Read away the Monday blues with a New Release from JMS Books!

TITLE: Daddy Business
AUTHOR: R.W. Clinger
ISBN: 9781634861991
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 48,598 words
PRICE: $4.99


At thirty-four, English professor Paul Avery cannot see himself as a father. In fact, he thinks children are little beasts. To his surprise, he meets two men with sons during the month of May and his negative view about children begins to unexpectedly change.

Enter Matthew Hildebrand, one of Paul’s students at Castling College. Matthew is twenty-two and the father of Aiden, a six-year-old adorable little child. Soon Paul is befriended by the father and son team.

Then Paul meets handsome and professional architect, Dugan Brae, who is thirty-five and the father of seven-year-old Colby, a gifted little boy. After much convincing, Paul agrees to go on a date with Dugan, and surprisingly, the two hit it off. Plus, Paul finds Colby irresistible, creating a fresh friendship with the child.

As May turns into June, Paul is pulled in different directions by both Matthew and Dugan. And in due time, Paul must make a decision. With whom does he fall in love? Either one gains him a son, creating an instant family. Through the daily trials and tribulations of dating, babysitting, and just having a good time, will Paul find the man of his dreams and become a happy father in the process?

TITLE: Man and Tree
AUTHOR: Wayne Mansfield
ISBN: 9781634860512
GENRE: Gay Historical Fantasy Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 13,466 words
PRICE: $2.99


Nathaniel, a horse-riding traveler in eighteenth century Europe, emerges from a vast forest to see a field of golden wheat. At the centre of the field is a large tree and, at its base, a man. Strangely, the man appears to be talking to the tree.

At the village inn, Nathaniel asks the barman about the man and tree. The barman refuses to tell him anything, so Nathaniel decides to visit the man himself. The following morning he rides back to the field, where he notices the man is still there, talking to the tree.

He introduces himself to the man, whose name is Adam. When questioned about why he sits beside the tree, talking to it, Adam reveals a story so amazing, it borders on being unbelievable. Nathaniel, too, has a similar tale, the conclusion of which is just as bizarre and shocking as Adam’s.

TITLE: My Roommate’s Dad
AUTHOR: Rob Matthews
ISBN: 9781634861717
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 29,661 words
PRICE: $3.99


Nolan Mitchell’s world has been turned upside down by his recent break-up with his girlfriend. Lucky for Nolan, his best friend and roommate Cam has a plan to cheer him up — a weekend away from the pressures of college helping Cam’s dad Rick with a building project.

Handsome and charming Rick Monroe is like no man Nolan has ever met. Nolan is drawn to Rick with an undeniable pull he never bothers to question until Cam jealously accuses Rick of wanting more from Nolan than just friendship.

Nolan finds himself thinking thoughts he never considered before and he’s flattered a charismatic older man is paying him attention, regardless of the reason. Can Nolan put the opposite sex behind him and embrace the love of an older man? Maybe, but not if Cam has anything to say about it.

TITLE: Sweet Reunion
AUTHOR: Shawn Lane
ISBN: 9781634861397
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 13,247 words
PRICE: $2.99


Retired from the police force after a tragic shooting, Jason Sweet hasn’t been back to his hometown, Sutter’s Bay, for fifteen years. With his mother’s final days approaching, Jason returns to make peace with his mother and his past. Part of that past includes former best friend and lover, Danny Yarrow.

Danny’s satisfied with his life as a drama teacher at the local high school, but the one thing missing is the love of a good man. He’s only too happy to be reunited with Jason. They’ve both grown and changed since their broken teenaged relationship. Jason hasn’t had an easy time of it since leaving Sutter’s Bay, but Danny intends to convince his friend and former lover that when it comes to taking chances, their love is worth it.

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