In the Pines by Lydia Nyx

Title: In the Pines
Author: Lydia Nyx
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Pages: 27
Characters: Tyler Maxwell, Flynn
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Tyler Maxwell is a former New York cop now working a desk job in Alaska. But he hasn’t lost all of his cop instincts. After purchasing a gun as a gift despite the gun shop owner’s insistence that the weapon was cursed, Tyler starts doing some investigating into the gun’s sordid past. He turns up evidence of a string of unexplained suicides, all apparently committed with the very same gun.

At the same time, Tyler begins to have erotic dreams about the beautiful and mysterious Flynn. Thoughts of Flynn soon begin to intrude upon Tyler’s waking hours, though, and it becomes clear that Flynn wants more from Tyler than just his body. He has a favor to ask. Now, Tyler has to finally unravel the mystery of the gun before he becomes its next victim.


Wow! For a short story, In the Pines really packed a lot of punch! Between the mystery of the gun’s past, the curse behind it, and the intriguing and sensual Flynn, this short story kept me enthralled with it from the first page to the last word. I loved the determination Tyler had to solve the many questions about the gun’s dark history. Since his accident, he’s been existing and just going through the motions of life, but once Tyler purchases the gun, and starts dreaming about the sexy and mysterious Flynn, he starts to live again.

There was a very strong connection between Tyler and Flynn. The sex scenes in this book were red-hot and as I read them, I could have sworn the temperature in my living room rose several degrees. But as much as I love a well-written sex scene, I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two heroes, and as I read the book, I began to wonder how in the world Tyler and the man of his dreams would somehow end up together. (You’ll have to read the story to find out how as well as the mystery behind the gun.) In some ways, I thought the ending was very appropriate…even though it does end on a positive note, there is a note of bitter-sweetness about it too, and that left me wanting more.

My only complaint about the book is: I wish it had been longer. I’ve read several short stories by Ms. Nyx and I’ve really loved every one of them. She has a knack of really getting to the heart and soul of her characters, no matter how short the story. I’m looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Nyx in the future and I highly recommend this book for readers who crave a fast-past romance with a lot of action and intrigue.

Reviewed By: Gabbi


More Love Notes by Lydia Nix, Scarlett Parrish, Viki Lynn, Jenny Urban

Title: More Love Notes
Author: Lydia Nix, Scarlett Parrish, Viki Lynn, Jenny Urban
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Pages: 200
POV: 3rd, 1st
Sub-Genre: Multi Author Anthology, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance,
Kisses: 5


Love always has perfect timing.

Across battle lines, foolish games, and conflicting tempos, love always finds a way. From rock and roll to symphonies, modern day geeks to 19th century soldiers, this collection of sexy and romantic stories shows even the loneliest of moments can be made right when the perfect note is delivered. Let More Love Notes find a home in your heart, a reminder that love happens all over, any time, any place. Written by four of the hottest authors in gay erotic romance–Lydia Nyx, Scarlett Parrish, Viki Lyn and Jenny Urban–these stories will definitely add an edge of spice to your Valentine’s night.


Blue-Gray Lines by Lydia Nix

Ever since they were children, Wendell Davis has loved Declan Kelly. They grew up together, fell in love and when the War Between the States started, were separated when Declan joined the Union army. Because Wendell’s father had passed away, Wendell was needed to stay home and run the family farm and take care of his angry, unbalanced mother. For the past two years, Wendell lives for the letters that Declan sends him while he fights on the battlefield. With each passing day, Wendell continues to worry and fret that the love of his life will someday perish, but the letters he continues to receive from his lover gives him hope and strength to continue on.

I loved this story. I thought the relationship between Wendell and Declan was beautiful to read and I enjoyed the sometimes very naughty correspondence they sent to each other. Ms. Nix definitely does not sugar-coat the horrors of war, but she also portrays the hope that both Wendell and Declan have to one day be together again. Both heroes were honorable and likeable men whose love grows and continues over the test of time. I loved this story and hated to see it come to an end.

Burn by Scarlett Parrish

Austin Lombard is tired of being used by his so called ex-boyfriend. He decides one night to go to the local gay bar and have some hot nameless sex with a willing body. It’s part of what he calls his ‘fuck-it’ list and Austin is determined to check some of the things he has on his sexual list before the night is over. When he meets a sexy scot, they immediately hit it off and even though it supposed to just be a one-night stand, there is something burning between them that can’t be denied. When the night is over will Austin be able to walk away?

