Gabbi Reviews: Love on the Rails by John Simpson

Title: Love on the Rails
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 50
Characters: Allister Brockman, Alessandro Amadore
POV: 3rd Limited
Sub-Genre: Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Hot as the sun! More explosive than a firecracker! Read the sizzling short story about two strangers who meet accidentally on the world’s most famous train, and how the plans of one man are totally destroyed. Is human nature changeable? Read the story of how Allister Brockman and Alessandro Amadore spend a couple days together, and maybe more!


Whew! Within the first page or two, John Simpson’s book, Love on the Rails made me break out in a sweat. Between the sizzling hot sex scenes and the gorgeous, seductive characters, Love on the Rails was a highly satisfying read from start to finish.

Allister Brockman is looking for a good time. While traveling on his business ventures, Allister decides to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of Europe and its gorgeous men. Sparks fly the moment he notices and meets, Alessandro. Allister immediately sets out to seduce the sexy, glamorous man, but as the two men talk, Allister soon finds himself in an unfamiliar territory…soon the seducer becomes the seduced and the control that Allister once held onto so tightly is submitted to the intense need of being controlled.

I really like confident men. Both Alessandro and Allister reek intelligence, sexiness and glamour. I was immediately swept up into the intriguing life both Allister and Alessandro live and thoroughly enjoyed watching Allister’s self-discovery of being submissive…which is something he never allowed himself to tap into. When it comes to taking what they want, both men take no prisoners and are immediately caught up in a possible, budding relationship that this reader was captivated by. Like most short stories, I do wish the book had been longer. Just when things started to get super intriguing and well…HOT…it was sadly over. But, Love on the Rails ends on a very positive note and this reader certainly hopes Mr. Simpson will one day write more about these two sexy men in the future.

The sex between these two men is so hot, this reader had to turn the air conditioner on…and it’s the middle of January! Whew! If you are looking for an erotic read that will leave you both satisfied and craving for more, then Love on the Rails is definitely the book for you!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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Lydia Reviews: Into the Dark Void by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

Title: Into the Dark Void
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Authors: John Simpson & Robert Cummings
Pages: 200
Kisses: 4.5


In an attempt to answer that centuries-old question, scientists sent probes into the void, hoping they’d be found by intelligent life forms. In hindsight, it’s decided that giving possibly hostile races directions back to Earth might be a dangerous idea, and the United Space Force Marines are dispatched to recover the probes.

Corporal David Creswell has become a little too close to Blake Bickford, a recent graduate from Marine training, and fraternizing is against regulations. They manage to keep their romance under the radar until they are reassigned to a classified mission to retrieve the probes—aboard a ship where they’re clearly not welcome. While trying to discover who is playing with Earth’s toys in deep space, they’ll give new meaning to “leave no man behind.”


Into the Dark Void is a science fiction story co-written by authors John Simpson and Robert Cummings. These two authors write so well together that it is impossible for the readers to guess which writer is doing the writing.

Into the Dark Void follows two soldiers, members of the United Space Force Marines; from the time they meet and are assigned together. There is a strong connection between these two men, but David is Blake’s superior and fraternization is not allowed. In the beginning the two men are able to keep their relationship a secret, to some extent. When they are both assigned to a classified mission however their relationship is revealed and leads to some strong punishment. I could not believe how the men’s superiors handled the men’s relationship. The method they used to punish the men is harsh and I am not surprised by the affect it had on either of them.

While David and Blake are dealing with the repercussions of their relationship the mission must go forward, however, things are not what they seem. There are a lot of twists and turns on this mission. Not everyone is trust worthy and the men start to wonder just what is going on. There are a few OMG moments and I could not wait to see how this story would play out.

For me, one of the best parts of Into the Dark Void is the interaction between David and Blake. I loved the way they were both gentle and fierce. The way they treated each other allowed the reader to see the love that existed between them.

While I have read other books by Mr. Simpson, I do not believe I have read anything by Mr. Cummings. After reading this story I will have to keep my eyes open for more books by both authors. Anyone who enjoys the science fiction sub-genre really should give Into the Dark Void a chance.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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How does a Marine Sniper Vet, who is Gay and has PTSD, put his life back together again?

We here at Top2Bottom are strong supporters in the LGBT community. We do our part by trying to bring awareness through our reviews of the stories written by everyday people. We wanted to give a post to co-author and friend, John Simpson who is working hard at the project listed below. People in this industry are incredibly giving, and we’ve all witnessed this action each time they gather together to raise money for people who really need it, and for people who love to con others in parting with their hard earned money. Seeing as how this film will approach a real-life issue, why not help out and see the awareness spread. I’ve posted what the funding page supplied with the permission of John Simpson.

Even if you can’t afford to donate, please share this with everyone you can. It’s so much more than another sex scene in a book.

Please follow this link to donate now

The Beach House will be one of the first LGBT films focusing on gays in the military. More importantly, what happens when they return to the states, often with PTSD.

As the filmmaking team, our goal is to make an important film that sheds light on the struggles that our vets, both gay and straight, have when they return home. The Beach House will be a beautiful, engrossing and romantically charged film.

It will have a realistic budget, efficient shooting schedule and will show a love story never before seen in an LGBT film.

That said, the total minimum budget for this film is forty thousand dollars, ($40,000) Any money raised above that amount will go towards the cost of conducting this campaign and then to entering the finished film into well-known film festivals and advertising.

Michael Simon has been retained to direct The Beach House. Michael’s last film, The Love Patient, which was both written and directed by him, received a global distribution deal with TLA Releasing and was shown on Here! TV. The film won TLA’s Gaybie Award for Best Romance/Comedy 2012.

One of Michael’s earlier projects, “Gay Zombie,” recently created a stir at Harvard University. On that, Michael has this to say: “Today is the day Gay Zombie screens in a class at Harvard University. They have now contacted me for another copy (of the movie) to be a permanent addition to the Andover Harvard Theological Library!”

Just one reason that John, the screenwriter, has such confidence in the creativity and professionalism of Michael Simon. Michael, along with John, will also act as Producer and co-producer. We are happy to give substantial donors the title of Executive Producer.

