Gabbi Reviews: Out of the Cage by Catherine Lievens

Title: Free Shifters, Book 1: Out of the Cage
Author: Catherine Lievens
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 141
Characters: Emmett, Levin
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Shifter, Series
Kisses: 3.5


Can a man who’s been a prisoner all his life ever be truly free?

The only thing Emmett has known his entire life is the zoo. He was born in captivity, taken away from his mother when he was twelve, and has lived alone in his cage for the past twelve years.

Levin is a free shifter. He was born free, and he’s made saving shifters under human control one of his missions in life. The lucky ones are locked in zoos for human entertainment. The unlucky ones are in labs, being tortured and killed.

Emmett and his best friend are rescued from the Colorado Zoological Park just before the park plans to get rid of Emmett for not being able to breed. Emmett has trouble adapting to life outside the cage, but Levin is there for him, helping him every step of the way. It’s confusing and scary, but Emmett has never felt so safe—yet so out of place.

Levin and Emmett must find a way to fit together as they deal with a jealous ex and Emmett tries to become a true pack member. When one of the kids runs away, not even Levin listens to Emmett when he says he can help. Will Levin manage to rescue the pup before it’s too late? What will happen when Emmett decides to disobey Levin’s order to stay put and gets hurt in the process?


Out of the Cage by Catherine Lievens is the first book in the Free Shifters series. I admit that after I read the blurb, I was real anxious to read this book. I suspected that both this series and story would be different than most of the shifter books that I’ve read before. In many ways I was right. The circumstances behind the lives of these characters, as well as, the struggle they have to survive made this an interesting read.

The main reason why I liked this book was the relationship between Emmett and his best friend, Keating. Both men were rescued from the zoo together and because they were best friends to begin with, I really enjoyed the banter and chemistry these two shared together. It was obvious that Keating, in particular, really cared and looked out for the much smaller and shyer and very naive Emmett. As the story progressed, I truly felt their affection for each other and since I enjoyed their friendship so much, it made the story flow well.

Though I enjoyed Emmett and Keating’s relationship, I also liked the romance between Emmett and Levin, too. I liked the way Levin took Emmett under his wing, and for the most part, was patient with him. Levin is a good alpha. He’s fair and definitely looks out for his clan. I enjoyed watching Levin and Emmett’s relationship developed and appreciated how much they truly seemed to like and respect the other. They were a good fit and will make a strong couple as time goes by.

My only issue with the story was that I didn’t like many of the secondary characters at all. The clan itself is unusual because they are secluded from civilization. Because of this they work hard and in my opinion, are quick to point fingers and blame others for their own faults. As a general rule, I thought they came off as mistrusting and mostly unlikable but I hope as the series continues and as stories are told, the clan will become better people as a whole.

I’m looking forward to Keating’s story…BUT I have a feeling his relationship will be a menage/threesome romance and since I’m not a fan of those, I might not be able to read it…darn it!

Out of the Cage is a solid start to what looks to be an interesting series. I know fans of this genre and fans of Ms. Lieven’s will enjoy it as much as I did.


Reviewed By: Gabbi

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