Anne Reviews: The Sinner and the Saint by RJ Scott

TITLE: Ellery Mountain, Book 8: The Sinner and The Saint

Author: RJ Scott

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages: 131

Characters:  Nick/Ben

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Series

Kisses: 5


Army medic Ben Rockwell is in Ellery to work with the Veterans Center creating a new specialist unit for post trauma care. Desperate to make amends for battlefield decisions he regrets, he is focused on the unit and nothing else. Until some stranger moves in next door and throws him a curveball. He’s no hero, even though everyone says he is, and the lies burn inside him.

Leaving drama and chaos in his wake, Nicholas Merrick fled London and is hiding out in his friend Jason’s house, until everything back home dies a death. The choices he made in his life were to keep his best friend safe, but as a result everyone sees him as the bad guy.

When these two meet, the attraction is instant. Can they ever be their true selves, and find love as a result?


This is the first RJ Scott story I’ve read, and I really enjoyed it. Ellery Mountain is a series where each book centers on a different couple, yet those from previous books turn up in later books too.  I love this kind of series as it brings with it a mix of meeting new people, yet still checking in on previous characters.  As seems to be a trend with me of late, I’m starting with the latest book in the series so need to play catch up.  Needless to say, jumping into the series at this point wasn’t detrimental to my enjoyment, apart from leaving me with a feeling of ‘oooh cool, more books to read.’

Nick and Ben are both interesting characters dealing with the consequences of their pasts.  When I started reading the book I thought The Saint referred to Ben as he is nicknamed that by the community, but as I kept reading I changed my mind.  I think he is The Sinner, at least in his own mind, and Nick—because of his actions in regard to his best friend—is the Saint.

Ben was a harder character to warm up to, but that makes sense as he is struggling to come to terms with his past, and the PTSD that still affects him.  There were times when his attitude to Nick and bluntly asking for sex seemed a little out there, but I thought it worked because of his background.  His coldness, bluntness, and not wanting to make an emotional connection make sense, and I thought the author did a great job in writing his mindset, and slow thawing as he realizes he wants more than just a physical relationship with Nick.

I liked Nick immediately, and his stay in Ellery doesn’t get off on the greatest start.  His inner monologue was amusing and I’m always a sucker for a British character.  I liked the way he and Ben warm up to each other as friends, and that it does take a while.  I loved the way Ben acted protectively toward Nick, even before he admitted how he felt. Actions say more than words and all that.

The supporting cast was great, and I loved the characters who populate the town, apart from one woman to whom Ben gives a piece of his mind. The town felt very real, I could imagine it easily, and I hope there are more books to come in this series, especially as I suspect someone new to this book needs his own happy ending.

I’d recommend The Sinner & The Saint to readers who enjoy light, sweet, contemporary romances with interesting characters, and a great supporting cast.

Reviewed By: Anne

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Splintered Lies by RJ Scott and Diane Adams

Title: In the Shadow of the Wolf Book 3: Splintered Lies
Authors: Diane Adams & RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 169
Characters: Joe, Nick
POV: 3rd
Sub genre: Paranormal Romance, Series
Kisses: 4


Joe Christie is consumed with grief, and when new information about his wife and baby comes to light, his first instinct is to kill.

Nick Alexander is first and foremost Joe’s best friend. When Joe met Mara, Nick stood to one side and respected Joe’s decision to settle down, despite being in love with the man who was his lover. Now, in the middle of a case that is murder and betrayal, he has to fight his love for Joe and the people who are trying to kill them both.


Joe Christie is a wolf shifter who is mourning the death of his wife and unborn son after they were killed in an accident. Nick Alexander is his best friend and his lover before he married his wife Mara. Nick has been in love with Joe for years but stepped aside when Joe and Mara got together. Joe has been fighting his feelings for Nick because he believes that if he gives into them that it will dishonor the memory of his dead wife.

