Sophie Reviews: The Grump by Wayne Mansfield

Title: The Grump
Author: Wayne Mansfield
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 62
Characters: Douglas, Brad
POV: 3rd Limited with Brad’s POV
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, May/December Romance
Kisses: 2.5


Brad can’t believe his luck when he finds the perfect place to live at the perfect price. It’s a pity his new landlord Douglas is such a miserable grump. It isn’t long before he wonders if it’s a good idea to be living in such close proximity to such a moody ogre.

Fortunately, his life at work is looking up with the arrival of a new employee named Enzo. Brad falls immediately in lust with the hot Italian. They start dating, though it soon becomes apparent there are going to be problems. Enzo starts exhibiting some unlikeable traits and, while Brad finds himself slowly falling in love with the man, he also realizes Enzo has problems not just with commitment, but also with his sexuality.

Brad has a dilemma. Does he persist with Enzo, tolerate his bad behavior, and pray for a miraculous, happy ending? Or will the love he seeks come from an entirely different direction?


The Grump is the first book I’ve read by this author. It’s pretty obvious the author knows how to write a good story, too bad it’s not a fully fleshed out and longer one.

Brad seems like an okay guy. He’s saving for a home, has a few friends and is an ordinary guy. There isn’t anything wrong with that except that I wanted to know more about him. We don’t find out what makes him tick and why he gives his affections away so easily. His past is a bit of a mystery and there just isn’t much depth to him.

Same goes for Douglas. Douglas is older than Brad (I think by twenty years or so) and has never recovered from a broken heart. He goes from grumpy to friend to future partner in a blink of an eye. There is a decent explanation as to why Douglas was so walled off before, but what I found strange is how quick and willing he was to throw away his pain (that he’s suffered from for years) and immediately fell for Brad.

The story was just told in a generalized way with hardly any depth at all. I wasn’t able to care about the characters like I wanted and truly wish the story had been a fully fleshed out one.

The Grump is a decent read, just not a memorable one. If you want a quick and easy read this book might be for you.

Reviewed By: Sophie

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