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Title:  Leaning Into the Look

Series: Leaning Into Stories, #6

Author: Lane Hayes

Publisher: Lane Hayes

Release Date: March 23

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 82000

Genre: Romance, friends to lovers, san francisco, humor, businessmen

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Grant Kostas made a career based on his looks before joining his family’s real estate firm. He may not love his job but he’s better at sales than he thought. And when he’s poised to bring in the biggest account of the company’s history, even his father is impressed. Unfortunately, the extra attention highlights Grant’s personal life. His parents accept that he’s gay. They just wish he’d meet a nice Greek man.

Miles Harrison is a fabulous red head going through a rough patch. Between getting dumped by his long-term boyfriend and finding a new place to live in the city, he’s nearing his wits end. He’s not sure why he thought rooming with his boss’s friend was a good idea. Miles has had a crush on Grant for years. However, he knows attractive people aren’t always pretty on the inside. As the two men grapple with external problems, they form an unexpected bond of friendship and trust that feels like the real thing. The only way to know for certain is to let go of fear and lean into the look.

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I stopped short when we reached the other side of the street and then backed him against the brick façade of a bank building and pressed my lips over his. It was a bold move and not one I’d ever tried on any man in public before. But I couldn’t help myself. It felt oddly freeing to share one of the bleaker parts of my past with him. I wanted to thank him somehow but that seemed awkward so I kissed him instead. I held his head and glided my tongue alongside his, loving the moment when he flung his arms over my shoulders and responded with fervor. When we broke for air, I rested my forehead on his and grinned.

“Your ass is pretty spectacular too, Mi.”

He chuckled good-naturedly. “Thanks.”

“No really. I think I’m love with it.” I lowered my hands down his back and squeezed his cheeks as I molded his pelvis to mine.

“That’s kind of romantic. But if you’re thinking about falling in love with me too…don’t.”

I backed up slightly to get a better look at him. “Okay. I won’t.”

“Pinky promise.” He held up his right hand and wiggled his fingers.

“What makes you think you’re so irresistible?” I asked, wrapping my pinky finger around his.

“I’m not and you’ll figure it out sooner or later. But I like you and I want you and…”

“And what you’re really saying is you don’t want to fall for me.” I kept my tone light, hoping a jocular vibe would steer us from turning this into an uncomfortable conversation.


“Look, Mi. I’m not—”

“No. Listen. Don’t make this into a big deal. It’s not. We’re going to have a grand adventure. Just me and you. We’ll do incredible things and have amazing conversations and lots of sex. And when it’s time to say good-bye, we won’t ruin it by pretending we were ever in love. What do you say?”

Nothing. I had nothing to say. All I could think was maybe he really was crazy because who said shit like that?

But when I looked past the lighthearted swagger I saw the cracks in his armor. He was scared and battered and raw on the inside. Kind of like me. And somehow I had a feeling it wasn’t an ex-lover that made him so cautious. I only knew he was right. We were a couple of oddballs who unexpectedly found ourselves inhabiting the same circle. Temporarily.

But love? I should have walked away. Or at the very least, laughed at his wild leap. Instead I cocked my head and squinted. “What kind of adventures?”

Miles grinned. A slow-moving, gorgeous upturn of the lips that morphed into something celestial. He literally took my breath away. I hoped the dizziness faded before I gave him a reason to think it was a good thing he’d issued a warning about getting too attached.

“All kinds! We’ll turn this town upside down being one hundred percent ridiculous.”

“Okay…” I gave a half laugh and pushed a stray lock of hair behind his ear. “What do you have in mind? Dancing, parties—”

“No. More like Trivial Pursuit marathons, Netflix binge-watching fests in our Pjs, the compare and contrast game and—”

“The what?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll have fun. You’ll see,” he assured me earnestly as he laced our fingers together and pulled me away from the wall.

I glanced down at our joined hands and briefly thought about joking that he should be careful about giving me mixed signals. But I knew my limits. My comedic timing was crappy and the last thing I wanted was to push him away. I might not love Miles but I liked him. A lot. And holding his hand while we wandered through town under a sea of rainbow flags on a random Sunday felt special. The way new beginnings sometimes did.

Meet the Author

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and won first prize in the 2016 and 2017 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in a newly empty nest.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon


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Christa Tomlinson has a new release, A Sniper’s Devotion! Check it out and enter to win a copy of her latest in the Cuffs, Collars and Love series!