Six months later Mara and her unborn son are exhumed after new information comes to light that she was murdered to cover up the fact that she had been given an an inhibitor to prevent her unborn child from being able to shift into a wolf when he started puberty. Apparently there is a conspiracy to find a way to keep shifters from being able to transform into their wolf as a way to control them and prevent their numbers from increasing.

Nick and Joe launch an investigation into the facts behind the information and they find out that a big pharmaceuticals company, connected to a very powerful senator, has been spreading the inhibitor in prenatal vitamins and other drugs through clinics set up to deal with the health and welfare of shifters.

As Nick and Joe track down who is behind the conspiracy, they discover that young shifter females have been disappearing after getting pregnant. They track these young women to a home for unwed mothers that is run by the same company that has been spreading the inhibitor to the shifter population. When they get to the place, there is only one woman there with her newborn daughter and find out that all the other women are dead and that none of their babies had survived birth.

While they are there, the senator and his gang of thugs shows up and Nick is severely wounded in the firefight. As Nick is fighting for his life in the hospital, Joe realizes that he does love him and that his feelings for Nick won’t diminish the memory of his wife and that she would want him to be happy.

This book by Diane Adams and RJ Scott is a hauntingly beautiful tale that combines murder, heartbreak, angst, conspiracy and redemption into a very compelling and enthralling story that I really loved. If you are looking for a gripping book to spend an afternoon with, this is the one for you!

Reviewed by Pat


Love is in the Title by RJ Scott

Title: Love Is In the Title
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Pages: 24
Characters: Luke and Cameron
POV: Third Person
Sub-Genre: YA m/m romance
Kisses: 4.5

Luke requests songs for the late show with Roscoe. Songs that mean something to him and the people around him. Lately he has been requesting songs for the boy he watches from afar. The gorgeous dark haired blue eyed captain of the football team, Cameron.

One night, and the last request, and all of Luke’s secrets spill. It seems though, that he isn’t the only one with secrets.

This really short teen story was very sweet. It was about a boy named Luke who was kind of a geek, and for the longest time he’d been crushing on the captain of the football team, Cameron. He didn’t have the courage to approach Cameron so he called in dedication requests for love songs to the local radio station. He’d make the dedications anonymously. Luke worked at a little diner, and Cameron would sometimes come in with his teammates. One night Cameron stayed over to chat with Luke, and he confessed to Luke that he was gay.

This story is definitely not plot-driven. It’s so short that it doesn’t have much plot. It’s 100% about the feelings and interactions of the characters. Luke is absolutely adorable and I can pretty much guarantee you that in 24 short pages you’re likely to find yourself in love with Cameron too. They’re a great couple, and I hope we see more of them in this series.

Reviewed By: Jeff


Texas Winter by RJ Scott

Title: Texas Winter (Texas #2)
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 213
Characters: Riley Campbell-Hayes, Jack Campbell, Hayes
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance/Drama
Kisses: 4


Riley’s past comes back to haunt him both professionally and personally.

His dead brother left more than just bitter memories for Riley to deal with. The FBI get involved and suddenly it is more than his good name that is on the line. Jack is always there for him but how much more can Riley’s husband reasonably be able to understand?

Especially when Riley finds out on his delayed honeymoon that he has an eight year old daughter he never knew existed…


RJ Scott has a knack for blending just the right amount of sweet with just the right amount of conflict in her books, and she does it again with Texas Winter, the continuing saga of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes.

On their delayed honeymoon, Riley gets a phone call that will forever alter the course of the Campbell-Hayes household, as a past that included a lot of mostly forgettable women imposes itself upon Riley in the very tangible form of a little lady who needs him now more than ever.

Finding out you’re a father eight years after the fact is a lot to digest, especially when the reason you’re finding out you have a child is because that child’s mother has recently died and left specific instructions that her little girl be placed with her unsuspecting father. Jack and Riley suddenly become parents and must work through the logistics of that, all while Riley also deals with the ramifications of his dead brother’s misdeeds that have come back to complicate his life even further, as well as an attempt at extortion from his daughter’s uncle.

