Gabbi Reviews: Fostered Affections by Feral Sephrian

Title: Fostered Affections
Author: Feral Sephrian
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 114
Characters: Austin and Neil
POV: 3rd Limited
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 1.5


Austin Inverness loves dogs and his wife, Erika. Erika was the only girlfriend Austin ever had who didn’t judge him for being bisexual, and dogs never judge, period. Unfortunately, Erika isn’t much of a dog person.

Airman Neil Stafford has been deployed to Turkey for a six-month tour and he enrolls his schipper-poo, Bunny, in the Fosters for Fighters program that arranges fostering for soldiers’ pets. There he meets Austin, who will foster Bunny while Neil is overseas.

The two men keep in touch via Skype and Austin is delighted by how well they get along. Erika, on the other hand, is delighted by how little she has to do to take care of Bunny. That is, until Bunny needs an emergency trip to the vet.

By the time Neil returns home, Austin has noticed key differences between his wife and the new friend he can’t stop thinking about. As for Neil, he knows for sure he wants Austin in his life, but not at the cost of his friend’s marriage.

When Austin realizes Erika questions his bisexuality, the cracks in their relationship quickly spread and Austin questions everything, including if he can make the right choice. Will Austin and Neil be able to overcome the bumps on the road to happiness?


I tried to like this book. I hate writing negative reviews on books because I know how hard an author works and how much they love their ‘baby’ when they finish it. So, please keep in mind that although I did not like this story, this is just my opinion and I know there will other readers who will like and even love it.

The blurb is an accurate description of the story. Austin has been married for six years and though he is in love and very attracted to his wife, through his love and affection toward her, Austin’s bisexuality hasn’t been an issue. Throughout the story Austin is pretty honest with his wife. He’s confessed the truth about his sexuality to her before they married and tries to strive to be a good husband and even friend to her.

Their problems start when Austin begins to feel the need to have something more, like a pet, in their lives. Austin feels alone a lot and believes since he has had pets in the past thinks this is just what he and his wife needs. Though she’s not crazy about having a pet, his wife relents to fostering a dog through a military program that allows soldiers who are about to be deployed to foster their pets out to trusted people while they are gone.

At first, I loved this idea and was glad Austin decided to go this route. The minute he meets ‘Bunny’ he is immediately smitten with the dog and I truly believed he did a good job at caring for her and taking care of her as if she belonged to him. It’s when he meets Neil, who is Bunny’s owner, that Austin’s life is turned into a tailspin.

Austin not only likes Neil *I did too* and respects him greatly. He feels an attraction for him and makes great efforts to push his fascination for him aside. He is not successful because the more Austin and Neil talk and communicate through Skype and emails, the more Austin feelings and attraction toward Neil grows.

I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to give anything away about this story. Instead, I’ve decided to talk about why I rated it the way I did.

Though Austin is conflicted by many things, he never came across as a true sympathetic character for me. He also tries too hard to be a good guy and to justify his forbidden feelings toward Neil. I thought he ended up being wishy-washy with his feelings and the way he thinks about his life and what he wants out of it. Now don’t get me wrong when I say I understand that life can be confusing at times for us all, but Austin seemed to be kind of a push-over and his willingness to semi-blame his actions on his wife *who was basically a good person just a little needy* left me kind of cold.

On the other hand, Neil seemed like a good guy. He does what he can not to push Austin into something he doesn’t want to do. I liked him, though he still remained somewhat of a mystery to me. He was a little one-dimensional and I couldn’t help but wish we had his point of view in the story. *The story is told entirely through Austin’s POV* Neil’s love for his dog came off as genuine and that’s one of the things I liked the most about the book itself.

I never got on board with this couple and never really cared very much for Austin. I thought the ending was rushed and honestly finished reading this story wishing for more. It’s obvious the author has some good writing chops and had a good idea for the story, but it never resonated with me as a reader.

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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Lydia Reviews: Beasts Like Us by Feral Sephrian

Title: Beasts Like Us
Publisher: JMS Books
Author: Feral Sephrian
Pages: 156
Kisses: 4


Mateo, a jaguar nagual descended from Mayan shamans, attends the Northern Nevada Con-fur-ence furry convention to hide in plain sight. Who will look twice at a long, black tail and inhuman yellow eyes when there are neon huskies and dancing dragons around?