John Simpson adapted the screenplay from his book of the same name, published by Dreamspinner Press. John has written over fifty published books and was named by Genre Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential gay people in America at the beginning of the century. John has won many accolades for his writing and even acted in a television pilot for Lion Television of New York. John is also listed in the IMdB under his full name for appearing in a documentary film on gay marriage as an early supporter of the movement. John was also featured in Vincent Cianni’s documentary photo book, “Gays in the Military.”

Regarding production: Michael has a knack for getting films made on time and within a limited budget. The Beach House will only shoot for nine days, which will help with costs and immerse the cast and crew in the world of our leads, Keith & Jeff. The crew will be small and tight: no giant trucks or excessive bodies. The shoot will be quick and efficient. We will soon name our Director of Photography who will be joined by his assistant, sound, lights, a production assistant or two and that’s it.

Although the budget includes scoring, mixing, mastering and color correcting, any extra money raised will make the post-production process that much easier and help us with entry to film festivals and advertising.

The cast will be no less than stunning! We have signed on Dusty Alvarado to play the role of the troubled Marine. As you can see in the video, he is a dynamic new talent who will undoubtedly deliver a star-making performance. We are fortunate to round out the cast with some serious acting chops in the co-lead Jake Ferree and supporting roles.

As for the movie itself, here’s a summary that will more fully describe it!

The path of two men’s lives is affected forever as their fates cross against the majestic setting of a beach house.

Keith, a financial analyst, rents a beach house for the summer to escape his recent tragedies. Aside from the loss of the man of his dreams, he has also lost his mother – his rock, his confidant. He indulges himself in a summer rental to escape all that he knows.

Jeff, a Marine Sniper, who spent two grueling tours of duty in Afghanistan, has returned home with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. He too is seeking a summer of solace.

As Keith plays “fetch” with Sam, his trusted canine companion, he meets the hunky and troubled vet. The two men hit it off easily and see that they are something of kindred spirits. As they spend more time together, Keith learns that Jeff’s former lover from the Marines, Joe, went missing in action from his unit, and he never got the chance to say goodbye. Joe’s disappearance plagues Jeff almost as much as his PTSD, and Keith acts as a very good friend and listens intently.

The attraction between the two men is palpable, but as they are both processing so much loss, the relationship between them stays platonic – for the moment.

One night, during a terrible thunderstorm, Keith answers the door to find Jeff, drenched and in a panic. Keith ushers him into the bathroom where he undresses the numbed Jeff and promptly wraps him in the comfort of warm towels. Every clap of thunder and lightning flash jars the frightened ex-marine. He asks if he can spend the night – Keith complies knowing Jeff’s conditions. The two men hold each other tight as Keith respects the boundaries that Jeff has laid before them.

As the summer progresses, Jeff begins to come more and more alive, finding a mutual attraction between the two men with both of them being able to voice it. Finally, after a wild night out at a gay bar in the city, the two finally make love. They are both able to let their walls down as their lovemaking reawakens them.

Their relationship progresses further, as they go out on Jeff’s boat. Jeff shows Keith an exhilarating time, speeding across the open waters. Afterward, enjoying a hot jacuzzi and a bottle of tequila, Jeff  continues to reveal his story of Joe, his ex-lover, and fully explain the sexual relationship they had in the war zone. Jeff finally realizes that his need for comfort blinded him to Joe’s domineering nature. Jeff is ashamed to admit how he was controlled.

In Keith, he finds a much softer, more intelligent man, who seems to genuinely care about him and not just interested in sex. The two see a possible future together as they begin to fall in love and rediscover the joy of letting another in, both emotionally and physically.

Just as their intimacy reaches a peak and they pledge to become boyfriends, a bombshell shatters their oblivion: Joe shows up at Keith’s door searching for Jeff.

Jeff is shocked to his core to find himself staring into the face of Joe from Afghanistan. Joe explains that he was wounded, evacuated by helicopter and sent to Germany to fully recover. Since Joe was doing work for the CIA, all of his information was classified, making it impossible to find him once he was out of country.

Joe insists that Jeff comeback with him to Jeff’s house to pick up where they had left off. Keith is crushed as Jeff is compelled to leave with Joe. Keith takes solace in Sam, his ever faithful companion, as he crumbles on the sofa and cries, regretting that he ever let his heart open again.

Once back at Jeff’s, Joe does all he can to seduce him, until Jeff can no longer resist his former lover’s appeal. Jeff immediately regrets the act after being once again faced with Joe’s overly forceful nature. Having experienced what true love making can be, Jeff now knows that Joe is a brut.

In the morning, Jeff is finally able to stand up to Joe and orders him out declaring he has a new boyfriend and not an abusive one.

Joe leaves in anger, stopping long enough at Keith’s to give him the finger. This further crushes Keith as he thinks this was Joe’s victory announcement and is startled when Jeff sneaks in his back door.

The two men argue as Keith is incredulous to the fact that Jeff thinks he can go off and have sex with someone else and come back expecting him to be waiting. Jeff pleads and explains that it was a chapter that needed to be closed and he is back to stay for good, if he will have him.

As much as Keith tries to resist Jeff, his love for him is too strong and he eventually relents and forgives. The two men have found love for life. They celebrate by watching the 4th of July fireworks on the beach. Jeff is able to handle the “bangs and pops” of the fireworks, with his boyfriend and lover holding him tight.

Short Summary

This is a chance for every individual, both Veteran and Non-Veteran, to contribute to the making of a movie to bring awareness to what is often a crippling disorder suffered by returning Vets from combat zones.  PTSD effects all veterans, gay and straight. I’m John Simpson, screenwriter and co-producer. I’m a Vietnam era Veteran and I was one of the fortunate ones that did not have to actually go to Vietnam. Today’s vets, are more likely than not, to have to fight in the Middle-East at some point in their service. This is a story about one of those Vets, a gay Vet, and how he tries to get his life back on track. There can never be too much exposure for this deadly disorder. The V.A. and Congress have failed miserably in treating this disorder and one of the ways to bring a greater awareness to this subject, is to make movies. This will be both a serious, but also sexy romance that takes place over the course of a summer. Be part of the journey that Jeff and Keith travel together.

What We Need & What You Get

We need a total budget of $40,000 to make this Ultra Low-Budget film. Just to film it, we need $25,000 of that budget, with the remainder going to post-production costs which are expensive. We hope to enter this movie into film festivals around the world, bringing further exposure to this issue.