Drama, humor, and a precocious child make for a heartwarming story of what it means to be a family, to trust and to protect those you love, even when you might not go about it in just the right way. Sometimes even the best of intentions can lead to mistakes, which Riley isn’t immune to, but it’s never in question that his family, his husband and daughter, are his number one priority.

For fans of The Heart of Texas, Texas Winter won’t disappoint.

Reviewed By: Lisa


All the King’s Men by RJ Scott

Title: All the King’s Men
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 169
Characters: Nathan Richardson, Ryan Ortiz
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Los Angeles
Sub-Genre: Suspense/Drama
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4.5


Ryan Ortiz and Nathan Richardson are estranged lovers who shouldn’t be apart. When Ryan decides to go direct to LA to fight for a second chance he is caught up in the biggest earthquake to hit the city since records began.

LA is destroyed, burning, people homeless, and fires are ignited high in the LA hills above Nathan’s apartment. Nathan is trapped and Ryan is his only hope.

It is a race against time and the powerful all consuming destruction of nature for Ryan to find Nathan, trapped in the ruins of his home in the hills, and to get both of them to help before the fire reaches them.


Fans of disaster films, especially, will find a lot to love about RJ Scott’s All the King’s Men, a taut, terrifying action thriller, chronicling the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that rocks contemporary Los Angeles and sends it crashing and burning into a post-apocalyptic dystopia the likes of which I hope to never witness.

The fear and horror are palpable as Nathan Richardson lays trapped beneath the rubble that was once his home, death a very real prospect as the city and the surrounding hillsides succumb to the flames that consume the landscape.

Ryan Ortiz, Nathan’s ex-lover, hopeful for reconciliation with the man he hurt but still loves, comes to Nathan’s rescue, risking his life and everything he is to ensure they will both live long enough to discover whether they have a future together.

Disaster and tragedy make heroes of ordinary men and women, taking both an emotional and physical toll on the heroic. The strength and will to succeed and survive can sometimes be found in the smallest of miracles, proving life will somehow find a way, even against the most impossible of odds.

All the King’s Men is a perilous journey that’ll take your breath away as you turn the pages. Often poignant, endlessly entertaining, it will leave you with the faith that hope, perseverance, and the promise of love will always work its magic.

Reviewed By: Lisa


The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott

Title: The Soldier’s Tale (Fitzwarren Inheritance #2)
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 132
Characters: Daniel Francis, Sean Lester
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Steeple Westford, England
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4.5


Corporal Daniel Francis has returned to his childhood home in England to heal; the only one of his unit that survived a roadside bomb. His reasons for skipping medication are based on a stubborn refusal to become an addict, and he is overwhelmed with survivor’s guilt.

Doctor Sean Lester has joined his father’s surgery and when he is held at knife point by a patient high on drugs it is Daniel that leaps to his rescue-much to his horror.

When Sean nearly runs Daniel down in the dark he finds a man who needs help, and resolves to be the person to show Daniel that it is possible to live through guilt and find happiness.

Set against the backdrop of the Fitzwarren family curse, The Soldiers Tale is a story of one man’s fight to find his place in a new world outside of the Army.

Will Daniel and Sean fill the second of three cryptic conditions that can lift the curse?


Late in the year 1644, Jonathan Curtess, a man set to burn at the stake—an act of jealousy and revenge—speaks a curse that will follow the descendents of his persecutor, Belvedere Fitzwarren, through the generations. For centuries, the Fitzwarren clan will suffer hardship, grief, and misfortune until the curse can be broken. The three steps to breaking the curse can be found in the Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy a series of books that began with Chris Quinton’s The Psychic’s Tale and will end next month with The Lord’s Tale by Sue Brown.

In this installment, The Soldier’s Tale, RJ Scott delivers the second piece to the puzzle that will bring those involved closer to releasing themselves from the bonds of the spell that haunts them.

A premature baby clinging to life by a thread is the latest tragedy to befall the Fitzwarren clan, a child who might escape the curse if ”the warrior and the healer stand to swear a sacred bond.”

