Take a Stand

A friend of mine alerted me to a site this evening which has over 400 MM authors listed…That’s a LOT of people turning out a lot of reading material…Some more than others…I fall into the others category…I fall there because I simply cannot write like a machine and I refuse to rush my characters. However, there are many who can write up a storm and turn out a story every month. Kudos to them. WTG!

Now, that site I was talking about…Well, I don’t know if I’m thrilled that I actually made that list or if I’m pissed off that I did make that list. I mean, if you read MM stories, then you’ll understand what I mean. I guess I’m a little happy I made the list…but

When I saw the book they are stealing and have stolen…and read 311 times…I felt a bit of sadness and a lot of anger…That story is based on fact…I know the guys and the book was for them. The money I made off that title? HA! Lets not go there. My writing doesn’t pay the electric bill, so when I saw it was taken that many times on this ONE site, I am now wondering how many other places have done this and would it have been enough money for me to help save my dogs life? Or maybe the money would have allowed me to send a few gifts to my grand-kids…OR just maybe that money would have been used to replace my printer…

Anyway…Ya know…Pirates…all you need to do is ASK an author if they wouldn’t mind giving you a copy to review…MORE often than not, they will do exactly that. Stealing is so wrong on so many levels…And this is something so many of us have gone over before. It’s almost a waste of time to do these posts anymore BUT…I see that amount of stolen books and I see how many of us writer’s do without in order to fulfill our HAVE TO minds, only to see our dreams and such go down the toilet really bothers me…

Anyway…I was going to post the site here…BUT…just in case a sly one comes creeping around here…I don’t want to help them find the NOT for free stories we all work our fingers off for…It’s very disheartening and it’s almost a slap in the face…Many of my stories take me more than a month to write…and when they are ready to be published and prices are given, hello…it’s less than a lunch from most fast food places…

I am doing this post FOR the authors…as a warning to you…to help you so you can try to get your titles taken down…I’ve listed all the ones I found on the site…IF you want to know the site, and haven’t found it on FB yet…Just contact me and I’ll send you the link.

Here are the author’s I saw. I put them on an Excel sheet and tried to make sure there are no doubles and such…

