Lydia Reviews: Schooled by Jeff Adams

Title: Schooled

Author: Jeff Adams

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Series

Pages: 186

Kisses: 4


Secret agent and teenage computer genius Theo Reese lives in two separate worlds—and they’re about to collide.

Theo’s high school computer science club is gearing up for a competition, and Theo agrees to lend his knowledge of cybersecurity to help them win. The covert agency he works for also needs his talents. An encrypted key that allows access to the nation’s electrical grid has been stolen. Theo’s skills are crucial in its recovery before disaster strikes.

When the file shows up at the competition as one of those to be decoded, Theo must find a way to be both an average high school student and Winger, his secret identity. The file must be secured—all while protecting his teammates from those who will use any means necessary to get the file for themselves.


Schooled is the second book in the Code Name: Winger series by author Jeff Adams. This is a young adult series centered around a high school computer genius who also happens to be a secret agent. Yes, I know, a teenage secret agent but if you can get into vampires and werewolves, then you can believe in this too. I was a little skeptical myself when I picked up the first book, Hacker, but soon found myself drawn in by Theo. You also need to know that this is a series that needs to be read in order, because of that this review may have some spoilers.

Theo is still pulled thin as he is a full-time high school student, a part-time college student, and a part-time secret agent. As far as school goes, things seem to be going well. He and Eddie are still going strong, his grades continue to be high and he’s busy on all sides. The last thing he has time for is helping the school’s computer club. Once he sees how good they are, however, he wants to see them succeed, so sets out to make sure they can do just that in the next competition.

On the spy side, he’s fresh off his first field mission and while he feels a sense of accomplishment he knows there is still a lot he needs to learn. When his next assignment comes to him due to the death of one of his co-workers, Theo wonders if he has taken on too much. What he does not count on is his current mission and the school’s computer club competition colliding.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this story. Who’s trying to open the encryption key that can cause major destruction? What does that have to do with the computer competition that the high school is involved in? Is Theo ready for a promotion or should he make more time for being a teenager? All these are things that Theo must find answers to. There is also one more question that still needs to be answered, the one surrounding the irregularities with Theo’s and Eddie’s phones. I am wondering when the next book will be out because to me it felt like there was more going on with regards to the phones. While reading Schooled I kept worrying that Eddie was going to be a bad guy.

The author does a great job handling the mystery aspects of the story as well as keeping Theo a kid. The relationship between Theo and Eddie is handled nicely as well. Due to the boys’ ages, the sexual aspect is on the light side or occurs off page. This is a series that I will be reading again in the future and I hope we don’t have to wait too long before another book comes out.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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