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Check it out!! Get Tara Lain’s book Golden Dancer at a discounted price!

In celebration of Pride Publishing’s bestselling gay romance author Tara Lain, they are discounting the first in the Dangerous Dancers series, Golden Dancer!

This title will be discounted to 99c/p from the 16th March for a limited time on Pride Publishing, Amazon, Kobo and other eBook retailers.

Here is the Blurb for Golden Dancer:

A reporter and the thief he’s investigating both fall for a golden dancer, forging a ménage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue.

Mac Macallister is obsessed—the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing the Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art, from Horst Von Berg. The story promises the recognition Mac craves. But then Mac meets a real golden dancer, ballet star Trelain Medveyev, and his attraction to the man rocks his formerly straight world.

When the mysterious Terrebone ‘collects’ this beautiful dancer, too, Mac rushes to the rescue like a knight in shining cargo pants and plunges into a three-way passion that tears him between love and guilt. Can Mac keep investigating when his story could send one man to prison and another to the morgue? Will this reporter get his story or get his men?

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Lydia Reviews: The Secrets in My Scowl by AE Via

Title: The Secrets in My Scowl
Publisher: Via StarsWings
Author: A.E. Via
Pages: 332
Kisses: 5


“Look smart ass. This is the last time I’m going to remind you about breaking sections of the lease. If there’s a next time, I won’t stop until you and your frilly, white wedding shit is thrown out of here. Do you got it?!”

Wylde looked in Jacob’s pained eyes and answered in his deep voice. “Yeah, counselor. I got it.”

From high school, up until he became a successful attorney Jacob Snowden was convinced that love had it out for him. “Everyone left,” were the words he lived by. His mother, his high school sweetheart, his father, and his fiancé, all left Jacob just when he felt it was safe to let down his guard. Not any longer. Jacob was a determined man, set at keeping people at a distance. If his six foot one, military-made body didn’t scare people off, his permanent scowl surely did. At almost forty, Jacob’s social life was non-existent, but he told himself his work fulfilled him. He helped people get out of their loveless marriages. Jacob Snowden was one of the best divorce lawyers on the east coast and was damn proud of it. So, imagine his disdain when a wedding planner moves into the suite directly adjacent to his… an insanely masculine, male wedding planner.

Wylde Sterling had made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, working for a wedding planner that catered to the elite. He was known for his charm and impeccable taste. Yep, he was incredible at giving couples the wedding of their dreams. But he wanted nothing more than to plan his own. After striking out in love more times than he cared to admit, Wylde decided to start his own business in a new city, hoping Richmond would give him a fresh start. Things started out wonderfully – until he started to piss off the angry divorce attorney next door.

Wylde could see past Jacob’s mean scowl, knowing there was a reason for it. It was the man’s defense mechanism, his means of keeping people away. Everything in Wylde told him to stay away, but he believed Jacob just needed to meet a man who had been hurt as badly as he had.


I’m slightly biased when it comes to Ms. Via’s books. Since the first time i picked up Nothing Special I have been hooked. This author easily grabs the readers attention from the very beginning of each book and holds it till the very end. I have yet to find one of her books that i did not like.

This new book, The Secrets in My Scowl, is a little different from what we normally see. While the main characters are still strong alpha personalities, it is their occupations and the world they live in that makes this a change from previous stories.

Wylde is a wedding planner. He’s been working for someone else but has finally decided to branch out on his own. He has found the perfect town, the perfect location, and the perfect employees. What he does not plan for is the rough divorce attorney across the hall from him.

Jacob is an ass. Yes, he works in a field that can leave a negative effect in a persons life, but it’s more than that. At first i could not believe that the author put someone like him in the role of main character. Not so much because he is a little rough around the edges, but because of the way he treats others. But as you read, and learn more about him, Jacob’s actions become understandable. It wasn’t too long before i started to feel for Jacob, but still worried that he was too broken to be what Wylde needed.

The chemistry between these two is intense and it is not to long before Jacob and Wylde become couple. It is at this time that Jacob begins to change, becoming the man that both he and Wylde can be proud of. I loved that even though Wylde knew the pitfalls that lay ahead of him, the love he has for Jacob was strong enough to see things through. I especially loved that as soon as Wylde realizes that something is wrong, he drops everything to head to Jacob.

Readers will love the way the author wraps up this story. It is a wonderful start for anyone who wants to give this author a try. The Secrets in My Scowl may not be as action packed as the author’s other books, but it is just as good. By the time the book ended, I wanted to see more of these two. I will definitely be reading this book again, as the book will join Ms. Via’s other stories on my keeper shelve.


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Check out the HUGE savings on the first two Cattle Valley Books by Carol Lynne!!

Hello Friends!

Pride Publishing has put the first two Cattle Valley books by Carol Lynne on sale at Amazon. Get the first volume at the super low price of .99! Hurry fast because time is very limited!!

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All Play and No Work Blurb

When a three man partnership becomes too much for their small Texas town, Ryan Blackfeather knows it’s time to head for greener pastures. With a new job awaiting him in Cattle Valley, Wyoming, he convinces his men, Nate and Rio to make the move.

A community built on tolerance, Cattle Valley’s one of the few places in the country where the residents won’t bat an eyelash at the threesomes relationship. Nate, Rio and Ryan fit right in. However, with Ryan busy in his new job as town Sheriff, Rio and Nate are left to wonder how they’re supposed to make a living. What use are a highly trained mercenary and a private detective in a peaceful community the size of Cattle Valley?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

Mistletoe Blurb

The Reverend Casey Sharp loves his church, his congregation and his community. He just wishes they loved him in return. Paying for the sins of his predecessor has left him feeling like an outcast.

Contractor Halden Kuckleman, loves his quiet life. After a childhood trauma, Hal gave up on love and God. When hired by the church to finish work on a new meeting room, he tells himself it’s just a job like any other. He’s fine working on the addition as long as Reverend Sharp doesn’t try to save him.

With a tight deadline for getting the room finished, Hal begins to wonder how he’s going to get the work done before the annual Christmas Eve party. When Casey offers to lend a hand however, he begins to wonder if the willowy minister will help or lead him straight into temptation.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series