LeeAnn Reviews: Pyro’s Accidental Shooting by Toni Griffin

Title: Hounds of the Hunt, Book 2: Pyro’s Accidental Shooting

Author: Toni Griffin

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books

Word Count: 90,000

Characters: Pyro, Callum

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre:  Paranormal, Series

Kisses: 5+


Winter in Melbourne makes the hunt for supernatural beings gone bad harder than usual during the cold foggy nights. A chill has settled deep in Pyro’s bones. One he can’t shake loose. More than anything, Pyro wishes for a heart mate of his own to come home to after the long nights of a hunt, one who understands him and his desires, who can hold him together when he needs to let go.

Life has always been planned out for Callum. His family of cops expected him to be a cop, so that’s what he became. But Callum isn’t so sure about being a detective for the Melbourne police. Not many people understand the demands of being a cop, and it’s been the downfall of more than one of his relationships. Why should his chance of loving someone get sidelined for a job he isn’t even sure he wants?

One fateful encounter on a fog-shrouded night changes both their worlds forever. Now Pyro just has to convince his heart mate they belong together while Callum tries to come to terms with a world he never knew existed and does his best to make up for accidentally shooting the unusual and intriguing hellhound.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story from word one. Who doesn’t like a hot, sexy Hellhound ? Pyro is all that and more. He , like his fellow Hellhounds ,spend their lives trying to rid  of evil that has escaped to terrorize the world.

Pyro may be  big and tough  but he longs for his mate. A mate that will have no problem dominating him in the bedroom. Callum is a sexy, hot cop. Smaller in stature than Pyro but a man who knows what he wants in a man and how to control him in the bedroom.

To say Pyro was surprised to find out that not only was Callum his mate but a dominating one..well that just made it so much better. These two characters are so enjoyable to read about. The things they see, feel and encounter in this book make for a great read. Problems arise as they do in a great story but the author did an amazing job laying it all out so I, the reader, was able to see it all as it happened. The intimate scenes are amazing with a little kink on Pyro’s side spicing things up. I will give no more away as I don’t want to take away from the  readers experience.

I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed By: LeeAnn

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Dealing with the Past by Toni Griffin

Title: Dealing with the Past
Author: Toni Griffin
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 152
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Romance
Kisses: 4


Aiden Montgomery’s lover died unexpectedly at work. His boss, Noah, suggests he go to the Thompson Agency to help him say goodbye. What Aiden didn’t expect was to run into someone from his past. Someone he never wanted to set eyes on again.
Jackson Thompson has worked hard to change his ways and attitude towards others. When his most recent client refuses to work with him he’s baffled as to why. Finding out Aiden is his mate throws Jackson for a loop, realizing he’s the same person Jackson bullied in high school could mean the end to his mating before it even began.
But someone doesn’t want Aiden’s ex raised from the dead.


Second book to the Thompson Agency Series, Dealing with the Past was absolutely great. It was hilarious, agitating (in a good way), and quite surprising. The story itself was awesome, summoning a soul from the grave in order for people to talk to them, although for a limited amount of time, entranced me to keep reading the story. The way the author wrote the book was excellent; the use of words, which made me picture what was happening and also the scenery. I would highly recommend this book to people who love paranormal and romance.

Reviewed By: Jen