Anne Reviews: Would it Okay to Love You? by Amy Tasukada

Title:  Would It Be Okay To Love You?

Author: Amy Tasukada

Publisher:  Self-published

Pages: 130

Characters: Sato/Aoi

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kisses: 5


A robot fanboy. An erotic voice actor. When love comes calling, will they shed their armor?

Sato’s only long-term relationship is the one he shares with his Gundam collectibles. He dreams about the kind of unconditional love his parents enjoy. If only he could break out of his shell, he might find his special someone…

Outgoing playboy Aoi has sworn off relationships. He knows they only distract him from his budding voice acting career. He’s earned a few loyal fans, and if he keeps at it, he may even earn enough to never worry about being evicted again…

When Sato meets Aoi at the local anime store, there’s definitely a spark. But even as they tread carefully, their commitment issues and Aoi’s troubled past soon muck things up before they can start. In order for Sato and Aoi to have their happily-ever-after, they’ll both have to take a leap of faith… and hope to be caught.

Would It Be Okay to Love You? is the first book in a gay romance series set in Japan. If you like original characters, nerd culture, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Amy Tasukada’s charming multicultural love story.


I’m a long time Gundam and anime fan so when I read the blurb for Would It Be Okay To Love You? I had to read the book!  I loved it.  Sato and Aoi are a very sweet couple, and I liked the way I which the author made their struggles very real.  This is story of opposites attract, although both men are lonely and feeling isolated.  Sato is only out to his sister, is a total Gundam nerd, and is very naïve and innocent.  Aoi is out, but is surviving on a succession of little more than one night stands. I liked Aoi’s friend Jin, and how supportive he was of Aoi.  Sato’s sister is a well rounded character too and her sibling relationship with Sato felt very real.

The manga and anime references made me smile, and took me back to my days of anime fandom.  I enjoy reading about characters from other cultures, and I liked the way in which the author set the story firmly in Japan, yet didn’t let the cultural references overwhelm the story and the growing relationship between Aoi and Sato.  I thought Aoi’s financial struggle as a voice actor came across very realistically and I really felt for him.  The ending was perfect, and I immediately signed up for Amy’s newsletter so I could receive monthly stories about Aoi and Sato.

I’d recommend Would It Be Okay To Love You? to readers who enjoy a sweet romance about opposites attracting, and stories about characters from other cultures.

Reviewed By: Anne


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