This campaign seeks to raise the first part of our budget. This will get the movie “shot” and in the “can.” If we raise more than the initial budget this time around, the excess money will go towards post-production costs and we’ll have less to raise later. Of course any amount over $40,000 allows us to advertise more and pay to enter more festivals. Once the movie has gone through the festival circuit, we’ll sign a distribution deal and the movie will go out to the public.

The Impact

The Director, Michael Simon, has successfully produced four previous films, with one of them becoming part of Harvard University’s archives.

Risks & Challenges

Our biggest challenge to a successful film is raising this budget. We have chosen an outstanding cast, have a stunning set on hold, and the natural beauty of the beaches and cliffs of San Diego waiting for cast and crew. We have an experienced Director and crew, and the knowledge to handle any issue that might come up.We will be adding the picture of the fourth cast member shortly!

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to making a contribution to the film, you can also help us spread the word about this film project among your friends and social networks. If you have a Facebook page, post the donation link on your page and help us meet out goal!

And that’s all there is to it.

34 days left
This campaign started on Apr 10 and will close on May 15, 2015 (11:59pm PT).
Flexible Funding

Contribute Now

Select a Perk
  • $15USD

    You will have our heartfelt thanks from the Director, crew and cast for this donation!

    0 claimed

  • $30USD
    The Movie!

    Our thanks and digital copies of “The Beach House” & “Gay Zombie” downloaded to your computer.

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

    1 claimed

  • $50USD
    Movie and a call!

    You will receive a personal ten minute telephone call from either the Director or Screenwriter, in addition to the two digital movie downloads!

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

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  • $100USD
    Credit and the movie!

    Your name will appear in a special thank you section in the credits of the movie, plus the two digital movie downloads! “The Beach House & “Gay Zombie”

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

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  • $150USD
    Movie and the book!

    You will receive the two digital movie downloads, and a digital copy of the book, “The Beach House.” Additionally, your name will be added to the special thank you section in the credits of the movie.

    Estimated delivery: May 2015

    1 claimed

  • $250USD
    Visit the set and more

    You’ll get the two digital movie downloads, the book, your name in the credits, plus a visit to the set. All expenses getting to the set are the sole responsiblity of the donor, and not the film production company. Only the visit to the set will be available this September. The other perks will be available on or about April, 2016.

    Estimated delivery: September 2015

    0 out of 15 claimed

  • $500USD
    Walk-on role

    All of the previous perks plus a walk-on roll during filming if desired. All expenses getting to the set are the donors responsiblity and not the production company. Other perks are available on or about April, 2016.

    Estimated delivery: September 2015

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Speaking role

    All of the previous perks, plus a walk-on role with a one or two line speaking part if desired. All expenses getting to the set for filming are the sole responsiblity of the donor and not the production company.

    Estimated delivery: September 2015

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $1,500USD
    Grab Bag Perk!

    Special thanks in the movie credits for being a valuable contributor, plus copies of Michael Simon’s previous movies and some of John Simpson’s books!

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $2,500USD
    Premier Night

    This perk will garner the donor an invitation for two to attend the world premier of the movie at a city to be determined, and to meet available cast members. A souvinere photograph will also be taken. All expenses getting to the premier will be the sole responsiblity of the donor and not the production compnay. A digital download copy of the movie will also be given to the donor, with the donors name in the credits of the movie.

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer

    Your name in the credits as Executive Producer of the movie, an invitation for 4 to the world premier, and a photo with the cast members available at the premier. A DVD of the movie signed by the director will also be given to the donor. All expenses getting to the premier are the sole responsibility of the donor and not the Production Company. Delivery Date is approximate as post-production may change the date.

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

    0 out of 5 claimed

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Royal Love by John Simpson

Title: Royal Love (Condor One, Book 6)
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Kisses: 3


With their adopted son Jack safe and sound back at Winfield House, US Ambassador David Windsor and his husband, ex-Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson-Windsor, begin to settle into a routine. Shane’s attention to the security of the US President’s adult son, Airman Darren Wilson, keeps them busy, however. While David and Shane think they have President Wilson’s son under wraps, Darren carries on as carefree as any young man in the arms of a man he’s sure he loves: Prince Michael.

Discreet outings in the English countryside and days spent visiting castles fill Darren and Michael’s time, under the ever-present eyes of security, the US ambassador, and Shane. But an incident at a gay nightclub leaves their guards scrambling. What will Darren’s mother think? How will the King react? Darren and Michael’s love affair might be over before it even begins.


This is the sixth book in John Simpson’s Condor One series, and having read and enjoyed the first two books I was keen to read Royal Love. I knew that having missed the intervening books I would be playing catch up, but in my opinion each book in a series should stand alone enough to be enjoyable and make the reader want to read the rest of the series.

Royal Love did an admirable job of standing alone whilst remembering major events in the previous books. Whereas the early books in the series were from David Windsor, the US President’s point of view and followed his relationship with Shane Thompson; this book is from Darren Wilson, the current US President’s son’s point of view. The story has also moved from the USA to England where David Windsor is now US Ambassador and Darren works within Embassy security and is falling in love with Prince Michael, a minor member of the British Royal Family.

Generally the Condor One books are contemporary and reflect world events enough for you to believe it is set in the present day. However, when the story moves over the England that perception is put to the test, as John Simpson’s Royal family doesn’t fit that picture. He has skipped a couple of generations and has William as King and Prince Harry married with children. As a Brit I’ve always found this difficult to deal with.

Royal Love is Darren and Prince Michael’s story and explores their growing love as they luxuriate in the opulence of Royal Palaces. Too many times I found details of the Royal lifestyle distracted me from the real story of their love and this should have been a glorious story of young love interspersed with the chance to renew acquaintances with the characters featured in the previous book.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed this book more had I read all the intervening books instead of just the first two, but I’m sorry to say it felt bland and lacked the action packed highs of the early books.

The earlier books in the series are:

1. Condor One
2. Talons of the Condor
3. Condor and Falcon
4. Out of the Gilded Cage
5. Condor and the Crown
6. Royal Love

Reviewed by Smidgeson.