Title:  A Sniper’s Devotion

Series: Cuffs, Collars and Love #5

Author: Christa Tomlinson

Publisher: Self published

Release Date: November 7, 2017

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 77,500

Genre: Romance, Friends to Lovers, Multicultural Romance, Hispanic Main Characters, Spanking, Stand Alone

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Officer Hector Castillo, a sniper on Houston’s elite SWAT team, is content living alone as a perpetual bachelor. But when he opens up his small apartment to a friend in need, their close quarters awaken long suppressed desires Hector can’t help but acknowledge.

Miguel Delgado’s unfortunate detour down a road he never intended to travel ends in a big wake up call, but he vows to get himself back on track. Though he’s always looked up to Hector, Miguel isn’t a kid with hero-worship anymore, and his schoolyard protector has matured into a strong and caring man – who happens to look damn sexy in his SWAT uniform.

Though their physical attraction to each other is undeniable, Hector and Miguel try hard to resist and protect their friendship. Until one night changes everything…

A Sniper’s Devotion is a loving and sexy, friends to lovers erotic romance. Hector and Miguel’s story is part of the Cuffs, Collars and Love series, but it is a stand-alone novel.


“Aaaagh!” Miguel squeaked again, ducking his head into Hector’s shoulder as a mass of zombies burst into the shop where the hero and his family were hiding. “How are you not dying at this?” he asked in an agonized voice.

Hector held back a grin at Miguel’s over-the-top reaction. After the things he’d seen on the police force, it would take more than a jump scare to freak him out. “I’m trembling on the inside,” he said.

“You are not,” Miguel answered with a dry laugh. He started to pull away. “Sorry about that.”

Hector stopped him. “You’re just going to jump back on me anyway. Might as well stay here where I can protect you from the zombies.”

Miguel snorted another laugh, but after a moment’s hesitation, he settled back against him. He rested against Hector’s chest, with his bent legs laying half over one of Hector’s. As the movie played on, the hero and his crew making a perilous escape from the zombie horde, Hector brought his hand up from the back of the couch, absently running it through Miguel’s hair. The curls were soft, sliding through his fingers.

Eventually the action on screen slowed, giving both the hero and the viewers a moment to breathe. Hector’s attention wandered from the screen, and he realized it was strange to have his hand in another man’s hair. He and Miguel were so close, and it was such a habit from watching movies with dates that he’d done it without even thinking. He abruptly stopped. Sitting there stiffly, his hand frozen in Miguel’s hair, he wondered if he should apologize. Before he could decide, Miguel turned his head slightly, his lips brushing Hector’s neck as he spoke.

“That felt nice,” he said in a soft whisper. “Keep going.”

His chest suddenly tight, Hector relaxed his fingers and slowly started playing them through Miguel’s hair again. His eyes were on the TV, but he wasn’t really watching the movie. Neither was Miguel. His face stayed turned into Hector’s neck, warm breath softly blowing over his skin. It was a surprise and yet not when Miguel pressed a kiss to his throat.

At that moment, Hector should have moved away from Miguel. Hell, he should have gotten off the couch altogether. But he didn’t. He sat there, letting Miguel brush more kisses up and down the side of his neck. A hand landed on his thigh. Hector swallowed hard, then turned to look down at his friend.


Self published | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Kobo | iTunes

Meet the Author

Christa Tomlinson is an exciting up and coming author in erotic romance. Her first self-published novel, The Sergeant, was an Amazon Best Seller for Gay and Lesbian Erotica for seven weeks straight.

Christa graduated from The University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in History. She loves to create stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters’ romantic arc. Her books include straight couples, curvy couples, gay, and multicultural couples. Love is love and everyone should have their story told.

Christa lives in Houston, Texas with her two dogs, and is a retired roller derby player

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | eMail | Instagram | Newsletter | BookBub


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Enter for a Chance to WIN a copy of Off Base by Annabeth Albert!!

Title:  Off Base

Series: Out of Uniform #1

Author: Annabeth Albert

Publisher:  Carina Press

Release Date: January 9th 2017

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 73,000

Genre: Romance, Military, SEALs, Contemporary, Roommates-to-lovers

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After trading the barracks for a fixer-upper rental, navy SEAL Zack Nelson wants peace, not a roommate—especially not Pike, who sees things about Zack he most wants to hide. Pike’s flirting puts virgin Zack on edge. And the questions Pike’s arrival would spark from Zack’s teammates about his own sexuality? Nope. Not going there. But Zack can’t refuse.

