Lydia Reviews: Hell and Back by Dirk Greyson

Title: Hell and Back

Author: Dirk Greyson

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 200

Genre: Mystery



Seventeen years ago, Forge Reynolds fell in love… and had his heart broken. When Staff Sergeant Gage Livingston was brought into Forge’s Army field hospital, temporarily paralyzed, Forge sat with him, read his letters, answered his mail, and formed a connection he thought would last. But Gage was sent home, Forge transferred to a new post, and his letters to Gage went unanswered.

Now in the middle of a bitter divorce, Forge is sick and tired of his husband’s manipulation. He’s almost ready to make any sacrifice to get closure—then he finds Granger murdered execution-style in their home. Forge had no idea about Granger’s illicit activities, but the killers don’t believe that. They think Forge has something they want, and they’re coming after him.

When Forge’s lawyer arranges for professional protection, the last face Forge expects to see is Gage’s. Can he even contemplate a second chance for them after almost two decades, or will hoping only lead to more heartache? Before they can explore the possibilities, they must figure out what information Granger had—that others are willing to kill for—or that possible heartache could become a certainty.


Fans of Dirk Greyson are going to love Hell and Back, a recent release put out by Dreamspinner Press.  It is a great mystery that will leave you turning the pages to find out what is going on.  It is also a very well done second chance at love story that is done in a way that makes the characters come across believably.

When the story starts out, Forge is sitting in his lawyer’s office going over issues surrounding his upcoming divorce.  It is clear from the beginning that Forge’s divorce is not going to be an easy one, but things go from bad to worse when Forge returns home and finds his soon to be ex dead.  When it becomes clear that Granger’s death is the result of more than just the average home invasion, Forge’s lawyer arranges for protection. It is at this time that Gage enters the picture and readers can tell there is history between the two men.

Forge and Gage met years ago when both were still in the military.  While serving with his unit Gage is severely injured and flown to a military hospital in Germany.  Forge is one of the many medical personnel that took care of Gage at the time and the two men formed a bond that they

thought nothing could end.  Both men believe it is the other that changed their mind about getting together once they got home and so their lives took different roads than what they had planned.  Because of this there is some hurt feelings on both sides when the come together again.

I love the way the author was able to pull me into the world he created and made me care about the two main characters.  Forge and Gage are strong men able to take care of themselves and those around them, yet at the same time there is a vulnerable side to both of them.  I like that the author did not have these two fall right into bed as if nothing happen since the last time they saw each other. Instead the men work to overcome their past while trying to figure out who killed Granger and is coming after Forge.

The mystery aspect of this story has a lot of little twists and turns and while some of them may be predictable, they still kept the story entertaining.  There are a couple of moments that surprised me, especially the reason for Granger’s death.

I thought the author did an excellent job wrapping up both the mystery part of Hell and Back, and the romantic side.  There is closure for Forge with regards to Granger’s murder and a new beginning for him and Gage.  This is one story that will be on my re-read list and for those who have not yet tried something by this author then Hell and Back is a great place to start.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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