Lydia Reviews: Loose Ends by Jeff Erno

TITLE: Loose Ends

Author: Jeff Erno

Publisher:  Self published through Amazon

Pages: 183

Characters: Tucker Brown and Ivan Ramsey

POV: 3rd POV

Sub-Genre: Mystery

Kisses: 4.5


Homicide detective Tucker Brown hasn’t always made the right decisions, but one thing about his life he’ll never regret is his son Jaydin. While at the hospital for his four-year-old’s tonsillectomy, he encounters Jaydin’s nurse, Ivan Ramsey. Tucker is taken aback, however, when he discovers he’s been assigned to investigate the potential murder of Ivan’s mother.

Ivan Ramsey is a pediatric nurse, and he loves his job more than life. Raised in a devoutly religious family, he’s not yet out to a lot of people, but on the very night he chooses to come out to his mother, she dies tragically in a house fire.Devastated by the news, Ivan all but falls to pieces, and to make matters worse, a cocky, know-it-all police detective shows up asking nosy questions. The cop implies his mother’s death might not have been an accident and even infers a family member might be responsible.

Tucker and Ivan at first clash. Their strikingly different personalities are oil and water, but soon they begin to work together to determine the real cause of Ivan’s mother’s death. In the process, sparks begin to fly and a romance ignites. Ivan falls hard, not only for the sexy detective but also his adorable son.Tucker, equally smitten, has made some discoveries he can’t yet reveal to his lover. There are so many loose ends and unanswered questions for both of them, and when the truth finally comes out, it just might tear them apart.


Loose Ends is a recent release by author Jeff Erno.  This is a story that starts out strong from the beginning and keeps going that way through out the rest of the book.

Main character Ivan is a nurse in the pediatric ward.  He loves his job and finds himself drawn to Jaydin, one of his patience.  He has a hard time understanding why the little boy’s father seems to have little time to spend with him, especially since Jaydin will be having surgery soon.  Imagine Ivan’s surprise when Tucker, Jaydin’s father, shows up and Ivan feels a something for him.  To cover for his awkwardness Ivan is a little short with the other man,something he later regrets.

Tucker is a cop working hard trying to keep his job under control while being a full time father, even if he and his wife are divorced.  Although he knows he should be with his son, he has no choice but to leave the hospital when he’s called out on the job.  Imagine his surprise when he finds out the death he is investigating leads him right back to the nurse taking care of his son.

I really love Mr. Erno’s characters.  This is an author that writes characters that come across realistically.  Because of that, they are not perfect and in fact their flaws make the readers care more about them.  While there were times I wanted to smack both Tucker and Ivan I could understand why they behaved the way the did.  I loved watching them forge a relationship that allowed them to become a strong couple.  But all is not easy for them.

Mr. Erno weaves a murder mystery through Loose Ends that will leave the reader turning the page to see what will happen next.  I cried right along side of Ivan when he receives news of his mother’s death.  I will not say to much more on this so that I do not give anything away.  I will say this however, the twists and turns that the mystery in this book take are very well done.

Mr. Erno is one of my go to authors.  His books generally end up on my favorites shelve and I have read many of them numerous times.  He is an author I would highly recommend to those who have not given him a try.

Reviewed By: Lydia




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