1278 MM Books

A. J. Llewellyn
A. M. Riley
A.C. Katt
A.J. Jarrett
A.K.M. Miles
Abby Blake
Adam Carpenter
Addison Avery
Adriana Dane
Adrienne Wilder
Aimee Brissay
Alan Keslian
Aldous Mercer
Aleksandr Voinov
Alex Beecroft
Alex Berry
Alex Bowman
Alex Jones
Alex Sanchez
Alex Standish
Alexa Snow
Alexander Goodman
Alexander Voinov
Allison Cassatta
Ally Blue
Amanda Ashley
Amanda Young
Amber Green
Amber Kell
Amber Redd
Amelia June
Amy Lane
Anah Crow
Andrew Grey
Anel Viz
angel martinez
Angela Fiddler
Angela S. Stone
Anita Kinley
Anitra Lynn McLeod
Ann T. Ryan
Anna Zabo
Anne Tenino
Annie Proulx
Ariel Tachna
Ashlyn Kane
Astrid Amara
Ava March
Azura Ice
B.A. Tortuga
B.G. Thomas
B.J. Scott
Bailey Bradford
Barbara Sheridan
Barry Lowe
Baumbach, Blue, Maltese
Becca Van
Becky Black
Bella Grace
Ben Tyler
Bethany Brown
Bobby Blake
Bobby Michaels
Bonnie Dee
Brad Boney
Braden Williams
Bren Christopher
Brian West
Brita Addams
Bryl R. Tyne
Brynn Paulin
C.J. Black
C.J. Elliott
Cain Berlinger
Caitlin Ricci
Cameron Dane
Cara Covington
Cardeno C_
Carol Lynne
Cassandra Gold
Cassandre Dayne
Cat Grant
Catt Ford
CB Potts
Charlie Richards
Cheryl Dragon
Chloe Stowe
Chris Owen
Chris T. Kat
Chris Tracey
Christiane France
Christine d’Abo
Claire Thompson
Clare London
Con Riley
Cooper Davis
Crymsyn Hart
D. J. Manly
D. River
D.C. Jarvis
D.G. Parker
D.J. Manly
Dakota Dawn
Dakota Flint
Dakota Rebel
Dan Skinner
Dana Marie Bell
Dani Alexander
Darien Cox
Del Darcy
Denise Rossetti
Derek Adams
Dev Bentham
Devon Rhodes
Diana Copland
Diana Dericci
Diana Sheridan
Diane Adams
Dianne Hartsock
Diesel King
Donald King
Donna Mcintosh
Drew Hunt
duchene Remmy
Dwayne Vernon
E.E. Montgomery
E.M. Lynley
Eden Cole
Emily Carrington
Emily Veinglory
Emma Donoghue
Emma Lai
Eric Arvin
Eric Summers
Erica Pike
Erin O’Quinn
Ethan Day
Eva Cassidy
Evan J. Xavier
Evangeline Anderson
Fabian Black
Fae Sutherland
Faolan Kurayam
Finn Marlowe
Flesa Black
Frances Stockton
Fyn Alexander
G.A. Hauser
G.P. Keith
Gabrielle Evans
Gale Stanley
Gene Gant
Genie E. Hyatt
Geoffrey Knight
George Seaton
Gigi Moore
Gracie C. Mckeever
Gregory L. Norris
Gwenna Sebastian
H. J. Brues
H. Lewis-Foste r
Hank Edwards
Harner, L.E_
Harper Fox
Havan Fellows
Heide Belleau
Hunter raines
Indigo Wren
J. L. Langley
J. L. Merrow
J. P. Barnaby
J. R. Loveless
J.B. MacDonald
J.C. Owens
J.L. Langley
J.M. Gryffyn
J.M. Snyder
J.P. Bowie
J.W. Kilhey
Jack Greene
Jade Archer
Jade Buchanan
Jaime Fessenden
jaime samms
Jake Mactire
Jambrea Jo Jones
James Buchanan
James Erich
James Orr
James Ryder
Jamie Graig
Jan Irving
Jana Downs
Jane Davitt
Janey Chapel
Jax Cordoba
Jaxx Steele
Jay Hughes
JC Holly
Jeff Erno
Jeffrey Ballam
Jeffrey Eugenides
Jenna Jones
Jenni Michaels
Jennifer Thorne
Jerry Douglas
Jerry Sacher
Jessica Freely
Jessie Blackwood
Jez Morrow
Jill Knowles
Jillian Snyder
Jim Brown
JM Cartwright
Joanne Kells
Joely Skye
Joey W. Hill
John Jockel
John Simpson
John Tristan
Johnny Diaz
Johnny Miles
Jones, Jenna
Joseph Itiel
Josephine Myles
Josh Lanyon
Jude Mason
Julian Balfour
Julian E. Farris
K.A. Mitchell
K.C. Burn
K.C. Hendricks
Kaenar Langford
Kaje Harper
Karenna Colcroft
Kari Gregg
Kastil Eavenshade
Kate McMurray
Kate Roman
Kate Sherwood
Kate Steele
Katey Hawthorne
Katie Allen
Katie Porter
Kayelle Allen
Kayla Jameth
Kayley Scott
Kc Kendricks
Keira Andrews
Kele Moon
Kelly Conrad
Kelly, Wade
Ken Dahll
Kerry Freeman
Keta Diablo
Kiernan Kelly
Kim Alan
Kim Dare
Kim Fielding
Kimberly Gardner
Kindle Alexander
Koko Brown
Kris Jacen, editor
Kyann Waters
L. A. Witt
L.A. Gilbert
L.B. Gregg
L.C. Chase
L.J. LaBarthe
Lacey-Anne Frye
Lanyon, Josh
Larry Benjamin
Laura Bacchi
