Reaping Shadows by Jamieson Wolf

Author: Jamieson Wolf
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: ebook novella
Characters: Darion Murete and Kale
POV: Third Person
Sub-Genre: mm romance paranormal
Kisses: 2.5


Death has always been a lonely business. Darion Muerte knows this firsthand as a Reaper. But his world changes when he meets Kale.

Darion is a Reaper, one of those who gathers the souls of the dead so they can move on. He has been a Reaper for centuries. Accompanied only by his Shadow, a being that scouts for the dead, Darion has not been touched by another for over a thousand years.
That all changes when Darion meets Kale. Though mortals are not supposed to be able to see Reapers and their Shadows, Kale can see both of them. And his dark blue eyes see right into Darion.

Answering the call of passion that sets fire to his skin, Darion gives in to his needs and lets himself experience one night of passion. That is all he can take. And then Darion must make the ultimate sacrifice.


Reaping Shadows is a modern-day Grim Reaper story in which the main character, Darion Muerte travels the planet seeking souls to collect. His job is to be a soldier of sorts that works for Death. With the use of his shadow, he finds people who are ready to die and captures their soul.

As the story begins, Darion is drawn to a particular target named Kale. Surprisingly, Kale does not appear to be anywhere near ready for death nor does he fear Darion. This is unusual being that typically all humans fear his presence. Darion senses a connection with Kale and the two come together and make love. This lovemaking session somehow transforms Kale into an agent of Death himself, and the two become supernatural partners.

When I first started reading this story I was almost positive that it would be a five star read. I loved the beginning and was intrigued by Darion and by the way he was drawn to Kale. After the first love scene, though, the story started to fall apart for me. It became rather cheesy and I started to view it more as a comedy.

I think many readers may appreciate this type of storytelling. In my opinion, the author was trying to infuse humor into the dialogue and to sort of make light of death. He introduces a couple of villain characters that he calls the Brothers Grimm. I couldn’t figure out how their role specifically differed from Darion’s or from Death itself.

The sex scenes were the best part, in my view. These alone are the story’s redemption. This is a short, entertaining read. The writing is very strong but the plot is flimsy. I kind of think this intentional though. It’s just a kind of fun paranormal fantasy.

Reviewed By: Jeff


Copping a Feel (Gods of Love Book #2) by Jamieson Wolf

Title: Copping a Feel (Gods of Love Book #2)
Author: Jamieson Wolf
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 45
Characters: Justin and his Cupid
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary
Kisses: 3.5


Justin Wright is not lucky in love.

His boyfriend has dumped him. He no longer believes in love at first sight, and he hates Valentine’s Day.
Justin’s world is thrown upside down when a cop gives him a blowjob in a hotel bathroom. But when the cop visits Justin at his home, he knows he’s in trouble.

Justin may not believe in love, but love believes in him.


I find the idea that people have of Cupid intriguing. Most of us think of them as being almost cherub in looks. Small, chubby, rosy cheeks, wings and carrying a bow and arrow and ready to bring love to all. Well, not in this case. Jamieson Wolf brings a new meaning to the word Cupid.

Justin Wright, a romance writer has sworn off love. He has decided after a few failed attempts at it, that love isn’t in the cards for him. Instead he lives through the characters he creates and calls it good. However, all that changes on afternoon in a public bathroom when he meets Willis, a larger than life cop who has Justin on his knees giving him a blowjob within moments of meeting him.

This was not a one day stand sort of action as we find out though. Willis is much more than a cop, he’s much more than just a romp. He is who Justin has been looking for his whole life. But how does he manage to get over the fact that he can’t understand what’s going on, or why, or how he can act like a common tramp where Willis is concerned.

This is a cute short story that takes the reader from an erotic encounter into the world of love for the characters. Well written, cute, sexy, and with a plausible plot. Justin has a very wide open mind and where Willis is concerned he’ll need it once he finds out the cops little secret. I really loved how Justin kept himself under control when they finally make love. He’s witty, he’s cute, and he is, so ready to love. Will Willis be who he’s been writing about for years or will he be another person to break another piece of his already hurting heart?