John Simpson author of Murder Most Gay , stopped by for a visit.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, John. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My background is ninety percent government employment at all levels of government. I was a police officer in my youth upon discharge from the Air Force in 1974. In the Air Force I served in nuclear security and Base Police, then went into civilian departments. I decided to get a college degree so, in 1977, I entered college and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in law in 1981. This degree served me well the rest of my life. My first job out of college was to be appointed to the post of District Court Commissioner in Maryland. This appointment is made by the Chief Judge of the State, and is called a magistrate, or Justice of the Peace in other states. While in this position, I was also designated as a United States Magistrate Pro Tem, where I heard Federal cases brought before me by Federal authorities of ever variety.

I left that after three years and spent a year as an armed bodyguard to Saudi Royalty, and finally entered Federal Service. While in the Federal Government, I served in the Department of Labor, the Food and Drug Administration and finally the Department of the Treasury. My last position garnered an award from Vice-President Al Gore, and another from Secretary of the Treasury Rubin for my work in the Treasury Department. I retired in 1998, and have done various things since including a writing career. I also performed work for agencies I cannot name and enjoyed that work very much as well. Serving President Clinton was a good time to be in Government. I also went on to Graduate School in the 1980’s and earned a Pontifical degree in Theology.

What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

My first book is “Murder Most Gay,” based on a murder I investigated during my time with the Orange County State’s Attorney’s office in Orlando Florida while attending college. It took me about six months to find a publisher. I was very unhappy with the publisher and eventually got the rights to this book back due to breach of contract. I then submitted the book to Dreamspinner Press and it has sold well since the first day and continues to sell every quarter. It was first published in 2007.

When did you start writing m/m romance? What about this genre interested you the most?

I started in 2007 writing gay romance stories because I felt at the time, there wasn’t many stories out in this genre that were anything more than just pulp porn. I wanted to portray exciting fiction that featured the lives of gay men as the main characters including their love lives. I’ve been called the “Tom Clancy” of gay romance which is a compliment I take gladly for this is the type of story with a few exceptions, that I’ve always tried to turn out. Also, the fact that I am a gay man certainly didn’t hurt my understanding of being a gay man in many of the situations that I write about.

How long did it take you to get published? How many books have you written thus far?

It took six months the first time. I’ve written over 32 novels and novellas, with I believe about 19 being full length books between all my publishers. I have three more novels coming out this year so far, and about four novellas on the schedule.

Do you write full time?

I’ve recently been nominated and confirmed at the first Ethics Commissioner for the County that I live in which sadly is known as the most corrupt county in America. So, this will take away some time which will reduce me to a part time writer. I am part of a five member Commission and the only “civilian” citizen that is a Democrat as there is also one citizen who is a Republican.

Looking back was there something in particular that helped you to decide to become a writer? Did you choose it or did the profession choose you?

Since my teen years, I have had stories running around in my head. In fact, I wrote a book at age 17, fiction, horror, which I suppose was terrible because in those days you submitted the bulky manuscript to publishers and it came back rejected three times and I gave up. During retirement, I decided to let these stories out and put them down in type. Many of my books are based on fact, with a lot of fiction thrown in. So, I guess I chose writing.

On a typical writing day, how would you spend your time?

I take care of administrative stuff during the day and write beginning at around 11 at night. I write until around 3 a.m. to 4 a.m., which is my most productive time to write.

Do you write right through or do you revise as you go along?

I write all the way through and then do re-writes. I call it throwing up on the screen and then cleaning it all up. Lol

When it comes to plotting, do you write freely or plan everything in advance?

I let the characters tell me where the story is going. All I have is a general idea of the scope of the book. The rest just flows from my fingers.

What kind of research do you do before and during a new book?

Well, most of it I have lived, so no research is done. However, for books like, “Undefeated Love,” I actually traveled to Berlin Germany, and toured the former grounds of the SS headquarters, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and other sites associated with the book which takes place in Berlin during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. For, “Irish Winter,” I read a lot and studied the time period portrayed in the book which was the late teens in the 20th century.

How much of yourself and the people you know manifest into your characters? How do you approach development of your characters? Where do you draw the line?

A lot of me goes into many of my characters, again because I lived what I’m writing about. In the Condor series, I wrote the President’s part as if I were President. What would I do if this happened, or that. Plus I’ve been to the Whitehouse on government business and have been around the Secret Service and like things. I was a Security Police Officer in the Air Force, so in “Def Con One,” I write it like I knew it. As for other people, other than “Jack and Dave,” I haven’t used other people as prototypes for any secondary characters. Again, the characters develop as I write them and they tell me what they’re going to do.

How long does it take for you to complete a book you would allow someone to read? Do you write straight through, or do you revise as you go along?

I have written an entire book in as little as four weeks but others have taken me six months. It depends on things like writers block, or the characters go silent. Many just flow from my finger tips. Again, I revise and edit after completing the manuscript.

Writers often go on about writer’s block. Do you ever suffer from it, and what measures do you take to get past it?

Yes, I have had three instances of writer’s block. On all three, I have put the book aside and written a novella and then come back to the book and the block is gone. Writer’s block is a very frustrating thing that most writers have to deal with at some time in their careers.

When someone reads one of your books for the first time, what do you hope they gain, feel or experience?

I truly hope they enjoy the book above all else. I want to have been able to entertain them. Second, I hope they learn something new that they didn’t know before reading the book. As I said, most of my books are based on fact. “Peter’s Chair,” is about a gay Pope. Some of the weirdest things in the book happen to be true. I have had some wonderful reader comments that tell me the book they read transported them to a different world that was new to them. I take that as a large compliment. I’ve also had readers write and tell me that they intend to search out gay teens who need a home and try and give them one by searching adoption agencies. I’ve had others ask me to suggest where they should make a donation for a particular cause.

Can you share three things you’ve learned about the business of writing since your first publication?

I don’t take advances as I prefer to have the royalties quarterly in a bigger chunk where I can use the money for a purpose. I’ve often been told to write what he readers are buying which I don’t do, because I have to write what’s in my heart or brain at the moment. You can NOT please all readers with any one book. Someone will always hate it, give it a one star rating because of some bizarre reason, and I try not to take is personally. I usually fail at not taking it personally. To give an example, one review site gave my book five stars and then when I told readers who were leaving negative comments about the book who admitted they didn’t read the book, to lighten up and understand that love can come in the ugliest places sometimes, they all got up in arms and tried to kill my sales by leaving negative comments about me wherever they could. They failed as sales went up on the book because they gave it free publicity.