Daniel Francis, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, has been invalided out of the Army. His team decimated in a roadside explosion, Daniel is one of only two soldiers to have escaped with his life. Scarred, both physically and emotionally, the stress and trauma to his body and his mind begin to take their toll on the embattled man. His pain and guilt threaten to debilitate him, turning him into a reclusive and tormented soul—tormented by the losses he’s suffered, as well as by the dreams that haunt him, showing him scenes he can neither comprehend nor forget. Daniel is nearly crippled by the pain he suffers, yet refuses to depend on the medications that would numb him to his injuries and his life. His decision to soldier through his affliction is one that brings him face-to-face with his future: Dr. Sean Lester.

Sean has followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a physician serving in the small village of Steeple Westford where the elder Dr. Lester has served for years. Dr. Lester Sr. is Daniel’s attending physician—whether that’s to Daniel’s benefit, however, is questionable—especially when he and Sean meet under the worst of circumstances, and the young doctor must weigh his more modern professional course of treatment against that of his father’s.

Daniel and Sean form an uneasy bond in the beginning. Sean’s kindness and compassion are tested by Daniel’s remorse and anguish, something Sean is determined to work against to help heal Daniel’s wounded psyche and to show the man that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Their bond sets another piece of the puzzle in place, putting the Fitzwarren clan that much closer to deliverance from the curse.

RJ Scott has delivered not only a compelling addition to the saga but has also written a story with so much heart and emotion, filled with adversity and angst and ultimately, love and healing—which truly is her trademark and her talent. I’ve come to depend on it with every one of the books she writes.

Mark and Jack from The Psychic’s Tale weave perfectly into this book, seamlessly bringing the circle one step closer to completion. The sacred bond between the one who reads the earth and the one who sees beyond, between the warrior and the healer are complete.

Now it’s time to see what Sue Brown has in store as a close to this terrific series.

Reviewed By: Lisa


Deefur Dog by RJ Scott

Title: Deefur Dog
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 109
Characters: Cameron Jackson, Jason Everson
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Tacoma, Washington
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 5


For over a year, widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter…all while living with Deefur, a Great Dane who believes he rules the house.

Nannies last a day; some don’t even make it through the front door if the self-proclaimed ruler doesn’t approve. Something has to give. Enter Jason Everson, nanny, teacher in training, apparent dog whisperer, and the only man who seems to make it past the initial scrutiny of the king. Can Jason help Cam put his house in order and help to heal his heart?


It’s been a horrifying eighteen months for Cameron Jackson, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy while managing his grief, a growing construction business, his two year old daughter, and a one-hundred forty pound pony of a pup, whose obedience training was lost somewhere in translation and the transition of Cam becoming a single parent.

Becoming a widowed father was not on the list of plans Cam and his husband Mark had made when they began to build their family, but fate, chance, misfortune; whatever name you give it, it derailed the future for the family and left Cameron attempting to cope on his own, while managing to make way through every nanny the agency has to offer.

At the end of his tether and out of options, Cam is forced to face the reality that something in his life must give in order for him to succeed and move forward. As much as change is one of life’s absolutes, second chances can sometimes be found too, and often in the most unexpected of places. Hope can be found, not in something but in someone. Jason Everson becomes that second chance: for Cam, for Emma, and especially for Deefur.

Deefur Dog is a touching and heartwarming family story filled with warmth, humor, and the belief in the power of love. Finding one soul mate in a lifetime is a gift; finding two is a miracle, and that wonder is wrapped up in a story revolving around truly wonderful characters.

If you’re a fan of the sweet and sentimental, with a healthy dose of romance and authentic emotion to top it all off, you’ll love Deefur Dog.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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RJ Scott – Breaking Barriers In The Name Of Romance

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be with us today, RJ.

Hi guys, thank you for having me here! Just a big thank you for all your support ever since you reviewed Oracle way back!!

Do you write full time? If not, how many hours per day do you attempt to dedicate to your writing?

I am lucky enough to say that I am now a full time author, but my web design business is still there ticking over, I just don’t have to take on any new project work which is kind of cool!