I really enjoyed this story. It is told in first person through Austin’s eyes and because he’s such an interesting character, I really liked his inner dialog and the feelings he had as he told the story. Burn is set at the beginning of a relationship between Austin and James. I loved the witty banter and the conversations the two heroes have between them. Even though it is supposed to be a one night stand, it’s obvious that these two were clearly made for each other. Burn is a fun and sexy story and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Lover’s Trill by Viki Lyn

Ten years ago Leo left his lover Andre with nothing but a note. Both men were classically trained musicians, but Leo’s heart was into making his own way as the lead singer of a rock band, leaving the love of his life behind without a second glance back. Now, Leo finds himself at the end of his band’s tour, in Vienna, with a couple of days to himself. When Leo comes across a flyer with Andre’s face on it, he realizes that his former lover is now a successful violinist and try as he might; he is unable to stay away from him. When the lover’s finally reunite, will they be able to put away past mistakes so they can have a future together?

I loved this story! Both Leo and Andre were sexy, uniquely written men with a sizzling and loving chemistry between them. Even though in many ways they seem to be polar opposites, they really fit perfectly together and I adored every scene that had them in it. The story is fast-paced and at times even bittersweet; the ending left me with a huge smile on my face. I hated that this story was so short because I would have loved to have read more about these two amazing men. I even liked Leo’s band mate Sid, and hope Ms. Lyn will write a sequel one day so I can re-visit these characters again.

The Heart is a Stringed Instrument by Jenny Urban

Brandon is a serious and very successful Cellist, but when it comes to affairs of the heart, Brandon has a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude. He likes to have fun and spends many nights at the club, dancing and hooking up with different men. One night at the club, he meets a man named, Mark, and they have some very hot moments in the men’s restroom. Afterward, both men leave without a second glance, but with some very fond memories between them. The next day, when Brandon is at rehearsal, there is an announcement that there will be a new temporary conductor for the rest of the season. When Brandon sees that it’s Mark, the hot bathroom hookup, he’s both horrified and intrigued. But, Brandon and Mark start hanging out together and soon there are something more between them than friendship and sex. But, Mark’s stay is temporary and he must leave soon. Will Brandon and Mark find a way to stay together?

I really liked this book a lot. Brandon is a fun and flirty character that is unapologetic about his sexuality, but once he gets to know Mark, the intensity they have between them makes Brandon reevaluate his former lifestyle choices. I thought he and Mark were an interesting match and I really enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship they developed between them as they also fell in love. A Heart is a Stringed Instrument is a sexy, fast-paced read that I thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to reading more by Ms. Urban in the future.

Every story in More Love Notes was fantastic. This is a rarity when it comes to multi-authored anthologies. Each story was highly entertaining, very sexy with emotionally charged storylines that kept me enthralled with them until the very end. Most of these authors were new authors to me and I’ll be looking forward to reading more books by them in the future. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


Shifting Steam An Anthology From Torquere Press

Title: Shifting Steam
Author: Edited by Lorna Hinson – Rowan Benjamin, Missouri Dalton, Ekaterina Morris, Lydia Nyx, M Raiya, Lynn Townsend, and Emory Vargas.
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 209
Characters: Various
POV: 1st and 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Anthology/Paranormal/Fantasy/Steampunk
Kisses: 4


Steampunk and shifters? Do they even go together? Of course they do. Steampunk is all about the possible, the magical and the otherworldly. Shapeshifters are all about bending the idea of humanity into new shapes. Combine them, and you get Shifting Steam.

The stories in Shifting Steam pave the way for a magical journey through space and time to alternate realities, where anything is possible. From dragons to birds, from Victorian era expositions to secret laboratories, these stories explore what happens when man meets beast in a world of airship captains and fantastic creatures. Whether it’s a Jekyll and Hyde style beast, a wolfman who would rather not be a wolf, or a man who wishes he could fly, every kind of creature gets its day in the steampunk sun. Step into the world of Shifting Steam and let it transport you to a sexy, fantastical new universe.

Shadow of Kenfig by Lynn Townsend
The Cormorant by Emory Vargas
The Shores of Loch Mor by Missouri Dalton
Origin by M. Raiya
Nine and Fifty Swans by Rowan Benjamin
Mr. Black and the Expo by Lydia Nyx
Affliction by Ekaterina Morris


Fans of paranormal and steampunk should find a lot to love in Shifting Steam, a collection of short stories, wildly imaginative, filled with all manner of shapeshifting men, from werewolves to birds to dragons to the description defying mysterious.

