Bottoms Away by Etienne- published by DSP

BottomsAwayTitle: Bottoms Away
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 225
Kisses: 4
Gay/ Contemporary


Chris Bottoms is glad to be home from the first of two surgeries that will free him of his ostomy bag, but life is keeping him on his toes.

Sequel to Bottoms Out; About a Bottoms: Book Three An Avondale Story

Chris Bottoms is glad to be home from undergoing the first of two surgeries that will free him from the ostomy bag he’s been wearing for more than a year. He’s anxious about the upcoming second surgery, but life is keeping him on his toes.
The bank hierarchy is clearly grooming Chris’s partner, Mickey O’Donovan, vice president of a mega-bank, for a promotion. That doesn’t help reconcile the family who turned their backs on Mickey for not going into the family business. To make matters worse, Chris’s little brother’s abusers are still out there, and that makes Chris angry. He and Mickey are raising Ted now. Between dealing with spiteful relatives and doing their best by a hurt ten- year-old boy, Chris and Mickey wonder how much more reality they can take.
Chris’s second and final surgery can’t come soon enough. Both men are looking forward its most important side-effect—Chris will once again be able to enjoy prostate massage—but not until three months after the surgery.

I have been lucky enough to have reviewed each story in the About A Bottoms series and I have given them a high rating for these reasons.
They are well written, the research that has been done to cover the medical issues that Chris has endured and survived must have been intense and the sexual abuse that both Chris and his little brother have endured has been dealt with by showing with a lot of therapy and love and support you can go on to live a happy and productive life.

Chris and Mickey are still one of my favorite couples, still deeply in love and with the new surgery that Chris has gone through he can now go back to the sex life he loves.
Ted is making great strides in his therapy and has discovered a great love of cooking. I love this sweet, quiet little ten year old and I hope one day to read his story, he deserves his own HEA.
If you have not read this series I hope you give it a try, it is a great love story and a story of survivors.
I found that in a few places it went a little long in the details of just everyday life but I think the author did this to show with all the hurdles these characters have had to endure it’s the little details in everyday living that helps heal the brokenness.

If you love a book that has depth to it and can still have the sexiness of two men in love, you will certainly enjoy this series.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss by Etienne

Title: Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss
Publisher: Smashwords
Author: Etienne
Pages: 342
Kisses: 4.5


Adam Yancey is about to graduate from college, with a degree in music at the age of eighteen. He’s highly intelligent, totally goal-oriented, and anxious to begin working on a Master’s and then a Doctoral degree, so he can pursue a career as a concert organist.

But what he really dreams of is having a loving relationship with another man—a relationship like his father and his father’s partner have. Unfortunately, Adam has a secret. One he feels certain will prevent him from ever having such a relationship.

Buzz Patterson is a jock and a track star, and all he wants out of life is to get laid—as often as possible. Then one day, his buddies goad him into betting that he can find out if Adam’s long fingers fulfill the old saying about long fingers being an indication of length elsewhere.

Buzz has all summer to win the bet, and he begins to actively pursue Adam. Will he win the bet? Or will he wind up getting more than he bargained for?


Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss is author Etienne’s latest addition to the Avondale series. This is a coming of age story about two young men with nothing in common who come together and soon find they were meant for each other. While this is a story in which the two main characters are in their late teens – early twenties, the issues they face are in no way trivial.

While I loved the book, there are a couple of things, for me that stood out. One is the way the two young men meet. Buzz sees Adam sitting by himself in the student union. While he is intrigued, it isn’t until after Buzz is talked into betting on whether or not he can see Adam naked, that he approaches the young man. This is not a new plot line, however, the fact that the author does not draw this part of the story out, and in fact reveals the bet early, kept the story from being like the others out there. The second is the way the author handled Adam’s secret. Readers will be surprised by the maturity Adam has for one so young and will want to see him get his happily ever after.

As a fan of Etienne’s, I look forward to each new book. His stories are always well written and the characters pull you into their stories. This is an author that is one of my must buys and one I strongly recommend his work to others who like to read m/m books.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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Bottoms Out by Etienne

Title: Bottoms Out
Author Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 266
Kisses: 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Series


Chris and Mickey settle down to raise Chris’s brother Ted. But Ted’s been abused and Chris wonders how many secrets one family can have.

About a Bottoms: Book Two; An Avondale Story

After the death of their mother, Chris Bottoms adopted his little brother, Ted, and Chris and his partner, Mickey O’Donovan, settle down to raise him. Through paperwork left by his mother, Chris learns his brother has a deeply troubled past.

During a Thanksgiving visit with Chris and Ted’s maternal grandparents, they find out Chris’s grandfather allowed his friends to abuse Ted, so Chris severs all ties with that side of his family.

