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TITLE: Between Lust and Love Box Set
AUTHOR: J.D. Walker
ISBN: 9781634863162
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance Box Set
LENGTH: 59,349 words
PRICE: $4.99

In life, there’s a fine line between lust and love. One often leads to the other, but sometimes, it’s just about release. Follow the men in these best-selling stories by J.D. Walker as they ride a physical and emotional roller coaster to the heart. The experience changes their lives forever.

Contains the stories: Back at the Altar, Copy Me Unrequited, Dream Man, Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues, He’s the Boss, Ho Hum New Year, Run to You, and The Best Man for Me.

TITLE: Happy Merry Christmas
AUTHOR: Amy Tasukada
ISBN: 9781634862660
GENRE: Gay Holiday Romance
LENGTH: 16,917 words
PRICE: $2.99


Aoi can’t wait for his first Christmas Eve with Sato. The erotic voice actor wants nothing more than to share the Japanese tradition of having a KFC chicken dinner with his boyfriend.

When Aoi is offered an incredible gig that would finally earn him enough money to move in with Sato, he takes it without thinking. He fails to realize that the job could cause him to miss spending Christmas Eve with Sato altogether.

Sato is counting down the seconds to his Christmas Eve with Aoi. He’s even planning a big surprise with a present from Santa Claus. There’s only one problem: he can’t find the perfect gift, and Christmas is fast approaching.

Just when everything seems to fall into place for Aoi and Sato, they must overcome their greatest challenge yet. Can they learn to be there for each other, even when countless obstacles keep them apart?

TITLE: Picture Perfect
AUTHOR: Nickie Jamison
ISBN: 9781634862776
GENRE: Gay Holiday Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 13,075 words
PRICE: $2.99


Sequel to Photo Finish

Everything is going great for Alex and Corin. Last Christmas they finally connected, and they’ve been together for almost a year, but secretly. Alex wants to tell everyone he’s in love with Corin. For his entire life, Corin has kept his sexuality a secret, going even as far as letting people assume his friend Heather was his girlfriend.

Being away at college has changed things for Corin, and he’s finally ready to tell his family about himself and Alex. But when Alex’s sister Jen tries to use the secret relationship against him, it resurrects a ghost from Corin’s past.

Present in hand, Alex hopes he and Corin can find a future together. Will their young love survive a holiday season full of mean siblings, crazy uncles, and Black Friday doorbusters?

TITLE: The Wrong Kind of Angel
AUTHOR: Ruby Moone
ISBN: 9781634862950
GENRE: Gay Historical Holiday Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 22,280 words
PRICE: $3.99


A reluctant angel, three not terribly wise men, two gorgeous men on a starlit chase to find a child … It can only be Christmas.

It’s Christmas 1817 and Captain Charles Farrington has accepted that he is destined to live alone. That is, until Christmas Eve, when a startlingly handsome man crashes into his home and his life.

Harry Valentine is a man on the run. A man with secrets. He hasn’t time to fall for the angel who rescued him and, in any case, he knows that once Charlie realises the truth about him, there will be no future for them.

Harry’s warmth makes Charles face up to the demons in his past and shows him that he can have a family. All he has to do is persuade Harry to stay. But Charlie knows that, despite whatever Harry says, he’s the wrong kind of angel for happy endings.

TITLE: Twelve Gifts
AUTHOR: Casper Graham
ISBN: 9781634862783
GENRE: Gay Holiday Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 12,465 words
PRICE: $2.99

Dylan Hughes owns a small bakery. He’s doing what he loves and business is good, but he’s lonely. After a bad relationship, he’s been keeping to himself, and things are worse during the Christmas season. Then there is his unrequited crush on Aaron Tyler.

Aaron is a successful event planner. He and Dylan met more than two years earlier and, after tasting Dylan’s baking, Aaron proposed a collaboration. They’ve worked together ever since. Not willing to risk their friendship, Dylan has kept his feelings under wraps.

But a secret admirer begins to send Dylan thoughtful gifts twelve days before Christmas. The cute, clever gifts keep on coming and he’s flattered, but they couldn’t have come at a worse time. Aaron has finally asked him out.

What happens when the secret admirer’s identity is revealed on Christmas Day? Will Dylan’s blossoming relationship with Aaron survive?

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