Does the title of a book you’re writing come to you as you’re writing it, or does it come before you even begin the first sentence?

Both. The Condor series and the Murder Most Gay series titles came to me before word one. Others, I’ve titled it one thing only to change it when the book or novella was complete. Usually, the titles are there waiting for me.

How would you describe your sense of humor? Who and what makes you laugh?

I have a dry sense of humor that is not always appreciated by people who don’t know me. Jon Stewart amuses me greatly as he has sorta the same type of humor as I do. I take most things in life too seriously because of things I’ve seen and witnessed and I generally don’t get into humor often. I do come upon a line now and then which I put in a book that I think is hysterical and don’t mind if no one else finds it so.

What is the most frequently asked John question?

When are you going to write another Condor book? (The series is done.)

What are you working on now?

I’m working on two novellas and investing time and money into the “Condor One” project which is to turn the book into an HBO series or a movie for the big screen. I have hired an award winning director/screenplay writer and he has begun work on the first draft of the screenplay. I’m doing this more to see the characters come alive than I am for any money that might come out of the project. I want to show that it is possible for a gay man to become President, and a woman to become Vice-President and then President. I hope to achieve with “Condor One,” what “Brokeback Mountain,” achieved for the gay community.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve received with respect to the art of writing? How did you implement it into your work?

“Write what was in my heart,” and don’t read the reviews! I succeed at the first and fail at the second.

When it comes to promotion, what lengths have you gone to in order to increase reader-awareness of your work?

I have given radio interviews, advertised in newspapers and magazines, and I have an upcoming cruise in September where I’ll give a talk on being a gay writer and then autograph books that will be for sale. This will be a chance for interested people who need a seven night cruise that is priced right, to meet me and discuss anything to do with writing that I’ve learned. I will also give my publishers publicity also as they are the ones that make me a public person.

Writing is obviously not just how you make your living, but your life-style as well. What do you do to keep the creative “spark” alive – both in your work and out of it?

I have no idea how that sparks stays alive other than being inspired by a real life story that moves me to retell the story with gay characters in it. I read a lot of news stories and try and stay informed about world politics as well as American politics.

What kind of books do you like to read?

I like history books, gay fiction, police stories. But sadly, I’m so busy, I have two half read books that have been waiting for me for 9 months to get back too. I’m taking a vacation in April and will have time to read on the plane.

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

Totally involved in politics where I live more so than I already am, including a run for Congress. I would also be an advocate for social justice on many different levels.

I’ve read your books in the Condor series. Where did you get the idea for those books?

The Condor series came from within me. It is what I would do in the situations outlined in the five volumes. It is in many instances ideals that I would want the President to have, such as a refusal to accept social injustice when it rears its ugly head.

When it comes to the covers of your books, what do you like or dislike about them?

For the most part, I’ve like most of my covers. I’ve only hated one or two. I have been very fortunate to have had very talented cover artists create the visual representation of my work. I’ve had a couple of books where I had to fight to have a bare ass on the cover because it was germane to the story inside. Thank you again to the cover art people who finally saw it my way and I think that some of the covers are beautiful.

Aside from writing, what else do you enjoy doing?

Fighting the right wing of America. Fighting for social justice, gay rights. I also advocate for animals as in pushing for no-kill shelters. I enjoy going to a police firing range and keep my firearm skills up since I carry a weapon most of the time. I enjoy my friends and my family and my three Scott Terriers. I enjoy by partner of 37 years.

Any special projects coming out soon we should watch for?

The only special projects are the “Condor One,” project, and the cruise which can be found at:

New writers are always trying to glean advice from those with more experience. What suggestions do you have for new writers?

Since I’m still learning this craft, I don’t feel qualified at all to advise another author on anything. I felt my way through the dark and I have a flashlight now, but I’m still in the dark many times.

What future projects do you have in the works?

I and my Murder Most Gay co-writer, are going to write a spin off series based on the next novel in the Murder Most Gay series which will be out sometime this July hopefully, “Murder on a Queen.”

Can you please tell us where we can find you on the Internet?

Author website:

Facebook: Johnsimpsonbooks



Condor One Project:

Thank you Michele for taking the time to interview me. I very much appreciate your efforts and it has been a blast getting to know you!

Condor and the Crown by John Simpson

Title: Condor and the Crown
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: David, Shane, and Jack Windsor
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary/Thriller
Kisses: 4


When former President of the United States David Windsor is appointed the American ambassador to the Court of St. James, it necessitates a move to England. Uprooting his family and moving his staff, David and his husband, ex-Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson-Windsor, settle into Winfield House with their adopted son, Jack, and two feisty Scottie puppies.

Life is finally settling into a routine when Jack is abducted by Libyan nationals. No longer able to call directly upon US military forces, David turns to his successor as President, Victoria Wilson, to enlist her aid and gain her approval of a daring rescue attempt, and asks his cousin King William for help luring the kidnapper to British soil for retribution. It’s a mission that will ultimately involve the British Marines and even personal phone calls to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as David will stop at nothing to see his son safely home


I can’t tell you how sad I was to hear this is the final story with David and his husband Shane and I waited patiently for months to get my hands on it and get lost in their world with them because I just had to know more of their lives as a team and as new fathers. And of course to see what new adventures awaited them.

As the story begins David, Shane, Jack and the pups are headed to the U.K. to begin the next chapter in their lives. David as we learned from the last story is now the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James in England. At first Mary, the secretary is left behind, but soon follows to complete the family in England. Everything in their lives seems to be normal. The men have their work to do, Jack goes off to a private school where he begins to make friends, and at twelve years old he’s a feisty boy that I could not help but to adore. He, like many boys and girls his age seems to have no control over the words that come from their mouths, so Jack is forever using a swear word to explain a certain activity, a feeling, or emotion. This earns him discipline from his dads by a verbal warning or a light smack. Security measures are taken with the whole family however nothing is that secure. If someone wants something that bad, they will find a way to it. And unfortunately for Jack, this is the case.

One afternoon after school, Jacks security guards come up dead and he missing, in the arms of terrorists. In the arms of Gadafi’s minions, to be precise. He is taken out of the U.K. in a crate, onto a boat, and into Italy with no notes as to his whereabouts from his kidnappers. This sets off a whole new slew of problems for his dads and the governments as well. These asses take a citizen of the U.S. who is living in the U.K as a hostage and demand the troops are withdrawn from Libya immediately.