Pike Reynolds knows there won’t be a warm welcome in his new home. What can he say? He’s an acquired taste. But he needs this chance to get his life together. Also, teasing the uptight SEAL will be hella fun. Still, Pike has to tread carefully; he’s had his fill of tourists in the past, and he can’t risk his heart on another, not even one as hot, as built—and, okay, yeah, as adorable—as Zack.

Living with Pike crumbles Zack’s restraint and fuels his curiosity. He discovers how well they fit together in bed…in the shower…in the hallway… He needs Pike more than he could have imagined, yet he doesn’t know how to be the man Pike deserves.

Book One of the Out of Uniform series

This book is approximately 73,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise! Find out more at


“What do you mean they’re not coming?” Zack tried hard to sound like the badass navy SEAL he was now. He’d passed all sorts of interrogation training—there was no reason he couldn’t hide that he didn’t particularly like this guy. Or this fancy bar where he and his nontrendy clothes and military haircut were out of place. He’d agreed to go out for drinks with a group. His friend Ryan had promised him a drink for finishing his SEAL qualification training and getting his trident, and Zack had figured dealing with the rest of Ryan’s crowd wouldn’t be horrible. But tolerable was a far cry from being stranded alone with Pike freaking Reynolds without Ryan as a buffer.

“They blew two tires getting out of Santa Monica and are waiting on a repair truck now. Ryan said to have fun without them.” Pike looked harmless enough—shorter than Zack with a lean build and bright red hair and freckles that made him look too young to drink—but Zack knew from experience he was anything but benign. Pike was the type of guy who would flirt with wallpaper, but he seemed to have singled Zack out for special attention ever since their first meeting at a LAN party.

Which was all well and good, but unlike a lot of Ryan’s crowd, Zack wasn’t openly gay. And what Zack hated was that Pike seemed to see through all his “no, really I’m straight” protests and see things Zack refused to even think about. And a whole night with Pike? Torture. And that was coming from someone who’d been tossed into frigid water with his arms and legs bound. Repeatedly.

But he’d happily endure another round of drownproof training if it meant an easy out of this situation.

“Is Landon coming?” Please say it’s not just us. Surely, Pike’s omnipresent sidekick would be there to bail Zack out.

“Nope. He’s doing research at the Hadron Collider for the next few months. Just us, I think.” Pike grinned at him. “Alone at last, right?”

Zack guessed that the Hadron was one of those supersmart things Pike’s crowd just assumed everyone else knew about. He certainly wasn’t about to appear dumb and ask. “You don’t have to stick around on my account,” he said instead.

“Dude.” Pike smacked him on the shoulder. “I’ve had a shit week. Another three interviews for jobs for the fall, another three fuckups on my part. Don’t make me drink alone.”

“I guess I could do a beer.”

“On me, right? We’re all super stoked that you passed SQT.” Pike gave him another of those disarming smiles.

Ba-deep-deep. Zack’s phone chimed. Sure enough, there was a message from Ryan apologizing for bailing. Have fun with Pike, Ryan ended. But whatever you do, don’t let him talk you into shots. He looks scrawny, but he can drink you under the table. Trust me.

Zack shoved his phone away. Nope, no way was he doing shots with Pike. Last thing he needed was to get drunk and forget himself around the guy.

“So what’ll it be? They have a whole selection of craft beers here.” Pike offered him one of the little bar menus artfully strewn around on the huge antique wood bar.

“A Bud’s fine,” Zack said. He’d never developed a taste for the fancy stuff. This whole place was fancier than he was used to, what with the exposed hardwoods everywhere, the prettified bar food emerging from the kitchen, and the painted inspirational quotes behind the bar. Even the name, Mellow, was a far cry from the hole-in-the-wall places he’d drunk at in college or even Big Ted’s, the little sports bar right off base that his fellow SEALs favored.

Pike signaled the burly bartender, who frowned at them after Pike gave their order for a Bud and some fancy-ass beer Zack had never heard of. “Hand stamps, please. Both of you.”

Zack stuck his hand out, showing that the bouncer had indeed checked his ID. Pike put his arm right next to Zack’s—way too close for comfort. “See, look at us, finding things in common.”

