LeeAnn Reviews: Bad Company by KA Mitchell

Title:  Bad in Baltimore, Book 1: Bad Company

Author:  KA Mitchell

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 200

Characters:  Nate, Kellan

POV:  3rd

Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Series

Kisses:  5


Bad in Baltimore: Book One

Some things are sweeter than revenge.

“I need a boyfriend.”

Hearing those words from his very straight, very ex-best friend doesn’t put Nate in a helpful mood. Not only did Kellan Brooks’s father destroy Nate’s family in his quest for power, but Kellan broke Nate’s heart back in high school. Nate thought he could trust his best friend with the revelation that he might be gay, only to find out he was horribly wrong and become the laughingstock of the whole school. Kellan must be truly desperate if he’s turning to Nate now.

Kellan’s through letting his father run his life, and he wants to make the man pay for cutting him off. What better way to stick it to the bigot than to come out as gay himself—especially with the son of the very man his father crushed on his quest for money and power. Kellan can’t blame Nate for wanting nothing to do with him, though. Kellan will have to convince him to play along, but it’s even harder to convince himself that the heat between them is only an act….


At first, Kellan made me mad.

He wanted to use a man who was once his best friend.  To get even with his day, Kellan abandoned him  in high school. As the story progressed, and things became clear to me about Kellan, I began to like him a lot. In this story,  KA Mitchell puts us face to face with the dilemma that Kellan faces. There are truths about himself Kellan was a tiny bit aware of but couldn’t face.

I loved how KA Mitchell fleshed out the characters of both Nate and Kellan. Their mannerisms and the way they held themselves was so clear, I could visualize things as they happened.

Eli was another treat in this book. I LOVED him!  He had this perky personality AND there is something special he could do, BUT the YOU need to read it to find out just exactly what he is capable of.

KA Mitchell didn’t give me the satisfaction I craved in regards to Kellan’s dad, but that is probably a good thing. The way Kellan and Nate’s story unfolds held my attention and made me want to find out how it ended. I enjoyed Bad Company so much, I didn’t want it to end.

I hope Eli will get his own story because I liked him so much and wanted to know more about him.  After watching his interactions with Nate and Kellan,  I wanted him to get an HEA too.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: LeeAnn

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Gabbi Reviews: Bad Boyfriend by KA Mitchell

Title: Bad in Baltimore, Book 2: Bad Boyfriend

Author: K.A. Mitchell

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 272

Characters: Eli Wright, Quinn Maloney

POV: 1st

Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Series

Kisses: 5


A Bad in Baltimore Story

Bad in Baltimore: Book Two

Causing trouble has never been more fun.

Eli Wright doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. When he was seventeen, his parents threw him out of the house for being gay. He’s been making his own way for the past five years and he’s not about to change himself for anyone’s expectations. For now, romance can wait. There are plenty of hot guys to keep him entertained until he finds someone special.

Quinn Maloney kept the peace and his closeted boyfriend’s secrets for ten years. One morning he got a hell of a wake-up along with his coffee. Not only did the boyfriend cheat on him, but he’s marrying the girl he knocked up. Inviting Quinn to the baby’s baptism is the last straw. Quinn’s had enough of gritting his teeth to play nice. His former boyfriend is in for a rude awakening, because Quinn’s not going to sit quietly on the sidelines. In fact, he has the perfect scheme, and he just needs to convince the much younger, eyeliner-wearing guy who winks at him in a bar to help him out.

Eli’s deception is a little too good, and soon he has everyone believing they’re madly in love. In fact, he’s almost got Quinn believing it himself….

Second Edition

First Edition published by Samhain Publishers Inc., December 2011.


Bad Boyfriend by KA Mitchell is the second book in the Bad in Baltimore series and it’s the first book I’ve read by this author.  I had no issue with reading this book without reading the first book in the series, Bad Company, so this book can easily be read as a stand-alone in the series. I will say, that after I read Bad Boyfriend, I will definitely read Bad Company, as well as, the rest of the books in the series, too.

What struck me most about this story was how well-written the characters in this book were. I truly enjoyed watching Quinn and Eli’s story develop as the story continued. To me, it felt as if Ms. Mitchell loved her heroes because they lived and breathed off of the written page. I quickly found myself becoming enraptured by these two men’s lives and the story they had to tell.

What I really liked about this story was the way both men truly go through some personal growth as their story progresses. Also, because this is a May/December romance there are some differences between the two men that had to be worked out as they got to know one another. It was fun to see Eli get Quinn to loosen up, take chances and enjoy life more. I also thought it was good to see Quinn show Eli how great it could be in a relationship with someone who truly cares about you. It was good to see these two men develop a strong bond, learn to trust, fall in love and have fun with each other.

Bad Boyfriend is a book that will definitely be on my keeper shelf. I loved these two men and can’t wait to see that the author has in store for us next!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

Bad Influence by KA Mitchell

Title: Bad Influence
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 298
Characters: Silver, Zeb
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 3.25


To remake their future, they’ll have to use pieces of their broken past.

Bad in Baltimore, Book 4

The young man the world knew as Jordan Barnett is dead, killed as much by the rejection of his first love at his moment of greatest need, as by his ultra-conservative parents’ effort to deprogram the gay away.

