Lydia Reviews: Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

TITLE: Fishy Riot
Author: Lindsey Black
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 236
Characters: Taylor Jameson and Sietta Salisbury
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Mystery, Contemporary
Kisses: 5


Most people think riot squad officer Taylor Jameson is an asshole. Little do they know his apparent indif-ference stems from having a meddlesome family always butting into his business. And little does Taylor know he’s about to stumble into a situation that’ll make indifference impossible.
When everything goes horribly wrong at a political rally on a harbour ferry, Taylor encounters Sietta Salisbury. The son of a wealthy politician, Sietta is a revered—but presumed dead—musician, and an enigma who is so strange, Taylor is compelled to look into his background. What he discovers draws him into a bizarre mess of prisoners, politics, and attempted murder that makes him realize what he’s been missing.
Falling in love isn’t hard. Trying to convince someone else you’re worth loving despite your crazy family and the people trying to kill you? That’s a whole other can of worms.


I realize that everyone’s reading tastes are different, and that reviews are suggestive, but OMG I loved this book. Fishy Riot is full of wonderful characters, both main and secondary. All of them will have you tied to the story for one reason or the other.

Taylor Jameson is a member of the riot squad. He is big and tough, easily intimidating those who do not know him. He comes from a big nosy family and has a twin brother who he spends time with at home and at work. The one thing missing in his life is a significant other. While performing his duties he comes across the most amazing man and everything for Taylor changes.

Sietta Salisbury is an enigma. He’s an outstanding musician. He’s the son of a powerful politician. He is also supposedly dead, that is until he is seen in public during a family function. Sietta also has a huge secret, one that people will kill to keep quiet. Then he meets Taylor and his life starts to change. Only time will tell if it is for the better or not.

Before going any farther let me point out that there are topics in this story that may be considered triggers. If abuse, in any fashion, is difficult for you, you may want to pass on this story.

From the start, Fishy Riot is full of little twists and turns that hold your interest. A lot of that centers on Sietta and his family. To keep from giving anything away, I won’t go into too much detail but I will say I was shocked by what was revealed, and could not believe that people would behave like some in Sietta’s family did, even in a book. I wanted to hug Sietta and his younger brother while beating the s**t out of the rest of his family.

Taylor is a wonderful counterpoint for Sietta. First of all, he’s big and tough enough to handle anything that comes his way, so Sietta’s problems will not chase Taylor off. Secondly, the instant connection that Taylor feels for Sietta means the younger man has someone willing to protect and love him, wanting nothing in return.

I know some readers don’t like insta-love, and while the feelings Taylor has for Sietta could fall into that category, it is not like what you may normally find. The author knows that the two men will need time to get to know each other, and she gives them that. She also gives them several angsty moments that keep their relationship from being one smooth ride. There is one more thing the author does that makes this story a good read, and that is fill it with excellent secondary characters.

While some of those characters are beyond likeable, Taylor’s family will have you laughing your ass off. His family is over the top, especially with the way they have to be in everyone else’s business. These lighthearted moments are needed however to keep the book from being too heavy.

For me, Fishy Riot was an outstanding read. As much as I wanted to see what would happen next, I also did not want to see the book end. I hope there will be more books to follow this one and I will be looking for more stories by this author.

Reviewed By: Lydia

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