Gabbi Reviews: Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless

Title: Ethan, Who Loved Carter
Author: Ryan Loveless
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 210
Characters: Carter Stevenson, Ethan Hart
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5+


By twenty-four, Carter Stevenson has stuttered and ticced his way to debilitating shyness. Although his friends accuse him of letting his Tourette’s dictate his life, Carter moves from Los Angeles to a quiet California town. He’ll keep his head down and avoid people. He doesn’t anticipate his new neighbor, Ethan Hart, crashing into his solitude and forcing him to get out and live.

From the beginning, Ethan makes his love for Carter clear. But he fears Carter won’t see past Ethan’s damaged brain, even though it makes Ethan more attuned to his emotions than most people. For Carter, there’s a bigger issue: he’s been burned by so-called “perfect” matches, and he won’t risk his heart again.

One way or another, Ethan’s determined to show Carter they belong together. Then Ethan receives tragic news. Suddenly he must turn to Carter for strength and support. Will Carter come through when Ethan needs him most?


Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless is one of my all-time favorite books. It is a book I reach for time and time again when I need a pick-me-up or when I’m just in the mood to read a romance filled with amazing and lovable characters that live and breathe off of the written page.

In all honesty, I read this book when it was first released a few years ago and it’s a story that truly resonated with me as a reader. I decided to review it because I just recently read an ARC of Ethan and loved it as well. Ethan is the YA version of this book and since I enjoyed it so much, I through I’d share with you why I loved the original so much and why I highly recommend it. *Ethan will be released through Harmony Ink Press on October 20th. The review will run that day as well.*

Both of the heroes are very well-written. It’s easy to see that Ms. Loveless truly loves these two men. Carter is a successful musician who has a tendency to keep to himself because of his Tourette’s syndrome. He’s been teased about his tics most of his life and because of it, Carter is a quiet, shy man who basically keeps to himself. When he meets Ethan, Carter is immediately drawn to him. Ethan, himself has survived a traumatic head injury which has caused some memory loss and he’s had to relearn everything from basic hygiene to social skills.

Both Ethan and Carter have a lot to learn from one another. Ethan’s innocent outlook on life and zest for life is something Carter slowly begins to grow into. Through Ethan’s eyes and from his friendship and eventual relationship with him, Carter learns to take a chance on life and love.

Carter teaches Ethan what true love is about. Because of his innocence, Ethan had a tendency to be used by others, but with Carter’s love and acceptance, Ethan soon learns what it means to be with someone who truly loves him for who he is.

Ethan, Who Loved Carter is truly a beautifully written story. It is so easy to get wrapped up into the story these two wonderful men have to tell. If you haven’t read it, please don’t wait any longer. You won’t be sorry. I love it so much, I hope Ms. Loveless will one day write more about them. They are truly unique and special heroes whose story will make you stand up and cheer.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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