Gabbi Reviews: A Dandelion for a Tulip by R. Cooper

Title: A Dandelion for a Tulip
Author: R. Cooper
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: Tulip, David
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Series
Kisses: 4.5


David is in love with Tulip, a kind and unusually quiet fairy in his social circle. But everyone knows Tulip doesn’t date humans. David tells himself he is happy to be Tulip’s friend, because he doesn’t believe a fairy could love him and Tulip has never tried to “keep him”—as fairies refer to relationships with humans.

Fairies are drawn to David, describing his great “shine,” but David knows only too well how quickly fairies can forget humans, and thinks he’s destined to be alone. He can’t see his own brilliance or understand how desperately Tulip wants him, even if Tulip believes David can do better.

But exhausted and more than a little tipsy at a Christmas party, David makes his feelings too obvious for Tulip to deny any longer. Because of a past heartbreak involving a human, Tulip is convinced someone as shiny as David could never want a “silly, stupid fairy” in his life. Now, if he wants to keep David, he’ll have to be as brave as his shiny, careful human.


The Being(s) in Love stories by R. Cooper have made this reader fall in love with dragons, fairies and other paranormal beings all over again. Ms. Cooper has a real fresh take on a well-loved genre and I for one, can’t wait to read more about this interesting world that she has created.

It was easy to fall in love with these characters. Both David and Tulip are interesting, complex characters that live and breathe off of the written page. Thought they both are smart, strong heroes they share a wealth of miscommunication, self-doubt and other nagging negative traits that many of us share. One of the reasons why I really liked them both is because they are genuinely NICE people. It’s good to read a sweet and gentle story in where the nice guy(s) actually DO finish first.

There is something special and even believable about the world in which Ms. Cooper creates for her characters. Even though it is fantasy novel, it’s always easy to get wrapped up into the culture and traditions of her beings and I always find myself easily getting wrapped up in their lives.

A Dandelion for a Tulip is a sweet story that develops between two heroes that have a true unrequited love. Neither of them are aware of the other person’s feelings and they truly misinterpret how they like/love/feel about the other. I enjoyed watching Tulip and David’s relationship develop into something very special. There were times I wanted to shake some sense into David because of his continued unwillingness to see clearly what was in front of him, but all in all I thought David and Tulip’s story was a well-told and romantic read.

I highly recommend this series if you love fantasy romance. Also, I thing each and every story can be read as a stand-alone in this series and they are easily some of my favorites in the high fantasy/urban fantasy genre.

The Being(s) in Love stories are:

Some Kind of Magic
A Boy and His Dragon
A Beginners Guide to Wooing Your Mate
Little Wolf
Firebird and Other Stories
Treasure for Treasure

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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