David and his husband of course must go off on a mission to save their son and bring him home. This could not have been done without the military’s aid from both sides, so again we get to see David and Shane on a dangerous mission that could potentially kill them both.

Mr. Simpson knows his stuff. He creates a very believable world here with these characters, he uses real life events and weaves them into this wonderful series and this is not to say it’s without flaws or that the characters are perfect because if they were, it wouldn’t be so believable. This is to say that he, with all his years of experience, has brought to us an insight on how the inside system is, how the people are treated and how they feel and communicate. Too many times we, the public, are not shown that side of the faces in our government system, we only see a side the media allows for. So, it was and has been an interesting journey with the Condor Series and I for one will miss them. Expect a heavy plot in this book, less sex, and truly, with a plot such as this, a plot where the ex-president’s son has been kidnapped by murderers who would expect the characters to be in the mood anyway? There’s a time and place for sex, and I’m going to say, if it were my child in Jack’s shoes, sex would be the last damn thing on my mind, too. However, we do get to meet a certain prince hook up with someone close to David and Shane, and Mr. Simpson gives to his readers a look into their lives. I’m sure hoping he decides to take a bigger peak and writes their story.

Reviewed By: Michele


The Duke of Orleans by John Simpson

Title: The Duke of Orleans
Author: Josh Simpson
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 96
Characters: Richard Giles and Philippe
POV: 3rd Person
Setting: London
Genre: Historical
Kisses: 3


Twenty year old Richard Giles is living on the streets of London in the year 1660, scrounging for food and shelter the best he is able after the closure of his place of employment and death of his mother.

After being given shelter for the night by a kindly old man Richard is back on the streets when an unfortunate incident brings him into contact with a man who may just change the direction of his life, for the better.


In 1660 King Charles was consumed by “The Restoration” of the English monarchy. He was so consumed that his subjects had to fend for themselves. Many people turned to crimes such as pick pocketing and petty theft. When caught they would serve time in Newgate Prison which was a corrupt and a cruel place for everyone. Richard Giles is trying his best to avoid falling in to this trap. He does not steal unless he was on the verge of starving.

Richard would at times stand outside a tavern and a gentleman would offer him a meal in exchange for sexual favors. During one of these times he meets Henry Walker who is a merchant by trade. Henry does not want any sexual favors rather company to enjoy a meal with and he sees that opportunity in Richard. After enjoying their meal Henry offers Richard a safe place for the night. A chance to take a bath and to sleep in a bed is a welcome relief for Richard.

Henry’s housekeeper darns and cleans Richard’s clothes so he almost looks respectful when he leaves the next day.

As Richard walks the streets of London in his newly laundered clothes he wonders where he will get his next meal. Richard meets Philippe, Duke of Orleans, during an accident with a coach driver. Philippe hires Richard as his valet and personal secretary. Thus ensuring he has a place to live and will never go hungry again.

As Richard is settling in to his new position Philippe invites him in to his bed. When Philippe is called to court of the King of England he helps Richard obtain a new station in life. Together Richard and Philippe will learn what love is about.

The Duke of Orleans by John Simpson is a book about a man down on his luck that meets his Prince Charming. While this book was not the best that I have read from John Simpson it was still an enjoyable read.

Reviewed By: Vonda


School of Discipline by John Simpson

School of Discipline
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 78
POV: 3rd
Book Cover Rating: 5


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Cory Anderson arrives at The Patton Military Institute for Higher Education to find a roommate with a cocky attitude—and a body to die for—and hear the news that corporal punishment is the penalty for certain infractions. It isn’t long before he suffers a physical reprimand, but it’s given by the handsome barracks sergeant in the privacy of his office. Cory’s roommate also comes under the belt, and it’s immediately obvious that the well-endowed Blaine enjoyed the whipping.

Soon Cory and Blaine are getting cozier after lights out though neither admits to being gay. When Cory discovers a pair of men having sex in the showers during his sentry duty, it leads to tension in the barracks that quickly rises to a crisis point. The solution is obvious, but are Blaine and Cory man enough to face it? And how will it affect their “friends with benefits” relationship?


The Master of Military, John Simpson has proven himself to be one talented author and one that I’ll read every chance I get. In School of Discipline we are taken on a tour inside the lives of pre-military men while away at The Patton Military Institute for Higher Education. We aren’t taken on this journey to learn anything about the Military, or the subjects the men in this program study, or how they spend every minute of their waking day. What we are taken on is a look on how this certain institute deals with their bad boys. Corporal punishment by way of bare assed spankings and even an instant of a caning.

Mr. Simpson puts you in the minds of young cadets who are pretty sure they’re gay, but not certain. He gives you a taste of what a young man thinks of having his ass spanked in front of his classmen, with his pants down around his ankles. This isn’t a fluffy type story. This is a spanking story. Period. The plot is lighter than I’m used to with Mr. Simpson but it just goes to show how broad his knowledge is. I wasn’t disappointed and I was very happy with the ending.

Reviewer: Michele

>Condor Series by John Simpson


Condor Series:
Condor One
Talons of the Condor
Condor and Falcon
Out of the Gilded Cage

Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
POV: 1st

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Condor One
The Democratic Party’s 2012 nominee for President, David J. Windsor, and America are equally shocked when he is outted by his opponent just six weeks before the Fall election. Following his heart, David chooses honesty over media spin and overcomes the obstacle to win the election.

Despite that success, dark forces around the world begin to plot against him, and President Windsor’s security is a must. Inside and outside the White House, Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson becomes the President’s shadow, always present and silent, ever vigilant.

As the two men grow closer, Shane does far more than just his duty – he becomes as vital to David’s happiness as he is to the President’s health. Together they realize they must find a way to balance the President and the Agent against David and Shane before stress and responsibility tear them apart.

Talons of the Condor
David J. Windsor, the first openly gay president of the United States, has his hands full. After surviving an assassination attempt, he’s now dealing with the fallout: finding all of the culprits is at the top of his list. Will his enemies give up trying to bring down the administration, or will they try again? In the meantime, he has to deal with fractious allies, hidden foes, the vice president’s kidnapped son, and secrets that tear at his heart—including his relationship with his lover, Shane Thompson, who is also his Secret Service agent.