“Getting carded is hardly something to be proud of,” Zack mumbled as he pulled his arm away. Back in San Diego, when he went to the bars with his friends, they never got carded anymore. And he liked that—he was twenty-three now, for crying out loud.

“Of course it’s not for you, Muscles.” Pike did that whole standing-too-close thing again, moving over so others could get to the bar.

Zack really shouldn’t like that Pike noticed what the past few months of training had done for his physique. He’d always been lean, but days of log- and boat-carry drills had carved out muscles he hadn’t even been aware he had. Zack accepted his beer from the bartender, then followed Pike to one of the little high-top tables ringing the bar area.

“Seriously, you are jacked now.” Pike winked at him, giving him the sort of once-over Zack’s buddies gave girls in bikinis. “Look at those shoulders. It even makes you look taller.”

Flattery was not going to work on Zack. Not even a bit. Besides, Pike was the short one, probably five seven or so. But Zack was a perfectly respectable five ten. In your boots.

“Truth, man. I just call it like I see it.” Pike shrugged. And that right there was the whole problem with Pike—he had absolutely no filter and a way too keen sense of observation.


Carina Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

Meet the Author


Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer.
Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two children.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Annabeth’s Angels | Sign Up for Annabeth’s Newsletter!



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Top 2 Bottom Author Interview JC Calciano ( Enter to win the movie, book, and soundtrack~)


What is The 10 Year Plan all about and where did the original idea come from?

The 10 Year Plan is about two friends who make a plan to be together in 10 Years if still single. It’s based on a true story about me and my two best friends who made a pact with each other to one day get together. Ten years after their agreement, each came over to me and said, “I love him but I’m not sure if I want to be in a relationship with him – HELP!” I laughed at the mess they got themselves into and thought; this is a great idea for a movie!

This is the first time you’ve written a novel based on one of your movies. What made you decide to do it?

The original script for THE 10 YEAR PLAN had several scenes that I couldn’t put in the movie because of time and budget restrictions. One such scene was the origin story on how the lead characters met. There was so much fun stuff in the story (and some sexy scenes) that I decided to add it into a book rather than the film. The book has everything I wanted to add but couldn’t.

Will you do it again in the future?

Yes, I would!  I just attended my second male/male romance book convention and had an amazing time.  The fans are so welcoming and fun and there are so many wonderful readers there who are so excited to meet their favorite authors – each time I meet fans and get positive feedback about my book and my movies I get very inspired to write more. My plan (if the book of THE 10 YEAR PLAN) sells well is to write “IS IT JUST ME?” and “eCUPID” into books next.

What would you say to a budding M/M writer?

I would advice every writer – either of a book or a screenplay to do the same thing: READ. Find a favorite writer and see how they write, their style and think about what makes them wonderful? What is it about their writing that appeals to you? Once you’ve done that, stop and think about what it is that you have to say to the world. What’s your point of view on things? What’s the message and story you want to convey to your readers? A writer needs to create their own style and tell your own stories, but I think it all comes from a knowledge base of what others have done in the past. Stories and people that have inspired and excited you.

How do you feel about the future of books? More e-books or will print always be around?

Books aren’t going anywhere. Nothing is as fertile and wonderful as your own imagination. Readers will always read. Whether paperbacks will continue to be popular or not is another question. I love reading on paper and I know a lot of people do too, but the e-readers are getting so good now and convenient that it’ll be tough to compete with that technology.

What do you prefer to read? E books , blogs, magazines or print?

I love blogs. As a filmmaker, I love pictures videos and stories. Blogs also have an immediate nature about them that print doesn’t have. That said, nothing is as wonderful with curling up with a good old narrative paperback book.

On those days you’re in a funk, what do you do to get back to the keyboard?

Funky days make it impossible to write for me. When I can’t write, I clean the apartment. My husband will often come home to a clean apartment and laugh and say, “Had a hard time writing today?”    (ROFL!)

What promotional tricks have worked for you?

Extra value. I try to give the fans and people who buy my movies, (and now book and audible book) extra value. I always include as many special features as I could, when I conducted my kick-starter campaign, I send all the supporters a custom-made thank-you card that all the cast signed. I also included a copy of the soundtrack to the movie. I believe in showing your fans and supporters as much love and respect as possible. For me, that comes in the way of creating quality products and giving them as much value for it as possible.   (Please keep reading for your chance to win~)

Do you have a story or an author who inspires you?