Through his job at a hospital, Chris hears of a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic who has developed an ileostomy reversal technique that has proven successful in cases like his. When Chris enters the clinic for preliminary testing, he learns he is a good candidate for the procedure and schedules the first of two surgeries for the beginning of January. A visit from estranged relatives while he’s in the hospital leaves him wondering how many secrets one family can have.


This is book two in the Avondale Bottom Ups series. If you have not read Bottoms Up I highly suggest reading it first before beginning this book.

Bottoms Out continues where Bottoms Up stopped, and is just as fascinating as the first story and just as well researched.

Chris and Mickey are learning how to parent Ted with the help of all their new friends in Avondale. When Ted continues to have nightmares Chris takes him for intense therapy and discovers the horrors the ten year old has gone through.

Chris and Mickey are still intensely in love and their love life has not suffered at all. Chris is told about a Doctor at the Mayo Clinic that can correct his previous surgery so maybe he can live a more Normal life.

This book has a lot going on and meeting new friends and becoming more involved with the elderly twin sisters that live across the street, while dealing with Ted’s trauma and Chris’s health.

I love the interactions of Chris, Mickey and Ted With the couples of Avondale and I will be buying their books because they are so interesting and fun.

I highly recommend this book and the series as well. Bottoms Out is both a wonderful love story and will pull your heartstrings as we learn about the abuse that ten year old Ted has gone through.

I’m definitely looking forward to the third book of this Bottoms Up Series comes out this summer and I cannot wait!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


Cleanse by Etienne

Title: Cleanse
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 270
Kisses: 5+


An arrest in Florida leads to the exposure of another plot by supremacists, and the FBI invites award-winning investigative reporter Clint Buchalla to interview as many suspects as are willing to talk. It’s not his first time working on a controversial article for his newspaper, the Washington Ledger.

At their home together, Clint and his lover, Lucien Cormier, meet their new neighbors: a divorced woman and her two sons. One of the sons seems terribly troubled, and the woman’s situation prompts Clint to search public records for information. Ultimately, he finds a trail that leads him to another pedophile priest—and thus a series of articles exposing him and the church’s complicity in covering up his crimes.

Meanwhile, Lucien hears from the lawyer who serves as trustee of his education fund and learns that because he was thrifty enough with his education funds to leave him money to spare, he will come into additional money on his twenty-fifth birthday… a windfall that could allow him to realize his dream of opening a Cajun restaurant.


Cleanse is the second book in the, The Chronicles of Old Town series by author Etienne. While the main characters are a couple, it is not their romance that plays center stage in this story but rather the mysteries that Clint finds himself investigating.

Once again Clint finds himself investigating a pedophile priest, only this time he is taking on the Catholic Church, who isn’t very happy with the work Clint is doing, especially when the work he does on this story opens up a larger can of worms than they expected. Then there is the case the FBI is working on, which due to his special connections with them, Clint also gets to cover. While the first story is something that we see all too often of the evening news, it is the second story that really held my interest. I could not help wondering if something like this could really happen, while at the same time I am surprised that no one has tried anything like this yet.

Through all of that however, Lucien is by his side. I love the relationship that exists between these two. Even without detailed, graphic intimate scenes, it is easy to see the closeness and love these two feel for each other. I also love the surprise the author has for Lucien towards the end of Cleanse which will allow him to obtain his dream. I cannot wait to see where the author takes this series next and hope the wait will not be too long.

I have read several books by this author and will admit that the first books were difficult for me to get through. I am glad I stuck with that first book as it kept me from missing some wonderful stories. While I think these stories may not be for everyone, they are great and if you are looking for a new author to try then pick up something by Etienne.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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Bottoms Up by Etienne

Title: About a Bottoms, Book One: Bottoms Up
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 250
Kisses: 5
Contemporary, Gay


About a Bottoms: Book One An Avondale Story

RN First Assistant Chris Bottoms enjoys being a bottom. Though abused by his stepfather as a boy and conditioned to enjoy sex only one particular way, he’s come to make the most of his life. And he enjoys bottoming—to the hilt—whenever and wherever he can.

As if colorectal cancer wasn’t enough of a trial, the subsequent botched surgery robs him of normal bodily functions—no more prostate massage for Chris. In the middle of his medical drama, his best friend, Mickey O’Donovan, accepts a promotion that brings him to live in Jacksonville. Roommates in college, they’ve remained friends and occasional fuck buddies ever since. Chris’s crisis brings their relationship to a new level, though, and long-suppressed feelings are

Chris and Mickey settle down together and life is good, even though they can no longer indulge in their favorite sexual position. But Chris can’t seem to catch a break. When his past rears its head, Chris and Mickey must face a new challenge, together.


The Blurb tells you what this story is about. I found it a little hard at first to get into the story but I hung in there and was richly rewarded.

This story was well written and the Author did the research need to include the medical jargon scattered throughout, while taking some poetic license which is acknowledged.