Laura Baumbach
Lavinia Lewis
Lee Benoit
Lee Brazil
Lee Rowan
Leigh Jarrett
Leigha Phillips
Leiland Dale
Lex Valentine
Lexi Ander
Lexie Davis
Libby Drew
Lillian Francis
Lisa Henry
Lisa M. Owens
Lisa Marie Davis
Lisa Worrall
Lissa Matthews
Liz Crowe
Lolita Lopez
Lori Toland
Lorne Rodman
Louis Stevens
Louise Blaydon
Lydia Nyx
Lyn Gala
Lynn Flewelling
Lynn Hagen
Lynn Lorenz
Lynn Tyler
M J pearson
M. Jules Aedin
M. L. Rhodes
M.A. Church
M.D. Grimm
M.L. Rhodes
M.T. Pope
Madison Blake
Madison, Sarah
Mandy Rosko
Margie Church
Maria Albert
Marie Sexton
Marisa Chenery
Mark Abramson
Mark Alders
Mark E. Roeder
Mark Kendrick
Marshall Thornton
Mary Calmes
Mary Renault
Matthew Haldeman-Ti me
Megan Derr – Amasour
Mel Bossa
Mel Keegan
Mel Spenser
Mercy Celeste
Mia Watts
Michael Holloway Perronne
Michael Murphy
Michele L. Montgomery
Mike Shade
Mike Warren
Miranda Forbes
Misty Malone
Morgan Hawke
Mychael Black
Shayne Carmichael
Natty Soltesz
Nethan J. Morissey
Nicole Kimberling
Nikki McCoy
Olivia Duncan Craig
P. A. Brown
P.D. Singer
Paige Turner
Paulin, Brynn
Pepper Espinoza
Perry Moore
Peters, Mal
Poppy Dennison
R. Cooper
R. G. Alexander
R.J. Scott
Rachel Haimowitz
Rachel West
Rahiem Brooks
Reese Johnson
Remmy Duchene
Rhianne Aile
Ricardo J. Brown
Richard Labonte
Rick R. Reed
RJ Scott
Rob Knight
Robbie Michaels
Robert Durfee
Roman, Kate
Rowan McAllister
Roxy Harte
Ryan Field
S. E. Culpepper
S.A. McAuley
SA Garcia
Sage Marlowe
Samantha Sommersby
Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Sara York
Sarah Ann Watts
Sarah Black
Sarah Madison
Sarah Masters
Sasha J. Frost
Scarlet Blackwell
Scarlet Hyacinth
Scotty Cade
SE Jakes
Sean Kennedy
Sean Meriwether
Sean Michael
Serena Yates
Shannon West
Sharon Maria Bidwell
Shawn Lane
Shayla Kersten
Shelter Somerset
Shira Anthony
Silvia Violet
Simone Anderson
SJD Peterson
Skye, Alexis E_
Sloan Parker
Snowdon, Melissa
Sov Skaars
Spencer, Tali
Stella Huerto
Stephani Hecht
Stephanie Vaughan
Stephen Osborne
Stephen Shypitka
Stone Richards
Stormy Glenn
Sue Brown
Sui Lynn
Sunny Day
Susan Laine
Suzanne Brockmann
Syd Mcginley
Sydney Lain
T.A. Chase
T.C. Blue
Tachna, Ariel
Talbot, Julia
Talia Carmichael
Tara Lain
Taylor Lewis
Taylor McKay
Taylor V. Donovan
Tedi Sinclair
Tere Michaels
Terry O’Reilly
Thea Nishimori
Thom Graham
Thompson, Melanie
Thorne, Stellan
Tia Fielding
Tibby Armstrong
Tielle St. Clare
Tim Owen
Todd Young
Toni Griffin
Tory Temple
Tymber Dalton
Unknown-Author of Chosen
V. B. Kildaire
Valentina Heart
Love is Always Right authors
Visible Lives-Various Authors
Vaughn, Piper
Veronica Bates
Vicktor Alexander
Vivien Dean
VJ Summers
Wade Kelly
Wayne Mansfield
Willa Okati
William Cooper
William Maltese
William Neale
Winters, Eden
Xondra Day
Yvette A. Lynn
Z. A. Maxfield

The Astral Mage by Hurri Cosmo

Kyruis is a wanted man. He’s an Astral Mage, better known as a “Soul Giver”, a race of people who can reattach life force energy back to its source. In other words, he brings the dead back to life. For years the Confederated Authority, the governing body for planets, has been methodically hunting them down and Kyruis is as pure as they’ve seen. So it becomes a huge risk when Tilbarr, the captain of the Wolf, brings Kyruis on board his ship, and absolutely not because he was falling for the man. But it’s not long before Tilbarr realizes he just may have to give up everything in order to save Kyruis… All in all, not a bad trade off.

Release Date: 3/16/13

Cover Artist: Lee Tiffin

Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Gay, Pirates, Romance, Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781614959038