To date, how many books have you written?

Deefur Dog (18 June) and One Night (9 July) are my tenth and eleventh books respectively with Silver Publishing. Silver took my first book, Oracle, in June 2010 and I haven’t looked back since.

How long does it generally take for you to finish a manuscript?

I write about 3,000 words a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I allow a month to write a manuscript, it is the only way that I can make sure I stay on target!

How much creative input do you have in the cover design for your books?

Jeez… I am the luckiest author ever! I remember emailing a certain Reese Dante when Silver took Oracle. I said I had looked at her art and I was so hoping she was going to be doing my cover for Oracle. Well, the cover for Oracle has gone on to win awards, and we haven’t looked back. She wont take the praise but at Silver we are very lucky. Creating the best cover for the author is her passion, and she listens to what we want, consults us on models to use etc. Want to know something though, when I fill in the cover request sheets now, where there is the section that says *do you have an idea of what cover you would like* I just write anything by Reese Dante! She knows me so well now!

Do you typically outline your plots before you begin the writing process, or do you write in a more freestyle fashion?

I would love to say that A happens, followed by B, which resolves in C, but it doesn’t happen that way. For example, The Christmas Throwaway was simply an image I had in my head of a young guy on a bench in the snow, with no home. The rest of the story just unfolded as I wrote it. This is going to sound so *authory* but it’s true when I say my characters evolve by telling me what they would do… (palm meet face!)

Of all the characters you’ve created, do you have one in particular who stands out among the others as a favorite? If so, who and why?

It has to be Alex from Oracle, my tattooed man with the mysterious history, and the sacrifices he makes. Can I choose a second one? If I can then it HAS to be Luke, also from Oracle. Strong brave studious professor Luke… love them both!

When someone reads one of your books for the first time, what do you hope they take away from it?

The happy ever after and the promise that barriers have been overcome. I would love for my characters to speak to the reader as much as they speak to me.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received with respect to the art of writing? How did it change the way you approach your craft?

From my good friend and fellow author Lori Toland, keep writing… ROFL… way back when I was angsting ™ over Oracle and writing Moments at the same time I would despair of how long it took to get Oracle to the stage for submission. I would keep saying to her – I can’t concentrate – her answer was to just keep writing. I did. It worked! You could be writing absolute crap but at least you are getting words out of your head and on the page – you can delete or rewrite, either way the streams of conscious thought that you have can be the basis of something else.

Will you share three things you’ve learned about the business of writing since your first publication?

Be friendly and approachable to all readers. I have so many new friends through my writing and I love interacting. They tell me where they wanted my characters to go, it’s very interesting!

Don’t respond to negative reviews (even if you get a DNF that comments about things that are *fixed* after they gave up reading!).

Editing is a good thing *gritted teeth*, thank god for Devyn at Silver!

Do you generally have the titles of you work planned before you begin writing, or does that occur later on in the writing process?

It occurs as I write. I used to have a title first, but now I realize the story tells me what the title should be.

For my upcoming book One Night, the title was originally *Seven Nights* BUT as I wrote I realized it was actually one night that was pivotal, hence the change in title.

Deefur Dog was a title first, just because I could not resist the name!

What is the question you’re most frequently asked by your fans?

When is *insert title here* coming out and the other one is *when are you writing a sequel to The Christmas Throwaway… ROFL…

Aside from writing, what else do you enjoy doing? Do you have any hobbies?

I love films. Going to the cinema is an awesome experience, apart from the cost of it all!!!

If we were to look around the desk where you sit to write, what would we find there?

ROFL… OK on my small desk I have at the moment:

• 1 pair of sunglasses that I use to hold my hair off my face!
• My daughters *Benefit* makeup (WHY!!!!!!!!!!)
• Four pens (cos 1 is never enough)
• A Tax form for self publishing with All Romance Ebooks
• Two cheques to pay in for my web business
• Three (YES THREE!) trip letters from my son’s school
• One mat for a mug of tea which I hope hubby will be bringing in soon
• A cuddly toy (No. Really! My cuddly Basil Brush, which is nearly as old as I am!) Don’t ask!

