Looking for a great read? JMS Books has some sexy New Releases this week!!

TITLE: Deal with the Deviled Eggs
AUTHOR: Jessica Payseur
ISBN: 9781634861908
GENRE: Gay Interracial Mystery Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 61,524 words
PRICE: $5.99


After a chaos-filled summer, Kiko and Dom are ready to ease into a more laidback autumn and really put in some quality time together. Allowing Dom’s ex roommate to crash with them, however, turns out to be a mistake when the guy won’t leave.

Dom struggles to cope as Travis dredges up things from his past he’d rather not remember and slowly casts doubts on his relationship with Kiko. Just when the tension seems to be too much, a murder after a Halloween party reignites the spark between Kiko and Dom.

But when the body count begins to rise, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary killer. With few leads and no end to places the murderer could strike, this could either be a Halloween for Kiko and Dom to remember, or their very last.

TITLE: Realm of the Grizzly Bear
AUTHOR: Alex Morgan
ISBN: 9781634862455
GENRE: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 12,011 words
PRICE: $2.99


Sequel to Realm of the Polar Bear

Jarrod has become obsessed with finding Caleb, the white-haired bear who rescued him from freezing to death in a blizzard last winter. After their night of passion, Jarrod’s body is changing. He becomes larger, more muscular, and hairier, so he wants to find Caleb to learn what’s happening to him.

He searches the forest where he first encountered Caleb but instead finds Logan, who attacks him for trespassing. Caleb comes to his rescue again, and tells Jarrod he’s becoming a bear, a real bear, to be a guardian of the forest. But to complete the transformation, he must obtain seed from the other three bears in the forest. Gareth and Tyrone are cooperative, but Logan remains hostile.

Jarrod wants to complete the transformation so he will be with Caleb forever. But Logan’s jealousy threatens to come between them, and might even cost Jarrod his life.

TITLE: The Perfect Bite
AUTHOR: J.D. Walker
ISBN: 9781634860925
GENRE: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 11,451 words
PRICE: $1.99


Gabe Villagran has been an outcast since birth. The large purple birthmark on the right side of his face has ostracized him from family and community, leaving him with little self-esteem. So, imagine his delight when, at the age of eighteen, vampires come out to the world. Finally, he’s not the only freak of nature around.

Five years after leaving home, Gabe meets Pierre Sangre outside his gay vampire club quite by chance. Meaning, he rescues Gabe from becoming vampire food. A vampire himself, Pierre sees something in the young man before him, and wants to keep him close. Pierre hires Gabe as a sort of boy Friday at the club and Gabe, grateful to his savior, accepts and falls irrevocably in love.

For ten years, both men dance around their attraction to each other until a night of misunderstandings clears things up. All it takes is the perfect bite.

TITLE: The River Wolf Pack Box Set
AUTHOR: Rebecca James
ISBN: 9781634862448
GENRE: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance Box Set
LENGTH: 165,456 words
PRICE: $9.99


The first three stories of Rebecca James’s best-selling werewolf series are now available together in one box set for the first time! Meet half-werewolf Josiah, his mate River, and all the sexy alphas, omegas, and betas in the River Wolf Pack! Contains the stories:

First Omega: Improving werewolf/human relations takes a sudden backseat when Josiah, unknowingly half-werewolf, goes into heat and is mated by the handsome Pack Alpha. Added to that are three rogue alphas stirring up ill feelings towards humans. War between the werewolves and humans and the overthrow of Josiah’s mate as Pack Alpha threaten Josiah’s future happiness of First Omega of River Wolf Pack.

Second Alpha: David knows it’s imperative to strengthen human/werewolf relations, but the humans distrust the homosexual, polygamous werewolves. David’s human lover Jax isn’t willing to take the bite and become a werewolf himself. David wonders if he should mate with Brooks instead, an attractive beta in the pack. When David and Brooks are kidnapped, David risks his life to save his pack and their way of life.

Third Mate: Leo’s desire to rise within the pack wars with his dislike of Stone, who wants to depose River as alpha. Meanwhile potential mates Sam and Foster add further complications. Should Jax remain human or accept David’s bite? When he discovers Brooks is considering mating Stone, Jax provides a solution at the expense of his own happiness. Can River remain in charge of an increasingly fractured pack?

TITLE: Timber
AUTHOR: R.W. Clinger
ISBN: 9781634862509
GENRE: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 22,574 words
PRICE: $3.99


Professional nature photographer Shayne Law has made a few mistakes in his life, like any other middle-aged gay man. One of those mistakes occurred eight months before on a photography shoot: breaking sexy and alluring Timber Skenandoa’s heart, a bear shifter living among the Skenandoa Clan.

When Shayne is given a photography job in Skenandoa Deep again, near Lake Erie, he may have a second chance at love with the Iroquois Indian, Timber. As Halloween nears, the two men learn each other’s ins and outs, and the specifics of why Shayne broke Timber’s heart the previous winter. Also, Shayne sees Timber as the Alpha bear shifter he is, and the proud and strong bear leader of his Skenandoa Clan.

Will Timber take Shayne back as his human lover, coveting Shayne’s heart and soul? Or will the man and bear be enemies, at each other’s throats, for the rest of their lives?

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