There Mateo meets Dazi, a mountain lion skin-walker who is at the con with friends from his Shoshone-Paiute reservation. They want to find out if the furries are close to stumbling across their tribe of shifters.

When these two big cats rub up against each other, their cultures collide in a way neither Mateo nor Dazi could predict. But Mateo has trouble being entirely human around his alluring new companion, and Dazi puts his tribe at risk when he reveals their secrets to an outsider.

Can Mateo and Dazi overcome their natural secretive and bestial instincts to find their purr-fect ending?


Beasts Like Us is a new book by author Feral Sephrian. This author is new to me and I was not sure what to expect but liked the way the author handled a sub-genre that can easily become stale. First of all ,the author uses Native American and Mayan mythology as the basis of the shifter societies in this book. Next, the author uses a furry conference as the background for the main characters. As the reader can imagine this leaves plenty of opportunity for misunderstandings. Lastly, the author wraps the story up in a way the readers are sure to enjoy.

The main characters are easy to like. Mateo is a jaguar whose family got their abilities from the gods. When others tried to wipe them out, Mateo’s family headed north, settling in the United States. Mateo’s grandfather finds his way to a commune, one that allows its members to follow various believes. This works out well for his family as Mateo was born with an actual tail that does not disappear while he is in human form. Mateo uses the yearly furry conference as a way to socialize without worrying about giving himself away, after all it would be weirder to for him to be running around without a tail.

Dazi is Native American. Like Mateo, Dazi’s people also received their gifts from the gods, but what makes them different is that each person has the ability to choose what their animal is going to be. For Dazi that was a mountain lion. Also like Mateo’s people, Dazi’s live in secret and have strict rules with intense punishments if their truth is revealed. Because they live in fear , when Dazi and his friends hear about a furry conference going on near their reservation they head out to make sure their cover isn’t blown.

Of course with Dazi and Mateo at the conference at the same time, the two are sure to cross paths. I loved the way the author brought these two together. The bathroom scene made me laugh, especially when Dazi asks Mateo not to eat him. There is an attraction between them, however since neither has ever met a shifter outside of their own people, they are unsure of what it is they feel for the other. The attraction they feel for each other is the least of their worries, as Dazi’s people do not like that Mateo knows about them .

There is a lot that goes on in Beasts Like Us that helps hold the readers attention. I really liked the way the author handles Mateo’s meeting with the elders of Dazi’s tribe. When Dazi realizes what is happening at one point in the story and breaks down, i wanted to cry with him.

This is a great addition to a sub-genre that can seem as if nothing ever changes. Fans of shifter stories really should give this book a try as they will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Lydia

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Change for the Better by Feral Sephrian

Title: Change for the Better
Author: Feral Sephrian
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Pages: 147
Genre: Contemporary, Transgender, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4


When Flynn meets Tanya at a table-top RPG campaign, his first impression is that she’s the kind of girl he’d like to get to know. He does just that; however, not only does he discover they make a great pair, but he also learns she isn’t really Tanya.

She’s Tony, a pre-treatment transgender man.

Despite being a tried-and-true heterosexual, Flynn chooses to stick with Tony anyway and supports him during transition. Their initial one night stand turns into a wild and dedicated relationship. They — and their RPG characters — face many challenges. Flynn and Tony seem made for each other, the sex is more than incredible, and Flynn is willing to brave it out, but a Willpower check isn’t enough to rid him of his crippling doubts. Will the love they share be enough to overcome the antagonism they face in the real world?


I had a little trouble getting into this book because I am not a gamer, and RPG games and role playing just loses me right off the bat!

Once my eyes unglazed, I was able to concentrate on the characters of Flynn and Tanya/Tony. The instant chemistry and friendship between these two is just perfect. It’s easy to understand why they were just instantly comfortable with each other.

Tanya was honest from the start with Flynn about transitioning into Tony, and that she always knew she was a boy but needed her body to match what her mind knew from the beginning.

Flynn is a wonderful soul, and starting a romantic relationship with Tanya was easy. But the more Tanya became Tony the more straight Flynn started to have doubts.

This is a wonderful and honest story about a complicated issue. Are you still straight because Tony was once a girl, or are you gay because Tony now is a man?

I loved this story and would highly recommend it.

If you are a gamer you are going to love that aspect of this story and if like me you are not, just read through it until you get to the meat of the story, you will love it!

Reviewed by: Cheryl