Chris is very promiscuous, and loves sex but to tell the story of what he lost we must see what his life style has been. One constant in his life since college has been his best friend and occasional lover Mickey.

The love story of Mickey and Chris is so touching and Mickey stayed by his side throughout Chris’s Medical nightmare and their love only grew and solidified.

I loved meeting all the couples of Avondale, they immediately took Chris into their circle and became true friends that Chris had only ever known before with Mickey.

I liked how the sexual abuse in Chris’s past was acknowledged and dealt with through counseling though not dwelt on.

This is an inspiring story and I can’t wait to read the stories of the men of Avondale.

I highly recommend this story.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

Grand Tour by Etienne

Title: Grand Tour
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Self-published through Smashword
Pages: 224
Characters: William Lodge Lane and Henry Cabot Lane
POV: Alternating 1st Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4.5


William and Henry are cousins, sons of identical twin brothers, and members of two well-known Boston Brahmin families. They’ve roomed together through prep school, Harvard, and Harvard Law, and dated some of Boston’s most eligible young women.

Instead of taking a grand tour of Europe, they opt to go backpacking around the US, and are taken prisoner and sexually assaulted in a small southern city. The assaults make them realize how they’ve always felt about each other, but first, they have to escape.

After their escape they plan and execute an elaborate trap and ultimately catch their attackers red handed. After their attackers are tried and convicted, they settle down to practice law together on Beacon Hill.


While a very good book, in fact one of my favorites by Etienne, Grand Tour covers some very sensitive subjects that may be difficult for some readers. These incidents are an important aspect of the story line, and, although the author does not glorify them, they are detailed.

stories are the types that always seem to pull me in and Grand Tour was no different. I really liked Henry and William. Although the two young men come from old money, they don’t have that snooty quality to them, and in fact their altruism can be seen throughout the story. Before the two start their law careers they had decided to see the United States, but instead of going first class the young men have been back packing. Even before the reader knows just how the William and Henry feel about each other, there is a closeness that cannot be denied. The way in which their relationship comes about is not what readers would expect, yet from the time they reveal their feelings for each other there is not keeping them apart.

Like with the author’s previous stories, Grand Tour covers a large period of the men’s life, and while the chemistry between them is strong, it is not the focal point of the book. Early in the book Henry and William go through a traumatic event that plays a strong role in their lives. Rather than let it cripple them however, it makes them stronger and sets them on a course for justice. This part of the book is very gripping and I could not believe what the two young men went through or how they planned on setting things right. Many scenes had me setting on the edge of the seat and I was up late into the night reading.

Grand Tour is full of wonderfully written secondary characters. While some, like the men’s grandmother, are new to the reader many previous characters are already known to the reader. This is something the author does quit frequently and one of the aspects I enjoy, as I like catching up with couples I have seen before.

I have no problem believing that fans of this author will enjoy Grand Tour, and while the book does touch base with some previous characters it is not necessary to read their books before reading this one. As for those new to Etienne’s books, Grand Tour is a great book to start with and should not be missed! Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Lydia


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Sold by Etienne

Title: Sold!
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Self-published through Smashwords
Pages: 304
Characters: Winston Martsolf and Clancey Witherspoon
POV: Alternating 1st Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Kissses: 4.5


On his first Peace Corps mission to Africa, Winston Martsolf is captured by gunmen working for slavers. In captivity, he is sexually nullified and sold on the auction block and eventually becomes the sex slave of an oil sheikh. After two years in captivity he still dreams of escape, wondering if his boyfriend Clancey will still want him after all he’s been through.

Due to a freak storm, the sailboat on which he was being held by his owner is damaged, and Winston is eventually rescued. He is overjoyed to learn that Clancey still wants him, despite what’s been done to him, and they settle down to live their lives while waiting for those responsible to be brought to justice.


Sold! is Etienne’s self-published book through Smashwords. This is an intense story and although the author doesn’t go into graphic detail, some of the content may be hard for some readers. Fans of this author will know how he can pull you into his stories from the beginning. Sold! is no different and I found myself staying up late into the night just to see how Winston’s and Clancey’s story would play out.

When the story starts, the two men are already a well-established couple who have joined the Peace Corp in order to get away from Winston’s father. The men have no idea what is in store for them and the author puts them, especially Winston, through some hellish times. There is a lot going on in this story and I like that the author can tell it without feeling the need to drag some aspects out. One of the things that made this such a great story was that the author tells it in alternating first person, allowing us to get the tale from the viewpoint of more than just the main characters.

While this story is a stand-alone many of the secondary characters in Sold! are from the author’s various series. I liked seeing everyone show up to help Winston and Clancey, and while I knew that things would eventually turn out well for the men, I was still surprised by who planned Winston’s capture.

I must admit that had it not been for reviewing books I am not sure I would have given Etienne a try. I am so glad that I was given that first story and now cannot get enough. If you have not yet tried anything by this author you really need to pick one up today.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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