The infernal devices of the steampunk worlds blend seamlessly with the fantastical creatures of the authors’ imaginations, creating a collection of stories that transports the reader through the impossible and into the realms of the incredible, from sea to sky in sailing ships, to the cities where coal and steam ruled.

Beauties and the beasts they loved told their stories and drew me in as I absorbed each tale, sometimes being left to hang, wondering whether the lovers would find a means to their happy ending but always absorbed by the way in which the authors carried me along on the journey.

Reviewed By: Lisa


Miracle on LaSalle Street by Lydia Nyx

Title: Miracle on LaSalle Street
Author: Lydia Nyx
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 13
Characters: Danny
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4


Illinois has just legalized gay marriage and Danny is about to obtain a license with his partner Eric–a dream come true for both of them. On his way to City Hall in Chicago, Danny meets a curious, quiet young man in the LaSalle Street station. Though a seemingly innocuous meeting, Danny doesn’t realize the encounter will change both their lives, in an even bigger way than Danny’s life is already changing.


There’s a hidden story line here. One that Lydia does with such care and creativity that the reader can’t help but to love her hard work. Danny is at a bus stop waiting when he notices a young man, a teen sitting on the bench with him. Danny is on his way to meet his partner Eric to apply for a marriage license. While waiting for the bus to come he studies the young man, he notices the boy is without any personal possessions, a jacket, anything. Right off he knows there’s something not right with the boy. He asked if he was okay, then asked if anyone was messing with him and when the boy responds, you know immediately what the boy is doing there and so does Danny.

Danny has come a long way in life with his partner Eric and he shares this with the boy on the bench, and at the end of the story, Danny not only manages to give the boy something to think about, he also realizes something about himself. And this is what makes this story stand out. A lesson in love and life, all told from one to the other, at a bus stop.

Reviewed By: Michele


Ghost Walk by Lydia Nyx

Title: Ghost Walk
Author: Lydia Nyx
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 22
Characters: Cory, Alexi, Seamus, Thomas
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Kisses: 4


Cory Phillips is spending a semester studying abroad in London. In need of a job, he lands a position as a clerk in a gift shop that caters to tourists on London’s famous ghost walks. There he meets Alexi Lovegood, a charming and handsome man who plays the ghost of Sir Donovan Cartwright on one of the tours. As romance blossoms amid the campy fun, something spooky in the mist of London’s streets threatens to intervene…


Lydia has definitely been able to paint such beautiful characters in such a short piece, I am amazed. Not only that but the cool London streets and brought to the fore with colourful descriptions and reader friendly writing style.

Each character I could see and hear, so much so I felt I knew the characters from the first few pages. The story itself was well paced and intriguing. In a genre that is predominantly sex based, Lydia has shone through with a truly romantic tale of falling in love, with a little mystery and the supernatural thrown in for good measure. Very short, but very, very good.

Reviewed By: Justin James


>Fire In The Desert by Lydia Nyx


Fire in the Desert
by Lydia Nyx
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Length: 22 Pages
Characters: Garrett Thomas, Keegan Richards
POV: Third person
Scene Setting: The Egyptian Desert
Sub Genre: Fantasy
Book Cover Rating: 4


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Garrett Thomas is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists. When he gets a tip a dragon—the holy grail of his field—has been spotted in the Sahara desert, he jumps at the chance to locate and document this elusive creature. As further incentive, his old college friend—and lover—Keegan Richards is currently on an archeological dig in Egypt. Keegan possesses a powerful supernatural ability called the Mystic. When Garrett sees his old flame after a year of separation, he finds not only has Keegan’s power increased so he has full command of the element of fire but he’s grown a thousand times more beautiful and exotic. After Garrett has a strange and erotic dream about him, Keegan inexplicably grows cold and tries to send Garrett home with his mission unfulfilled. Garrett stays in Egypt, however, and when he finally enters the dragon’s lair, he finds what he’s looking for—but not the way he expected.


Deep in the heart of the Egyptian desert, legend says a mythical beast resides.

Garrett Thomas is a student of and believer in the Mystic and has been since he was a boy. The tale of a dragon living in the ancient land steeped in mythology and mystery is the perfect combination to draw Garrett to Egypt and is the perfect setting for the reader to allow the imagination free reign.