While they want to live a more open life, it’s impossible while David is in office; the demands of the job and the constant spotlight would tear even the most devoted couple apart. Throw in David’s attempts to help gay teens and they’re living in a pressure cooker that threatens to boil over. Will David be able to get a handle on the intrigue and danger of his job and find a way to keep his lover as well? Or will Shane become a casualty of Condor One’s political decisions?

Condor and Falcon
President David Windsor’s former Secret Service agent, Shane Thompson, is now a permanent partner in his life, and David is determined to see Shane receive the respect he deserves as the First Gentleman. Assigned the codename “Falcon,” Shane will be taking on the traditional duties of the First Lady as David, codenamed “Condor One,” continues his administration.

But the tests of the Presidency are still looming as David faces both domestic and foreign political challenges. Just doing his job could mean extreme danger for himself and Shane, the man he loves most in the world—the man David wants to marry, despite all the press and attention it will bring them and the possible repercussions on a run for re-election.

Out of the Gilded Cage
After his eventful term in office, former President of the United States David Windsor is looking forward to retirement with his husband and love of his life, former First Gentleman Shane Thompson. As a part of their new start, they’ve bought a home in beautiful Cape May and started proceedings to adopt a homeless gay teenager. With the faithful Marys—his secretary and his Scottish terrier—at his side, David’s set to enjoy a life out of the limelight. But fate has other plans for the no-nonsense politician.

An agreement forged between China and the Taliban sends new President Victoria Wilson to David for advice. David will do anything to help his former Vice President keep Al-Qaeda from destroying the world, and he soon finds himself back in the heart of the storm, Shane at his side. Toe to toe with the leaders of the opposition, both foreign and at home, David must convince them to turn aside from their deadly plan.


Let me start this review off by saying that I’m anything but a political individual. I never got into it, don’t understand a lot of it, and never talk about it. When a request was sent to us to read this series by John Simpson I stalled a bit. All the other reviewers were, and still are knees deep in reviews, and I wasn’t so sure I was the right person for this particular adventure. Okay, I’m going to be honest here. Politics sorta bore me and I didn’t want to get myself into this series with that attitude, I wanted to give it a fair chance just like every other book we get. The lot of us have certain favorites we like to read, and many of you know what I like the best. The requester said in the email that I was in for a treat with this series. I’m ashamed to say this but I said to myself, “Oh I can just imagine.” I’d seen this series on a networking site for months and not once did I mark it to read all because of the political undertones.

Someone should have shaken me a bit and told me to get over it and get busy with it. Never again will I allow politics to stand in the way. I started reading this book and I was instantly amazed at the characters and the plot, and the knowledge the author brought to the table with this series. And when I was done with the books, I sat back and wished with all my heart that David Windsor and Shane Thompson were real. I want to one day see a gay President and his husband in office.

David Windsor at the start is a man who is running for President of the United States. David is a no nonsense man with a no nonsense attitude. He’s bold, he’s energetic, he’s related to the King of England, and he has one hell of a great looking secret security agent protecting him at every turn. However, he’s gay and it wasn’t until last minute that it got out when he admitted to it. His strong beliefs and honesty won him the ticket as the first gay President in the United States.

Don’t let that fool you though. This man is full of spunk and vinegar and he takes to office like I do to purses. He does not mess around and when he speaks, everyone listens. He’s not afraid to address the issues he’s faced with on a daily basis, even when his life is threatened at every turn. At the beginning of his Presidency he finds himself very attracted to Shane Thompson and openly admits his wants to the agent. The agent in turn admits his feelings and they begin an affair which is kept to themselves for a while. Shane is a true agent, his abilities, his devotion to his job and the man he is protecting is outstanding.

Shane is the younger of the two; he’s in super shape, he’s damn near flawless actually. He puts his own life on the line every second of his life for his President and lover and talk about patience? This man has tons. When he catches the President in a compromising situation he reacts with a cool sense of pride and doesn’t let it interfere with his job. But the set up was amazing because he busted in the room, drug the offender out with a gun to the boys head leaving Mr. Windsor in shock wondering if Shane was that jealous. He is perfect material for the President.

As I read the story I learned a lot about what goes on in the White House, and just how much privacy the President doesn’t have. He’s always in demand, he’s always on call, he’s always in the limelight, and he has no privacy. When John wrote about a secret entrance into the President’s room through a bookcase I actually have to wonder if there really is one there. I was taken on one hell of a political journey with this series and I’m glad I did. I was able to see the events through the author’s eyes and see what really may be going on with the President on a day to day basis.

John Simpson should have run for President, he still should. He’s full of political knowledge and insider secrets and he amazes me. This series should be read by all MM readers for the knowledge alone in the political end of things. The sex is amazing to say the least. I love that John put so much “real” into the scenes. Nothing was forced; there were no fake feelings between the men. They are real men in the story with real man needs and there was no beating around the bush about it. Sex is sex but when love comes to light it makes it that much more.

A few things I really adored in the series: John Windsor’s dog Mary, his secretary Mary, his Vice President’s son, and the homeless boy he and Shane saved. Then add adoption, and marriage, and a woman president to the mix and you have yourself one hell of a mini-series that should be on TV. John Simpson has taught me a lot in these books and I hope to see more of this lovely family soon. Oh, and the last of the series at the moment, is told from the 3rd person POV. The others are all in 1st. That was a nice change.

Reviewer: Michele

And here’s a little something I found so very intriguing about the author:

John Simpson, a Vietnam-era Veteran, has been a uniformed Police Officer of the Year, a federal agent, a federal magistrate, and an armed bodyguard to royalty and a senior government executive. He earned awards from the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of the Treasury. John has written articles for various gay and straight magazines. John lives with his partner of 35 years and three wonderful Scott Terriers, all spoiled and a breed of canine family member that is unique in dogdom. John is also involved with the Old Catholic Church and its liberal pastoral positions on the gay community.

>Spanking for Love by John Simpson


Spanking for Love
by John Simpson
Silver Publishing
75 Pages
Setting: modern day
Characters: Mark and Tad
POV: Third person
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Two best friends get invited to a party that turns into an S&M party where they get spanked as well as have sex. What they don’t know at first is that they had sex with each other while blindfolded.

