Nic Starr invites you to meet her hero, Patrick Edwards!



Meet Patrick Edwards


“His gaze kept being drawn to the guy sitting diagonally opposite. It wasn’t his good looks that captured Simon’s attention, although he was most definitely the kind of guy Simon was attracted to. What piqued his interest was the guy’s engaging smile and the way he kept sneaking glances at Simon from under a sweep of hair that flopped across his forehead. He looked friendly, if not a little shy judging by the flush to his cheeks whenever Simon looked his way. What is his name again? Patrick, that’s it.”

Patrick’s Savior – Character Bio

Name: Patrick Edwards

Age:  23

Physical Characteristics:  6’, average body, dark blond/light brown hair that flops across his forehead, gray eyes, smooth skin

Occupation: Elementary school office administrator

Family: Only child of older parents who had him late in life.

Best Friend: Charlie, who is the reason Patrick ended up meeting Simon

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, a touch shy. Always getting forgetting things, losing things, and stuffing up – think Murphy’s Law

Loves: His job at the school, helping his friends, activities like go-karting. Falls in love with Simon Dawson.

Heartache: The boyfriend of the guy he used to share an apartment with, freaked him out. He didn’t feel comfortable or safe in his own home.

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