Do you have an all time favorite fictional character?

Easy – Heathcliff.

How would you describe your sense of humor? What makes you laugh?

OMG! My humor is a mix of dry british humor and with a huge level of sarcasm and self deprecation! ROFL… I am always laughing. It’s nice to be like that!

If you had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with one famous person, either past or present, who would you choose and why?

Richard III. Just to get his side of the Princes in the Tower story… and also to tell him that although History paints him as black and heartless I kind of think he is a handsome hero that was ruined by the victors writing history… (Don’t worry Chris Quinton – I would have invited you too so you could chat to him as well!)

Do you speak more than one language? If so, which one(s)?

Does the language of lurve count? ROFL…No, I am RUBBISH at languages…

Of all the modern conveniences, which one would you most likely say you couldn’t live without?

Just one? Can I have a blanket *technology* title! A computer I think… I am far too lazy to write things long hand!

If time travel were possible, what time period(s) would you most like to visit? Why?

Shakespeare’s time… simple… BUT… I wouldn’t want to *live* in that time… it smelt! ROFL… I would love to see if he did write the things that are ascribed to him!

AND… can I have two?

I would want to be in the control room for the ’69 moon flight.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?


When you have the chance to sit down and enjoy some quiet reading time, what sorts of books are you most likely to pick up? Who are your favorite authors?

This is a difficult one. I loved Nora Roberts, until I over read her… rofl… but I do thank her and Judith McNaught for feeding my love of romance and injecting their passion for the romantic into me…

I love Sharon Penman – she writes historical novels – something I would never do, because I would be crap at it!

In my genre… so many… you’d need to check my goodreads account for the types of things I read…

When it comes to promotion, what lengths have you gone to in order to increase awareness of your work?

I have a website that I update almost daily, with my own news and reviews and also interviews with other authors. I like to reply to every single email I receive from readers. I have also run quite a few competitions, recently with Chris at Stumblingoverchaos.

What is your most memorable fan experience?

The first time someone emailed me direct and told me they enjoyed reading my writing. It was for The Christmas Throwaway and arrived just before Christmas 2010. It was awesome and I couldn’t stop crying… *is muppet*

Do you have any new projects coming up that you’d care to share with us?

The big project I am working on is with the brilliant Diane Adams. We are writing a trilogy of books. The trilogy is called In the Shadow of the Wolf and looks at shape shifters in a very different way to what you may have read to date. Think racial issues, gender issues, then think werewolves as part of the norm in society. The first book deals with Nik and Jamie. Nik is a cop on the wolf/human liaison team, and Jamie is a wolf who puts himself in danger to save lives… Very exciting stuff!

I am also writing my Christmas story, and concentrating on Eoin, the final book in my Fire trilogy.

My bodyguard book is due out in the autumn, and I am also writing Young Adult fiction so there will be plenty of that in the pipeline too…

Yep, busy!

Was there a defining point in your life when you realized that you wanted to be an author? Did you choose the profession, or did the profession choose you?

I have ALWAYS been someone who writes (or doodles!). From fairy tales about princesses at the age of five to fan fiction for the original Battlestar Galactica (written in long hand!). I have always had stories in my head. ALL contained romance. It is my genre for sure.

I had to get a proper job though after school – that is what you do I guess. Ended up in Banking (yeah that worked… not), Assurance (me and paperwork = disaster), and Local Government (I have no words of the horror of gray). Finally self employed with web design and found on line fan fiction four years ago (Supernatural).

Finally I had a way of writing and having people actually READ what I wrote. WHAT A HIGH! And then…wow… I could make a little bit of extra money doing this writing if I was lucky enough that a few people liked my stuff. A year later I have stopped web designing.

My one wish for something I could have done different in my life…become a writer as soon as I left school. Although I guess I wouldn’t have found MM romance, and maybe my writing would never have worked!

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?