Start your weekend with an exciting New Release from Torquere Press!

New Releases 10/19/16

Come check out the weekly specials we have for you. We have some amazing options this week!

How To Survive Your Death
by Peter Fulton
150 pages / 60000 words
ISBN: 978-1-946058-08-9

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How To Survive Your Death (An Autobiography Written Posthumously) is a letter between mother and daughter that answers the two questions the daughter has been asking her mother her entire life: Who is my father and will you ever make me a vampire? The answers to these questions take us on a thrilling adventure that tramps through centuries and around the world. Emily does not forgive her mother for being a vampire, writing, “She left me to read this while she went out for dinner. I publish this now hoping that it won’t be you.” With over 225 years as the undead, Sarah has many stories to tell, from eating the man who laughed when the Liberty Bell cracked, to meeting Mark Twain, to surviving the Titanic sinking. At the heart, the book is two love stories: motherly love and the love between vampire and vegetarian. It was not love at first bite.

Back to School Anthology
with stories from: Asta Idona, Janelle Reston, Val Prozorova, Dale Cameron Lowry, and Blue Spectrum
83 pages / 22000 words
ISBN: 978-1-946058-09-6

Buy Link:


Sitting in the back of the class, we all had one or two naughty little fantasies about our delicious professors. Sure, they were a few years older, but there’s just something so hot about an authority figure. Back to School explores the possibilities when two people cross the line between teacher and student.

These five stories are penned by both seasoned scribes and new authors; the anthology provides readers with the perfect opportunity to explore offerings from their favorite storytellers as well as find a new favorite or two.

Containing F/F and M/M stories from authors Asta Idonea, Janelle Reston, Val Prozorova, Blue Spectrum, and Dale Cameron Lowry, Back to School is sure to have something for the May/December loving readers.

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