Review by Jeff:
Tad and Mark are best friends and have been since high school. Although both are gay, they vowed long ago not to ever become involved romantically, for fear it may ultimately ruin their close friendship.

When a mutual friend named Eddie invites Tad and Mark to a party, they are surprised to discover that the party is designed to entail far more than just drinking and socializing. They are ushered into a basement where they see firsthand what a BDSM dungeon is, and before long they each find themselves in bondage facing the brutal sting of a Master’s belt and paddle.

During their ordeal in the dungeon, the now blindfolded victims are forced to have sex with unknown partners. After the scene ends, they learn that they have been tricked into having sex with each other, and shockingly, it is the best sex of their lives!

This initial sexual encounter between Tad and Mark sparks within each of them an awakening of sorts. They both become aware of their attraction to each other, and it leads to further sex play, particularly involving a leather paddle. Mark, the bottom, discovers he is very much turned on by being submissive, and his partner Tad is equally as excited about domination.

For revenge, the couple devise a plan to even the score with their friend Eddie and his cohort Joey. They arrange for a weekend outdoor getaway at a cabin retreat owned by Tad’s parents. They stealthily make pre-arrangements, and at just the right moment they take Eddie and Joey unaware and subject them to a bondage scene which is equally as torturous as the opening dungeon scenario.

This short, seventy-five page sex-filled piece is a delicious slice of BDSM erotica. Although the story is not laced with heavy emotional content or deep romance, it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to achieve. It presents hot, kinky, man-on-man sex which includes BDSM fetish and fun sexual play. The descriptions are graphic, and it quickly and unapologetically becomes a one-handed read.

The story does contain a sweet romantic element, in that it chronicles the evolution of Tad and Mark’s platonic-then-sexual relationship. However, it does not delve deeply into the emotions of these characters nor does it even attempt to flesh them out fully. To have done so, in my opinion, would be to completely change the theme of this short story. It is not a romance, per se, but rather a titillating piece of fetish-themed erotica. If you’re a fan of bondage and spanking, and you enjoy sex-for-sex’s sake, you’ll love this little gem. Don’t expect a touching, heart-rending love story, though. This book ain’t a Harlequin Romance!

I’m a big fan of erotica, particularly BDSM, so I loved it. It reminded me a bit of the stories I used to find on the Nifty archives, although this one by far was much better written and edited. I look forward to consuming many more of hot, steamy stories by this talented author, and I encourage you to do the same!

Review By Sidney:

I had only made it to page 12 of this book when I hit dead on to the thirty smacks with a leather strap to start and then a cat-o-nine and then a paddle? Are they out of their bleeding mind? This isn’t realistic by any means. For Mark’s first time even experiencing the taste of the BDSM having never known if he’d even like it or want to be a part of this lifestyle I found it to be a little extreme right off the bat. I think he should have been weaned into to it gradually with consent of course.

I enjoy the whole D/s, BDSM scene, but I do think a new sub or even someone with submissive tendencies should be treated more carefully and with a reassuring hand so they don’t break. This was not the case in the beginning of this book. To me the ‘spanking’ in general surpassed as more than a punishment and a beating, it borderlines abuse. Without proper protocol and etiquette taken and rather than being shown the heightened pleasure that could be derived along with the pain Joey the supposed Dom who I would not allow membership into any BDSM club doesn’t even ask Mark for a Safe Word so that they’d know they’ve gone too far with him. There was a point where Mark wanted to cry out for it to stop, but wasn’t sure of himself. Hence erotic play turned into pain. Yet Mark does get pleasure out of the fucking part of this painful experience.

As the story progresses along Tad is caned while Mark is ball gagged and what I would call ‘the punishment’ continues towards both men. What is seeming to be a plot to throw two men together in order to consummate their probable feelings for each other is looking more like premeditated, deceitful and conniving tactics against the two by supposed friends in which could have permanently damaged their tightened bonded friendship.

Mark comes to realize that after what Tad reveals to him of their night in the dungeon that Tad had been the one to screw his ass, although Mark knows he’d been had by sucking Tad’s cock without knowing. Mark contemplates the following morning how hot all the sex and bondage play was. Although the sexual acts were hot indeed what hit the nail in the coffin was how the spanking blows could not have traumatized Mark and he’d walked out of the party unfazed with no pain or appearing discomforted by a severely bruised and reddened arse.

Mark’s sense of guilt in whether or not to reveal what he knew to his best friend of many years is touching, but from being spanked again in the future even though Tad delegates to show him that this could have been pleasurable rather than painful and Mark readily agrees to go along with it was rather disbelieving. Mark agrees with himself that the sex was mind-blowing with his best buddy and friend Tad, but read it closely. It was very mind-blowing alright, but the mind-blowing sex he had and readily admitted right after that it was was with Joey who took his arse first and not with Tad who was the second guy to fuck him quickly and got his rocks off quite fast.

Mark and Tad plan pay back after consenting that they did enjoy the sex together, but how their friends went about it was worthy of them getting back two-fold what was done on to them so it’s off to the cabin owned by Tad’s parents where the plot thickens and paybacks going to be a bitch. This is where the two men explore. As the payback is a nice added touch when Joey and Eddie are lured to the cabin to have returned to them what they’d dished out I’ve already gone downwind on this story at this point. So alternately in the end long time friends become longtime lovers’ yadda, yadda, happily ever after and all that.

This book is really well written, although it lacked emotion and I’m aware this is completely fiction and if anything I’m a complete slut when it comes to reading anything BDSM or D/s, but this one slipped to the wayside and didn’t do it for me. It’s unfortunate since I had been really looking forward to reading it as soon as I’d seen the book and read the summary. And while the romance was meant to be there for these two men to cement their friendship into something more the major points of action during the onset of the story while reading it without the reaction of the characters to said actions left it robotic. It’s a shame that a potentially good BDSM story which an interesting plot behind the idea could not have touched a little with the reality and remained completely fictional and unrealistic.

We hope you have enjoyed our dueling reviews. The majority of time our review team is pretty much in agreement with one another, but occasionally there comes a book along upon which we do not quite see eye-to-eye. Such was the case with John Simpson’s Spanking for Love. Jeff loved it, but Sidney wasn’t impressed. Read our reviews and judge for yourslef–and please let us know what you think!