Berry Blue: Lessons Learned by TC Blue

Title: Berry Blue: Lessons Learned
Author: TC Blue
Publisher: Torquere Books
Pages: 283
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: May/December Romance
Kissses: 4.5


Peter Jamison has spent half his life believing he betrayed his first love, so when Dex is suddenly back in his life, he’s thrilled. Sure, they have their problems. They’re not the same young men they were before. They’ve grown and changed, been molded by their lives and circumstances into completely different people, but there’s still the echo of their previous relationship. It might not be enough for some people to build a relationship on, but they’re happy.
Leonard Dumfries is a lot of things. School teacher. Martial arts student. Father. He’s also thirty-nine and still single. When he finds out that the super-hot hunk he met at his own birthday party is not only involved with someone but is also his friend Riley’s uncle, Leonard is disappointed but still willing to be just friends with the man.
Life is pretty good for everyone, right up until it’s not. When Peter’s world starts to crumble around his ears, it’s up to Leonard — with a little help from friends and family — to step in with a more-than-friendly shoulder and maybe, possibly, find his own happiness while trying to ensure Peter’s, too.


I enjoyed Berry Blue: Lessons Learned from the first page. The characters are entertaining, and I loved that the author brought Riley and Kelly back as secondary characters. It was easy to like both Leonard and Peter and I wondered how the author was going to handle the situation with Dex. I am sure that like me other readers will want to smack Dex when they learn more about the man and will be glad to see the last of him. I found the fact that the author had Leonard’s and Peter’s relationship start out as friends, even though Leonard was feeling something more, lent a realistic air to the story. It also made the transition from friends to lovers more believable as their relationship already had such a strong chemistry.

The men have a few speed bumps they have to overcome but the author made sure to throw a lot of hot times in there as well. The multitude of secondary characters, many the readers have met before, keep the story moving along nicely. Like many of TC Blue’s stories, Berry Blue: Lessons Learned has found its place on my keeper shelve.

Reviewed By: Lydia


Someone Special by TC Blue

Title: Someone Special
Author: TC Blue
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 209
Characters: Gracen Michaels and Jesse Munro
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Kisses: 5


Gracen loves Christmas. It’s his favorite time of the year. So much so that he works as a mall photographer for the season, taking pictures of children with Santa. There’s something about seeing all those happy families that he finds satisfying, which may be slightly odd since he’s so very alone, himself.

Working three jobs is never fun, but when Jesse takes a part time position as a greeter elf at Santa’s Workshop in the mall, he meets Gracen and realizes that maybe job number three isn’t that bad, after all. The handsome photographer appeals to him, even with all Jesse’s family issues.

Two lonely men, one Santa’s Workshop, elf costumes, curl-toed shoes and a camera. They aren’t exactly a recipe for finding that someone special… except maybe they are.


Someone Special by TC Blue is a wonderful holiday story. The main characters, Jesse and Gracen, are so engaging that they will have pulled you into their story before you know it. When the two meet as Santa’s elves at the local mall, the attraction between them is instantaneous. Even as both men worry about long term relationships the lust they feel for each other begins to become something more. While the reason for Gracen’s uncertainty is easy to understand, the author keeps Jesse’s reasons a secret for sometime. Once the reader learns why Jesse fears anything long term, his feelings become very understandable. I loved that Gracen, although a little leery after learning about Jesse’s past, has no problems stepping up to the plate.

The secondary characters are just as well written as the primary ones and more than once Jazz or Alonso will have you laughing out loud. When the characters start searching into Jesse’s and Jazz’s past expect some surprising twists. Someone Special is one story that I will be reading again, and would strongly recommend to anyone who has not yet tried one of this author’s books.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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