I love the comedy and writing of Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey. I also enjoy movies by filmmakers like Rob Reiner, Nancy Meyers and classic filmmakers like Frank Capra. Stories that make you think, laugh and feel something wonderful at the end of them always are my top picks.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

I’m like a teenage ninja turtle when it comes to pizza. I could eat it every day for every meal and I would if it weren’t for my husband putting restrictions on my consumption of it.

Beverage of choice?

I like coffee and booze. Not necessarily together. I drink coffee all day and like to reward myself at night with whiskey sometimes a nice gin martini.

What makes you happy/sad/angry?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people laugh. Nothing makes me more angry than seeing people mistreat one another or take advantage of someone who is less fortunate. I am a genuine believer that those who are stronger need to support those who are weaker and less capable. My hope is that more people support their communities and each other and demand that our institutions do the same. At the end of the day, all that we have is each other and all that matters is the memories we leave of ourselves.   T2B-(What a sweetheart!)

What’s in your future as a filmmaker and now author?JC Calciano - photo -2(1)

I’m currently writing my fourth movie in the series. It’s more of a love story than the last two. I’m a big fan of love-stories and I don’t think we have enough gay love stories out there. I’m also hoping to incorporate characters from the first three films in this new movie. I love combining the worlds of the first three films, so with any luck, I’ll be able to have some fun scenes in the new movie with favorite characters from the last three films. I also plan to turn the first two films into books. Writing THE 10 YEAR PLAN into a book was such a rewarding experience that I’m looking forward to revisiting IS IT JUST ME? And eCUPID and adding some great new and sexy scenes to those stories. Lastly, and as always, I’m planning on making more STEAM ROOM STORIES. I love comedy and writing/producing those silly little sketches. Making that show for Youtube make me happy and are a guilty pleasure for me.

What would you like your fans to know about you?

I’d like the fans to know how much I listen to them and how important their feedback and encouragement is to me. As a writer, I’m often locked in a room by myself all day trying to create something sweet, romantic and wonderful. A lot of times, I just stare at the screen waiting for inspiration. When an email from my website shows up or a facebook post appears from a fan that tells me how much my stories mean to them or they comment on youtube how a steam room stories episode made their day, I get inspired. Those little messages and words of encouragement mean a lot to me and they really motivate me to keep writing and making more movies.

T2B- what a very interesting man JC is! We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. But, until then, we have some fun to share with you.

Here’s the link to see

Three Little Words – THE 10 YEAR PLAN – music video

Here are a couple of pictures of the men who play Brody and Myles in the movie

10YP_Jack_Turner_1 10YP_Jack_Turner_2 10YP_MichaelAdamHamilton

If you’d like to win a copy of the book, the DVD, and the soundtrack, please leave a comment below with your email address. We have two winners to go!  ( Contest ends November 30th, 2015 at midnight)


Roxy Reviews: The 10 Year Plan + a note from Michele about a contest!


Book Title: The Ten Year Plan

Author: JC Calciano

Publisher: NYLA

Kisses: 4





Best friends Myles and Brody are total opposites: Myles believes in true love and happily ever after; Brody believes in hot guys and lots of happy endings. But after Myles has a particularly bad date, they make a plan that, if they haven’t found true love in 10 years they’ll become a couple.

10 years later…
Nothing has changed. Myles is still a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right and Brody is still on the hunt for Mr. Right Now – both still alone. When they realize it’s almost time to make good on the promise they made to each other a decade earlier, both friends scramble to do whatever it takes to avoid their fate: to be a couple!

The search for each others perfect partner is on! But maybe the man of their dreams is too close to see…

This book also contains special extra content, including:
* Myles’ Favorite Recipes
* Images From the Movie The 10 Year Plan

T2B’s Take:

  • This story is a very easy to follow love story between two best friends who were made for each other, but too stubborn to really see just how much they mean to one another.
  • The main characters Myles and Brody aren’t complicated men, they’re easy to like, and if they were indeed real people, I do believe I’d love to meet them. What’s not to love about a sexy Lawyer who has a thing for neatness and a hot as hell cop who has no issues putting his best friend first in his life? They’re like the odd couple to be honest. While Myles is damn near OCD, Brody is T-total opposite. Why waste what bit of life we have on earth fussing over cleaning when there are video games waiting to be played on days off? He does have a great point IMO.
  • So, what’s the title of this story about? Well, Myles is the one who wants to be married more than anything else in the world. He wants to take care of his husband, cook for him, clean up after him, he wants to do it all. He’s hot as hell and all of that too? What a catch…
  • Then Brody, he’s the playboy here. He doesn’t believe in “love” and prefers one night stands. Neither can understand the others want in life but they are the best of friends and tell one another everything. So, this is how the title came to be…Another disaster date for Myles, Brody rushes to his side as usual, and thus, an agreement was born.
  • The story is cute, fast paced, and a light read. Don’t need to worry about a heavy plot or violence, as there isn’t anything to worry with. Even the sex is well done, as in not overdone. The author did a great job and actually I want to say he wrote the classy way. So, looking for a fast romp in the hay with naughty words to please your inner-self? Yeah, not going to get that with this title. You’ll get a cute story about two best friends who end up seeing what’s been right in front of their noses since day one.
  • The awesome part about this story? Well, the author also produced the movie! So, not only do we get to read the book FIRST, we then get to watch the movie!
  • So, how would you like to OWN this book, the movie AND the soundtrack? FREE and clear? Sounds great right? I mean free is amazing. The author has GIVEN us three copies of each to give away to our readers. We are happy to say that one commenter already won one set….YAY! to Trix! (Your package will be on its way once the contest is over.)
  • To win all you need to do is leave a comment here, OR on the author interview page. Your choice. Two lucky people will win what you see in the picture below.



Reviewed by Roxy




Win Win Win “The 10 Year Plan”- a new movie by author and director JC Calciano- read for details


Top 2 Bottom Reviews plans an early Christmas this year. Keep your eyes on alert and ears tuned for more information on how you can be one of three winners. Win what? OH, I forgot that part….The very talented JC Calciano who is a producer and an author will be stopping by Top 2 Bottom to give us an interview so we can get to know him a little better. He’s also bringing three bundles of amazing gifts to three lucky fans.

All you need to do is leave a comment to JC Calciano on one or both days that we’ll be showcasing him in an author interview, his movie,  and his book.

Three lucky people will win:

Winners will receive a copy of the DVD “The Ten Year Plan,” the soundtrack and (drum roll) a paperback copy of his book, “The Ten Year Plan.”

Check this out:

Day One: November 15th 2015

Day Two: November 16th 2015

Contest begins NOW and ends on November 17th 2015 at midnight.

For this post, please leave a comment to us and let us know why you’d like to win one of the three bundles. Have you seen JC’s movies before? Do you know what he’d directed before? Follow the link above to see some yummy eye candy…You will NOT be disappointed.

Don’t forget to leave your comment on this post, and any others with JC Calciano in the subject line.

Here’s a sneak peek of the lovelies:








(SQUEEE!) Rick R. Reed’s unique blend of horror and m/m romance, A Demon Inside, is out today, August 25.


What a fantastic cover! It’s enough to make me want to buy the paperback so I can hold it and read it. How about you? Better yet…How would you like to WIN a SIGNED copy of “A Demon Inside.”  It’s possible. It’s easy to enter. It’s so worth it! (If you can’t wait to have this baby in your hands, or on your E-Reader you can head over to Dreamspinner and purchase the paperback and you’ll get the Ebook for FREE! Just remember to take it with you to the next convention and find Rick. I’m sure he’ll sign it with a big ole’ smile for ya!


What’s A Demon Inside about?

Hunter Beaumont doesn’t understand his grandmother’s deathbed wish: “Destroy Beaumont House.” He’s never even heard of the place. But after his grandmother passes and his first love betrays him, the family house in the Wisconsin woods looks like a tempting refuge. Going against his grandmother’s wishes, Hunter flees to Beaumont House.

 But will the house be the sanctuary he had hoped for? Soon after moving in, Hunter realizes he may not be alone. And with whom—or what—he shares the house may plunge him into a nightmare from which he may never escape. Sparks fly when he meets his handsome neighbor, Michael Burt, a caretaker for the estate next door. The man might be his salvation… or he could be the source of Hunter’s terror.


***********Leave a comment on his blog at (with contact info should you win) and Rick will drop your name in the giveaway box to win a FREE, SIGNED copy! Please note, contest is open only to US residents (international winners will get a free ebook copy).*********


How do I get a copy?

Order the ebook from DSP Publications

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Cover art by Aaron Anderson. First edition published by MLR Press. This new version has been completely re-edited and redesigned and is worthy of the branding, “new and improved!”


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