“In the barren, shifting sea of restless sands…Keegan blazed, an immaculate vision against the setting sun.”

Keegan Richards is on an archeological quest. He is Garrett’s friend, his ex-lover, and a powerful Mystic who possesses the ability to control fire. He’s also a man with a secret—a secret that he will go to great lengths to protect.

Determined to see his mission through to its conclusion, Garrett conspires to hinder Keegan’s plan to keep him safe. The results of that conspiracy, however, come to a fiery conclusion.

Lydia Nyx infuses Fire in the Desert with imagery that allows the reader to visualize each scene as it plays out.

In a short twenty-two pages, the author sets the story up nicely, develops the characters well, and brings the tale to an intriguing climax, neatly resolving the conflict between the two men. The one caveat to that is this story left me wanting so much more. I wanted to know more about Keegan’s powers, would’ve loved to know more about his and Garrett’s relationship prior to their break-up, and would’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse beyond the story’s conclusion. What that adds up to, however, is the fact that Fire in the Desert met its goal of drawing me in to the characters and the world that Lydia Nyx created.

Reviewer: Lisa

About Lydia Nyx
     I started writing at the tender and impressionable age of 14. At the time, I was a huge fan of such writers as Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Anne Rice. I started writing because I wanted to be ‘just like them.’ Little did I know this naive idol worship would change my life, leading me to my calling and the drive and dream I still have today, well into my 30′s.

     The first stories I wrote were terrible, with contrived plots, boring settings, and thinly-veiled versions of my friends as characters–but for this reason, my friends read and enjoyed them and wanted more (it’s easy to impress young people simply by including them no matter how bad the product). This gave me something that without, I might have let the endeavor fall by the wayside: a support system. When I realized writing was more than a vanity project for me, those friends were in place to encourage me. One friend in particular read every short story I wrote during my high school career with attentive eagerness and encouraged me at every turn. He was one of the building blocks for the foundation I stand on today; also my creative writing teacher, who was impressed with my effort and ability and made sure I got into various classes and programs focused on writing. She once said to me, “you’re one of the rare students who will actually make something out of this instead of just doing it for an easy credit.” I still have those awful early stories, to remind me that small beginnings change lives.
     As I got older, I got (hopefully!) better at writing. I came to understand the art of manipulating language, how beautiful grammar can be, the mechanics of prose, character building, and the right words to describe the things I saw in my head. I also learned about the intimidating world of publishing, got a few short stories published, won some awards, and kept taking classes. My ultimate goal has always been to publish a novel. The writing industry is like the music industry: sometimes it takes the right product in the right hands at the right time. A little bit of luck, a lot of hard work.
     It was with no small measure of delight I discovered through a friend the genre of gay male romance. For many years I wrote stories in this vein, shared among a small circle of friends. I had no idea there was a market for it, let alone one so large! Even in my early stories gay romance trickled in. I’ve always found the subject compelling, intriguing, and enjoyable. To find the progressive, vast industry of man-on-man romance was like coming home–I finally found my place! I am currently shopping around my first gay-themed book, Black Shore of the White City, which combines gay male romance with urban fantasy, two of my favorite things. I also have another book I’m about to start shopping around, entitled From Morocco to Paris–a little more romantic and erotic, a little less urban fantasy.
     As for my personal life, I currently work as a waitress in Cleveland, Ohio. I dearly love my city, though I hope to live in Chicago or New York City one day. I share my domicile with my son and a cat and I have a large circle of friends who keep me busy and happy when I’m not writing. Lydia Nyx, of course, is not my real name. ‘Lydia’ is a tip of my hat to the iconic campy horror of Beetlejuice and ‘Nyx’ is the Greek goddess of the night. The name encapsulates my writing style: dark, a little tongue-in-cheek, filled with horror, laughs, and drama. I hope this fluffy pink site fools you into thinking I’m cute and fluffy.

Also by Lydia Nyx:

The Game In Spain
In Madrid, Spain during Carnival, gorgeous Spanish gymnast Alejandro Salvador leads his trainer Gabriel and his ex-boyfriend Sebastian on a wild and sexy chase through the streets. Promising the one who gets to him first wins him as their prize, he thinks he runs the game. Little does he know the two men, both in desperate lust with him, will realize competition isn’t necessary when they can have twice the fun working together.

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