In his place is Silver, a streetwise survivor who’s spent the last three years learning to become untouchable…unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege. He shies away from anything that might hold him down long enough for betrayal to find him again.

Zebediah Harris spent time overseas, trying to outrun the guilt of turning his back on the young man he loved. Now, almost the moment he sets foot back in Baltimore, he discovers Silver on a street corner in a bad part of town. His effort to make amends lands them both in jail.

Trapped together in a cell, Silver sits on his mountain of secrets and plans a seductive form of revenge, but finds that using a heart as a stepping stone is no way to move past the one man he can’t forgive, let alone forget.


I’m something a fan of K.A. Mitchell’s books, but Bad in Baltimore series is a bit inconsistent in quality. The first, Bad Company, was so-so. I liked the second, Bad Boyfriend, the best. This one, Bad Influence, has a huge problem with unlikeable characters. They are strong personalities, no question of that, but I just couldn’t get the attraction. Not on any level.

Silver had a really bad coming out. He was in his teens, having an affair with an older man, Zeb, who was really religious. When Silver’s bigoted parents threw him out, he went to Zeb for shelter. But Zeb turned him away, which lead to Silver living on the streets as a prostitute until he got HIV. And this was pretty much the point where I lost sympathy and interest. Not in the HIV aspect, which does not exclude romance if handled well, but because I despised Zeb so much. Because we are not given his POV in the story, that view does not change. And Silver’s life experiences have made him so cynical and jaded I honestly couldn’t fathom why he would still, after everything, cling to Zeb. It made absolutely no sense for me, no matter how many times it was explained. And Silver takes some getting used to for sure.

This story is well-written, with strong characters you get to know extremely well. Silver is the POV man, while Zeb remains hard to get a handle on. He is very religious and seems to show very little remorse at turning a homeless teenager from his door because he wasn’t ready to come out as gay. In essence, Zeb chose religion and the closet over the safety and well-fare of his secret lover. That speaks of callousness and ego that leaves little room for love. Though Silver does not blame Zeb for sending him to the streets where he ultimately contracted HIV, I couldn’t get past it. But… you will be pleased to hear these men do develop, not only their emotions, but their conduct. The scene where Zeb finds out Silver has HIV was particularly well done, potent and gut-wrenching.

The pace is a bit on the sluggish side, and I jumped sections that didn’t seem to go anywhere or advance the plot. K.A. Mitchell is an intriguing author, with complex storylines, efficient writing, and realistic, sometimes very unusual and even despicable characters. This story just didn’t click with me. As I didn’t care for either main character, the romance was wasted on me. I didn’t get the attraction at all. Sorry. Nonetheless, this is standard K.A. Mitchell quality, so do give this one a go.

Reviewed By: Susan


Bad Attitude by KA Mitchell

Title: Bad in Baltimore, Book 3: Bad Attitude
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 265
Characters: Gavin Montgomery and Jamie Donnigan
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Series
Kissses: 4.5


As the openly gay middle son of the most powerful family between Manhattan and Miami, Gavin Montgomery knows his role—look good in a tuxedo and don’t make waves.

Waves are the least of his worries when he tries and fails to keep a friend from jumping off a high bridge. His last thought as he falls in too is that someone else will have to take over as family disappointment…until he’s pulled from the water by a man with an iron grip, a sexy mouth and a chip on his shoulder the size of the national deficit.

Police rescue diver Jamie Donnigan finally has life the way he wants it. Okay, he could have done without losing his father, quitting smoking and watching his friends drift into couple hood. At least he’s managed to escape that particular trap.

When Gavin’s father turns Jamie’s routine rescue into a media circus, he figures if he’s going to suffer for his good deed, he might as well enjoy a roll in the sack. But Jamie’s not immune to Gavin’s cultivated charm…and all the risks that come along with giving in to it.


Bad Attitude
, the third book in the Bad in Baltimore series, gives the reader Jamie Donnigan’s story. In this story his character is flushed out a little more, giving the reader a chance to see what makes this cop tick. Even with all his little issues I really liked this guy. The fact that he knows just who he is, and doesn’t make any excuses not even on the job, is a refreshing change from what we usually see in other police characters.

As for the other main character in Bad Attitude, Gavin Montgomery is a bit on the wild side. His introduction into the story is over the top and different from anything else I have read before. In some ways Gavin is not the type of character I would have paired Jamie with, but he does balance the cop out nicely. The men are total opposites and you would not think they would have much in common, yet in the end you see they really do. These guys are strong, take charge, and know what they want, kind of men so it only goes to say that their first physical contact is not what you would expect. Be aware that the scene is hot and burns the pages. Because of the differences in personality these two run into a lot of conflict that will at times leave the reader wondering about the future of their relationship. When Gavin and Jamie do get around to expressing their feelings for each other, I had to laugh, because not even this could be done like a normal couple.

Many of the secondary characters are ones we have met in the previous books. It was fun to catch up with the other couples and some of the help they give Jamie will make you laugh. I am hoping to see more of books in this series, and hope Silver will be the next to have his story told.

The Bad in Baltimore books in series order are:

Bad Company
Bad Boyfriend
Bad Attitude

Reviewed By: Lydia