are numerous misunderstandings that lead Brandon to believe that he just imagines a connection between him and the gorgeous cowboy. After a little meddling by his friend, Jessenia, and Tyler’s brother Zach, Brandon and Tyler finally get together.

The chemistry between the two men is intense and the men really heat up the pages, however, there are so many issues between them that I could not help wondering when the two would face a separation. That eventually becomes an obstacle that they must overcome but their biggest problem is Brandon and his feelings of not being good enough.

I really liked this story. The men pull you into their story from the get go, and keep you wondering how things will play out. I loved the interaction between them even if there were some times when I wanted to shake Brandon. I did like the way he got Tyler’s parents to see that what Tyler was doing was something to be proud of. As for Tyler, I liked that he stood by Brandon, even if he should have been a little firmer with him a time or two. One of the best parts of this story for me was watching the way Brandon grows as an individual. He comes into his own professionally and realizes just what is important personally.

Shards in the Sun is also full of wonderful secondary characters that play import roles in this story. There is of course Brandon’s mother, who is a little crazy. Jessenia who is Brandon’s best friend. There is also Tyler’s parents and brother. What is a little unexpected is the role that Brandon’s former bully plays.

Javier has a connection to both main characters and while his past actions have long lasting effects in their lives, a friendship of sorts does eventually form. He’s not in the story a lot, but it is hinted at that he will be the focus of book two.

Fans of Ms. Lane’s are sure to like this new story, and while I believe this is the first of her books I have read, it will not be the last. I can’t wait to see what book two has in store.

Reviewed By: lydia

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Tattoos don’t define a person’s character, or make him sexy. But, if you ask Sam Madison, they sure don’t hurt.

Dr. Travis Nelson has a passion for ink but keeps his many tattoos covered by long sleeves and trousers. He’s aware that as a pediatrician he’ll be judged not only by the other physicians in his practice, but also by the parents of his young patients.

When Sam Madison takes his young nephew, Levi, to be seen for an ear infection, he’s immediately attracted to Travis and the feeling is mutual. But Sam’s sister Melanie is going through a rough time and caring for Levi, and covering her obligations, keeps Sam occupied. He feels like he’s in no position to start a relationship.

Travis sees things differently, though he’s unable to truly understand the deep bond and connection Sam shares with his twin. As Melanie’s life goes from bad to worse, Sam is forced to make difficult decisions. Is protecting Levi enough of a reason for the two men to stay together, or will fighting for the child ultimately tear them apart?

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