Please help us welcome our sweet friend John H. Ames (Juan)

Please come in and sit down, John- AKA Juan….It’s very good to have you here with US today. We are just a little bit excited to get to know you just a little better.  Shall we begin?


What’s your favorite comfort food?

  • My favorite comfort food is definitely Nutella with strawberries. I’m obsessed with Nutella. I keep a bottle of Nutella next to my bed every single night.


Who do you turn to for encouragement when you feel your writing isn’t all you think it can be?

  • There are two individuals that I turn to, Sedonia Guillone and Michele Montgomery. I love Sedonia so much. She’s one of my favorite people in the world. She has taught me so much when it comes to writing that I could hear her in my head as I write. Michele to me is the bomb. Whenever I feel lost, I run to her and she always knows what to say. She can lift me up in a second and enlighten my way.

AWWWW…..I’m blushing here….you’re so sweet! I love to help those I love….I’ll be here for you always!


Do you have pets? If yes, what are their names?

  • We’ve got a puppy name Clifford. He’s small and black, not humongous or red like the cartoon character. He’s a Havanese that we got when he was just two months old.

ADORABLE furry baby!

What do you think your strongest asset is in writing? Or weakness?

  • When it comes to writing, I’m very creative. Most of the time, when I’m working a new novel, another novel forms in my head. However, I’m very slow when it comes to writing them. I’m a perfectionist and I feel the need to write everything right the first time around.


What mundane thing do you have to do that you totally dislike?

  • Cleaning the toilet. Doing dishes. Rolling up the hose. Counting sheep when it’s time to go to sleep. You know, things like that.



What is your favorite genre to read?

  • I love young adult novels with the famous jock and nerd theme. I go crazy for those novels. Yes, they have been retold hundreds of times, but they never get old.


What is your favorite genre to write?

  • Right now, I’m only sticking to young adult novels. I don’t know if I’m ready to venture into a new genre just yet. However, as I write, I feel like I’m ready to take the next step. I just don’t know what genre to venture into next.


What classes have you taken – or want to take, to improve your writing skills?

  • I wish I could take all of my English and literature classes all over again. But this time, I would give it my all. I hated English and literature growing up. I was into science and math. Funny how things change, huh?



What do you do for fun?

  • I love watching movies. Since I work and write most of the time, I rarely sit down and watch television. So, when I find the time, I sit down and enjoy a nice little old movie.


Where is your favorite place to write?

  • At the kitchen while I watch my mom cook or in my room where no one is around. Those are the only two places that I sit down and write.

I’m coming for dinner!

How does your family and friends react to what you write?

  • They love my work, especially my friends. They are always asking when the next novel will be out and what I’m working on. They get so excited. I absolutely love them.


When you feel discouraged with a current work in process, what do you do?

  • What I usually do is that I take a break. I leave it for a few days and come back to it by reading it from the beginning. Most of the time, as I read it, new and better ideas form in my head.


What are some of your other creative outlets?

  • I’m very good at drawing and designing book covers. I wish that someday I could focus on those two things as well, but writing takes a lot of my time. I don’t think I’ve got the time to add drawing and designing to my schedule.


What’s your favorite season to write about? (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter)

  • Anything but Winter. Winters are so different everywhere. Some of you have snow while others don’t even see it. This simple little thing has screwed up with my novels so many times.


It’s so beautiful though!


Are you a morning, afternoon or night owl?

  • I write all the time or when I get the chance. It can be in the morning or late at night. You’ll always find me writing in my spare time.


What are the top three things on your bucket list?

  • I would say visit Portugal, meet Nelly Furtado, and have breakfast or lunch with J. K. Rowling. I’ll be happy if I can achieve one of those goals.


Wonderful bucket list….Portugal is probably the easiest. It’s beautiful.

What music do you listen to when you write? Or do you have to have total silence?

  • I prefer total silence. However, I’m good at blocking anything but music. Music distracts me easily. I end up singing or listening to the song.


What social medias seem to work for you?

  • I would probably say Facebook. Facebook has become the marketing tool for the new world. Everyone uses Facebook, even my grandmother and she’s seventy-three years old. Everyone is just one click away.


