Gabbi Reviews: My Fair Captain by JL Langley

Title: Sci-Regency, Book 1: My Fair Captain

Author: JL Langley

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 244

Characters: Nathaniel Hawkins, Prince Aiden Townsend

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre: Science Fiction, Series

Kisses: 5+


A Sci-Regency Novel

When Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins goes undercover to investigate the theft of an IN weapons stash, the mission raises painful memories from his past. Using a title he fled nearly two decades earlier, Nate once again becomes the Earl of Deverell, heir to the Duke of Hawthorne, in order to navigate the ins and outs of a Regency world. But planet Regelence—where young lords are supposed to remain pure until marriage—has a few surprises for Nate, not least of which is his attraction to Prince Aiden.

A talented artist, Prince Aiden Townsend isn’t interested in politics and the machinations of society gentlemen, and he adamantly rejects the idea of marriage and a consort. Aiden wants the freedom to pursue his art and determine his own future. But the arrival of the dashing and mysterious Deverell awakens feelings of passion and longing the young prince can’t deny.

As Nate uncovers a conspiracy reaching far beyond the stolen weapons, his future is irrevocably altered by the temptations of a life he never thought he could have. Drawn into the web of intrigue, Aiden is in danger of losing his life… and his heart.


My Fair Captain by JL Langley is one of my all-time favorite books. I read and have re-read the first edition years ago and it has been one of my comfort reads ever since it was published in 2007. When Dreamspinner Press republished it as a second edition, I jumped at the chance to read and review this re-edited and revamped edition of it.

Since the blurb does an excellent job at describing the story, I won’t rehash it. Instead, I thought I’d write about why I love this story and why I consider it a desert island keeper.

Ms. Langley writes heroes that are easy to identify with. They are flawed, likable men who is so easy to come to care for. It’s also easy to see that Ms. Langley loves her heroes because they live and breathe off the written page. You feel as if you are experiencing their journey with them. I loved every minute I spent watching their lives intertwine with each other, and I’m always enraptured by the story they have to tell.

The romance between Nate and Aiden is beautifully told. From the first moment they meet, sparks fly, and it seems to be a natural transition for them to fall in love. What’s even better is…these two men genuinely like and respect one another. Their admiration for their partner is something, as a reader, that I love to watch unfold before me. I love how they love each other and the sexual chemistry between them truly sizzle up the pages they are written on.

Not only will you love Nate and Aiden, you’ll fall in love with the secondary characters, too. Every character in this book *and beyond* have something to bring to the story. I quickly found myself wishing Ms. Langley wrote faster so I could about their lives and future loves. Out of all the secondary characters, you’ll fall in love with Aiden’s two fathers…omg…they are a hoot and soooo sexy together. I hope Ms. Langley writes a prequel about them one day…hint, hint.

The romance drives the story but there is a whodunit mystery that is also intriguing. Between the suspense, danger, and romance, My Fair Captain, will keep you captivated with Nate and Aiden’s story from start to finish.

I simply adore this book and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m glad I read the second edition and enjoyed it as much as the original one. If you love highly romantic tales that will live with you long after you finish the book, then My Fair Captain is the book for you.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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My Regelence Rake by JL Langley

Title: My Regelence Rake
Author: JL Langley
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 374
Characters: Sebastian Hastings, Colton Townsend
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Gay Alternate Worlds, Romance, Series
Kisses: 5


Before you find your prince, you have to kiss your share of rakes.

With his days occupied with duties as Captain of the Guard, and nights consumed with upholding his reputation as a rake, Lord Sebastian Hastings’s schedule is filled. There’s no extra time to be anyone’s bodyguard, but the royal family’s safety is a task he sees to personally.

Prince Colton Townsend has loved Sebastian for as long as he can remember, but he’s done pining for a man who has vowed never to remarry. So he consoles himself with the second love of his life—horses. Stable building and horse racing consume his every thought, at least until he’s stuck with Sebastian dogging his every step.

While looking over the prospects at an auction, Colton is trying to ignore his sexy, pesky bodyguard when he feels compelled to take on a bully to protect an abused horse. Sebastian is dragged into the fray, and their good deed sparks a string of nasty rumors.

There’s only one way to quell the political storm: marry. But instead of solving everything, Colton realizes his new husband is a bundle of secrets, none of which he’ll give up easily. Unless Colton makes one, last-ditch effort that could break his heart for good.

Product Warnings
Contains an obnoxious filly, a love-struck prince, a meddling king, a matchmaking duke, vicious rumors and hunky ex Special Forces soldiers.


I’m a huge fan of JL Langley’s books. I’m one of those readers who anxiously await her next release and once I get it, immediately read it cover to cover with as little interruption as possible. I love the way Ms. Langley gets to the heart and soul of her characters. Between her descriptive writing and addictive storytelling ability, I’m always hooked by her novels and eagerly wait for the next book in the series to be released. In My Regelence Rake, Ms. Langley gave me many hours of sheer enjoyment as I was swept up into the lives of her characters. The romance between Colton and Sebastian was truly a beautiful thing to see unfold within the pages of her story. I loved every minute I spent reading this book and it’s one of my favorite books in the Sci-Regency series.

Prince Colton has been in love with Lord Sebastian Hastings since the moment he laid eyes on him. No matter what Colton does, Sebastian doesn’t take him seriously, much less return his love, and when Colton catches Sebastian in the arms of another man, he decides to give up on his hope of being together with the rake and pursue his own dream…working with champion horses.

As soon as Colton starts ignoring Sebastian, the Lord starts to really take notice of him. When Sebastian is assigned to be Colton’s bodyguard, things start to really heat up between them and soon both men are swept up into a whirlwind of romance and mystery. Someone is determined to destroy everything Colton has worked for, and suddenly Colton and Sebastian are caught up in a scandal and are practically forced to be married. Together they must find out who is behind the ongoing danger to Colton’s family and horses and learn to trust in each other.

I LOVED this book! I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it and thoroughly loved seeing almost all of the past characters in the other books in the series play an important role in this book. I thought the friendship and sizzling chemistry between Colton and Sebastian was really the driving force behind the story itself. I loved watching their relationship grow and develop between them and thought they were truly meant to be together. Both Colton and Sebastian go through a lot of self-growth throughout the novel and each becomes a better man and a true partner for each other.

Honestly, I can’t rave about this series enough and if you haven’t read this book or the other two books in the series, I highly recommend it. Each book is phenomenal within their own right, and all three of them have a permanent spot on my keeper shelf. My Regelence Rake could probably be read as a stand-alone book, but to fully understand the dynamics of this amazing family, I HIGHLY recommend reading the books in series order. Believe me, once you start reading them, you won’t regret it!

Here are the Sci-Regency books in series order:

My Fair Captain

The Englor Affair

My Regelence Rake

Reviewed By: Gabbi