From the looks of it, this is the first book in their tale.

Reviewed By: Michele


Ad-Dick-tion (Volume One) Anthology

Title: Ad-Dick-tion: Volume One
Authors: Christina Jade Loren, Jamieson Wolf, Kayla Jameth, Jessica Lee, Kimberly Hunter, DC Juris, Berengaria Brown, and Rebecca Leigh
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 196
Characters: Various
POV: 1st and 3rd Person
Setting: Contemporary
Sub-Genre: Anthology/Erotica/Menage/Fantasy/Paranormal
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4 (Overall)


In this collection of sizzling hot Adonis shorts, feel the passion again with previously released m/m erotic stories, along with an all new story by Kayla JamethLegends.

Turned by Christina Jade Loren – Nathan thinks that Damien is easy prey. He stalks him right up until the point Damien turns the tables.

Eternity by Christina Jade Loren – Even vampires need boy toys…

Break and Enter by Christina Jade Loren – When a lone burglar breaks into James’ home demanding everything, temperatures soar between both men.

Furry Endeavors by Christina Jade Loren – Home for the holidays isn’t exactly what Lance had in mind when his lover, Adin, took him to a secluded log cabin in the middle of a forest.

Hard by Jamieson Wolf – Owen’s best friend makes him hard.

Hardening by Jamieson Wolf – When Daniel leaves him, Owen wonders if he will ever love again. Thankfully, you don’t need love to have hot sex…

Legends by Kayla Jameth – Austin promised his assertive lover a magical evening. He has arranged to celebrate Jack’s birthday at the new concept restaurant Legends. Will Legends be everything he hoped it would be?

Make Me by Jessica Lee – Becoming the alpha of one’s wolf pack—brutal. Keeping the title and your mate alive all at the same time—living hell. Previously Reviewed HERE

Got Lemons? by Kimberly Hunter– Will giving into desire be a sour mistake or sweet perfection?

Dream Come True by DC Juris – Tristan knows that Jinsu is just a drawing…. A made-up, elaborate version of Tristan’s perfect man. All in Tristan’s head. Jinsu isn’t real. Or…is he? Previously Reviewed HERE

Sundae Surprise by DC Juris – Dean learns the true meaning of the words “playing with your food” when his hot and hunky roommate, Rick, interrupts his plans for some solo Sunday afternoon fun.

Perfect Christmas by DC Juris – Evan plans to spend yet another Christmas alone while Drake travels for business. But a special delivery reveals Drake had some plans of his own! Previously Reviewed HERE

Carnal Connections by Berengaria Brown – Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding, and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?

Room Number 12 by Rebecca Leigh – Two male vampire cowboys come together in a bar as strangers but leave as lovers.


Fantasy and role playing, dominance and submission, ménage a trios and one on one; the Ad-Dick-tion anthology is a compilation of über-steamy tales that transport the reader on an erotic journey inhabited by vampires, werewolves, and human men who heat up the pages in this homage to sex and love.

From the fun and flirty to the down and dirty and everything in between, each of the eight authors has contributed a story that celebrates eroticism. Whether it’s the first sexual encounter between best friends turned lovers, or it’s the chance meeting at a wedding that leads to a sexy threesome in a hotel room, they all explore sensuality in its many forms—from new love to lost love to eternal love, there’s something between the covers for every reader.

Each of the offerings, with the exception of Kayla Jameth’s beautifully seductive ménage story Legends, the tale of a man who gives his partner the ultimate birthday gift, have appeared in prior publication, but now they can all be enjoyed in this single collection .

Indulge in the sexual fantasies of the men of Ad-Dick-tion; it’s a choice collection of carnal creativity, to be sure.

Reviewed By: Lisa