How did you discover M/M romance?

  • I came across this genre in 2008. I wanted to read a novel with a gay jock and nerd theme in it and came across Mark A. Roeder’s A Better Place. After that, I came across Jeff Erno’s Dumb Jock. His little novel changed my world forever. I decided to become a writer that day.


Beverage of choice?

  • I love Pepsi. Pepsi is my favorite beverage ever. Some are obsessed with Coca-Cola, I’m obsessed with Pepsi.

Well here you go! pep

What kind of computer do you work on?

  • I do all my writing on my iPad 2 and all of my editing it on my Dell laptop. I spent so much time on these two things that I take them everywhere with me.


Do you hear voices in your head telling you what to write or are you inspired by what goes on in the world?

  • Definitely voices. These stories develop in my head and beg me to write them down. I have a new novel in my head all the time. It’s sort of crazy.


How do you feel about the future of books? More e-books or will print always be around?

  • The era of print has come to an end. No one uses them these days. Everyone has a phone, kindle, iPad, or tablet. I prefer hardcover novels, especially mine. There’s no better feeling than holding the book you worked so much on.


 I love the feel of a paperback in my hands. The smell is heaven.  Walking into a bookstore IS Heaven! I keep up with modern times but I still love my hold it in my hands type of girl. Though, I do love my e-readers. It’s easier to tote all of the books I do love around. And for the ones I don’t like, I don’t have to give it away. I just delete it.

What do you prefer to read? E-books, blogs, magazines or print?

  • E-books and blogs. They are easier and very convenient. Magazines and print are almost a thing of the past. Sadly, they will soon fade into nothing.

On those days you’re in a funk, what do you do to get back to the keyboard?

  • I read to get that spark lit and then I immediately run to my iPad and begin a new novel.

WAIT! John! Come back here! Put that down. We’re doing something here and…No…not right now. We have a few more questions for you. Here, how about some chocolate? candy

That’s right, let me have your I thingie there…ahhh….better. Now, where were we….OH Yes….Do you have a story or an author who inspires you?

  • Yes, Jeff Erno and J. K. Rowling. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be an author right now. I would probably be somewhere managing a business full time, making way more money. However, deep inside, I wouldn’t be happy. Writing is what I love and no one will take it away from me.

I beg to differ, John. If you’re born with a gift, that gift will find its way out. Just like it did for so many others. What you found was the strength to share your gift with the world. You’re an author because YOU took that step all by yourself and we’re so very proud of you.

What do you look for when seeking out an on line friendship?

  • I like individuals who are sincere, honest and tell it like it is. I like to vent my problems to them and listen to what they have to say. Just a few have stayed with me since I started writing. Many have simply disappeared. It makes me sad, but that’s life.


I agree one hundred percent! You’re a good person. A rare breed indeed. That’s why you’re so loved around here.


What makes you laugh/sad/angry?

  • I hate people who haven’t read your work, yet they give you a bad review. I’ve met several individuals online who spend their time going on sites, not reading an author’s work, and giving them horrible reviews. A few days ago, I was going through one of my favorite novels on a very famous site and this reader said that she hadn’t read the novel and would give it a one star rating because it was not her cup of tea. What? It it’s not your cup of tea, look away. Why trash a novel you didn’t bother to read? I was so mad for the author. Individuals like that need to be banned from the internet.


I can appreciate that. There are plenty of haters but I believe there are more lovers than haters….I think the later individuals lack good thoughts in life. Maybe they’re really those awful customer service people we are forced to deal with on the phone…you know the ones.  They gotta take their hate out on everything and everyone they can. Especially artists. They know most authors won’t lash out. So, my advice…..continue to write from your heart and if you love it, that’s all that matters.


And last but not least…What is your favorite holiday?

  • Valentines day.   It’s about the chocolate!

Well, here you go… homemade and fresh….enjoy!mmm




And there we have it, folks! All of our questions have tuckered John out…I mean, just look at this picture I snapped of him. 


He wants to go to sleep and here I am, asking questions. I hope he remembers this when he wakes up!  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our review of John’s latest story….Surviving Elite High: the Next Generation.



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