Lydia Reviews: Endangered Species by Cheyenne Meadows

Title: Endangered Species
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Pages: 174
Kisses: 4


Wounded, exhausted, and desperate, Jordan is on the run when he comes across salvation in the form of Noble. They immediately find companionship and passion, but have to eradicate the threat to Jordan before it’s too late.
Injured, exhausted, and on his last leg, lynx shifter, Jordan, all but gives up hope. After weeks confined in a research lab against his will, he manages to escape only to become hunted and is on the run. His will to survive is strong…if only he can keep going.

Noble finds a ragged, bloody shifter on his doorstep in desperate need of attention. He recognizes a similar kinship with Jordan–they’re misfits. Noble can’t change forms, a fact his family won’t accept. Jordan, thanks to the experimentation, can achieve any feline form, but not without a price.
Together, they find common ground, trust, and compassion as the winter snows offer protection from Jordan’s hunter. Feelings deepen and passion erupts. However, both know their time is limited. A mad scientist with torture on his mind won’t stop searching for his creation–or killing anyone who stands in his way.


Cheyenne Meadows’, Endangered Species, is a fast paced read that fans of the shape-shifter sub-genre are sure to enjoy. The book opens with Jordan on the run and all but given up hope of surviving. He has been held prisoner by a doctor running experiments on shifters. Out of everyone held down in the lab, only Jordan has survived. Knowing he most likely does not have long left, he finds a way to escape, burning the lab down as he goes. He finds himself outside the home of Noble.

Noble, like Jordan is also a shifter. Unlike Jordan however, Noble cannot shift. Doing the right thing, Noble sets about helping Jordan. As the two spend more time together they realize that being shifters is not the only thing they have in common. The chemistry between these two is strong and watching them work around that while preparing to go after the doctor who once held Jordan was fun.

I liked these two characters and had to laugh as Jordan learned to deal with the results of the experiments done on him. I also love Noble’s “kids” and cracked up later in the story when they end up in the garage with Jordan while he is working on his car. I was not surprised when Noble found his feline when he did, as that was easy to predict but I was surprised by Jordan’s actions after everything was said and done.

I would like to see more of these two, and hope the author will bring them back for more. Fans of Ms. Meadows’ are sure to love this newest book and those looking for a new author to read, Endangered Species is a good way to go.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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