Eternal Investigations by Nancy M. Griffis

Title: Eternal Investigations
Author: Nancy M. Griffis
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 446
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 5


Helen has the ability to speak to spirits, and she heads to Atlanta on an emergency haunting job. Helen’s dead-ghost twin sister, Brenda, tags along.

When a small-time demon takes over Helen’s mind, Jacqueline gets a ghostly visit from Brenda asking for her help. Together they try to overcome the evil spirits and find themselves falling in love. When a new assignment sends them to Nevada, Helen and Jacqueline team up, in more ways than one.

They help investigate a haunted ranch in Wild Creek, Nevada, a town filled with mysterious happenings, including the infamous Ranch. The ranch is steeped in evil, the grounds for many, many gory deaths over the last hundred years. Helen and Jacqueline are caught in the house’s alternate reality, alone, frightened, and trying desperately to harness their powers against evil.


Let me just start off with WOW. Eternal Investigations is a hell of a long book but let me tell you, the more I read, the less I cared. Though this isn’t generally what Top2Bottom reviews, I am glad I was given the opportunity to review it. This is a story about a team of paranormal investigators who are funded by a person who is described as being like “Charlie,” from “Charlie’s Angels.” No one knows who the person is, the only way that person communicates to his/her employees are via Email. The team has everything they need to conduct whatever situation they come across and in this book they come across a lot.

The team consists of Rudy, the man who is a genius on all things computerized and electrical and his boss is Helen, who has the ability to communicate with the dead. They as a team work together to investigate hauntings and help the spirits move on. Many times those spirits are extremely mean and very harmful to the humans they are haunting and this leads us to their first case in the book. There are a total of four stories in this book and it could have easily been broken up to have a hell of a series but it was all put in one book, and it all added up to be an amazing story. It was one where I read the first story, put the book down, get some work done and then get back to it with the second story and so on and so forth. Now, I do have to say that I was a little hesitant when I started reading the story because first off it’s not an MM story by any sense of the word, so I wasn’t sure how our followers would take to it, and secondly I wasn’t sure what to expect on those pages as far as sex goes. Well, let me just clear this up for you. It’s an amazing story that is driven with a strong plot, very awesome and flawed loving characters with personalities that made me laugh and love them, and no sex at all whatsoever. So, since you know this, let me tell you a bit of what I read.

In the beginning, Rudy and Helen go off to the south in the summer time to investigate an attack on a young woman named Jacqueline. Now, this wonder awesome lady is an artist and recently she bought a home that would offer her the peace she needs to be able to create her art and her best friend is Ginny. One day Jacqueline was attacked by an unseen force and put into the hospital and Ginny contacted Helen and Rudy via their website. They rush to I believe to Atlanta and Jacqueline refuses to work with them; she doesn’t want to think a ghost tried to kill her and dismisses the team from her hospital room. Well Helen isn’t a push over, she’s stubborn, smart, brave, and very determined to solve this case. Did I mention that Helen has a twin sister, Brenda? No? Well she does, only Brenda is dead, she died at child birth but she’s every bit as real as you and I are. She’s right there with Brenda who can see and talk to her, and with Rudy who can’t. Brenda is Helen’s link to the other side, so to speak. Now, right from the start you can tell there is an attraction between the two women, but it’s just that, an attraction.

Jacqueline is a quirky fun and flawed character that I found I really liked. She’s all or nothing type of gal, and says what’s on her mind, most of the time, until it comes to Helen and her feelings for the other lady. Now Helen feels that same attraction but she’s very businesslike and won’t give into her feelings. She’s there for a job and she does what she does very well, along with Rudy and Helen’s help that is. Once they figure out who the poltergeist is and send it to wherever it belongs, Helen and Rudy go back to where they’re from and Jacqueline stays home to delve into her art. She has it and Ginny, and that’s all she needs, or so she thinks.

The second part of the story opens with Helen needing a brief get-a-way, so she takes off to spend a week with some friends at their beach house to get some much needed rest and time to think. And Jacqueline, who is also a gifted individual, in which she can hear people’s thoughts, feel their emotions and it’s something she’s not at all happy with. This is why she prefers her quiet out of the way home so she doesn’t have to deal with the stress. But then she receives a visit from Brenda and she’s told to go to Helen, ASAP as she’s in trouble. Jacqueline, who cares a lot for Helen asks no questions, she gets on the first flight out of her hometown airport and goes to where Helen and Rudy are at. Why? Because poor Helen hooked up with someone who isn’t exactly the right person for her. The other woman is a professional at what she does and she sure does a whammy on Helen and it’s going to take both Rudy and Jacqueline to save her. And let me tell you, the stuff they do is funny, it truly is. Imagine one of those huge water guns filled with holy water. Now, in order to save Helen, Rudy hooks Jacqueline up with a therapist to help her control her gift and during that session we find out a bit more about the lady. And control finally finds her. Or she finds it. Either way, we meet a brand new lady with a gift that is very much needed at Eternal Investigations and guess what?

The team moves to L.A. to set up office and asks Jacqueline to move with them. Their first case there involves a case that Helen is forced to take under the orders of the mysterious Bigby. (The Charlies Angel person.) So the three of them wind up at an old farmhouse where many people were murdered and the second Helen’s feet touches the ground she feels a strong sense of evil on the place and wants nothing more to leave but she can’t. This story is very interesting and probably the most intriguing out of all of the cases they take. Murder and mayhem all the way throughout this one.

The last bit of this story happens when Jacqueline is contacted by some people in San Francisco who tell her that some runners in the marathon have been coming up missing for several years. So she decides to enter the race and use herself as bait, much to Helen and Rudy’s disapproval. What goes down here is really something out of this world.

Overall this was a great fast but long read. There is no sex at all, the story line is very engaging, very interesting and I came to love the characters. I am hoping the author has a follow-up with this particular team soon.

Reviewed By: Michele

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