Celebrate the short work week with a New Release from JMS Books!

TITLE: Love’s Chances
AUTHOR: Thomas Grant Bruso
ISBN: 9781634862097
GENRE: Gay Interracial Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 13,660 words
PRICE: $2.99


T.J. Alton is shy and reticent, living alone with a rescue cat after his parents’ death a year earlier. He rarely strays from his usual daily routine of work and home and back again.

Then he meets Devon Ryder, an outgoing, colorful, and ruggedly handsome man, with his own long list of emotional baggage. After a month of chatting online, the two men decide to meet in real life, and their first date is at a local Great Escape theme park in upstate New York.

As they discover more about each other through conversation and food, a connection is made. But will T.J.’s fears of large crowds and intimacy drive him back to isolation, away from the social circle of life, and the idea of starting a new relationship with someone special?

TITLE: Silences of Fallen Stars
AUTHOR: Vivien Dean
ISBN: 9781634861885
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 22,526 words
PRICE: $3.99


When they graduated from high school in 1962, best friends and secret lovers Jim McCutcheon and Ronnie Mayer had high expectations for the rest of their lives. Six years later, both are back in the small Nebraska town they called home, and worse, no longer together.

Once the golden boy, Jim now works on his grandfather’s farm, away from the town’s disappointment he didn’t end up at NASA. Ronnie lives in his parents’ basement, recovering from the blast that sent him home from Vietnam. Neither is where they want to be, but it takes a special request from Ronnie’s mom for Jim to swallow his pride and visit.

Though it doesn’t go well, it opens the door for the two young men to start communicating. One question haunts them, though. Have they changed too much to find their way back to each other again?

TITLE: Smoke and Spots
AUTHOR: Deirdre O’Dare
ISBN: 9781634862103
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 16,020 words
PRICE: $2.99


When firefighter Grady Ashcroft adopts his deceased sister’s son, he knows life will change. He never expected to be a dad, but he’ll give young Jamie his best, even if it means a celibate life in a new home. He does not expect to find the man of his dreams in the Colorado village where he takes a new job, either.

Sullivan Parker wanted to be chief of the Valle Vista fire department when the former chief was forced to leave. Instead, the town council hires a stranger from far away. Despite his resentment, Sully finds himself drawn to the newcomer. He also discovers a need to take Jamie and the spotted pup the former chief left behind under his wing.

Can the brotherhood of battling dangerous blazes morph into stronger feelings for the two men, or will conflict prevail?

TITLE: To Catch His Mate
AUTHOR: J.D. Walker
ISBN: 9781634860673
GENRE: Gay Paranormal Mystery Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 40,896 words
PRICE: $4.99


Felix Cotter is a top-notch insurance investigator, as well as a beast … of some kind. He has no idea who his real parents are, but when he shifts, Felix has the body of a black panther and the head and paws of a white Bengal tiger. Weird shifter mix aside, Felix is hot on the trail of a thief.

But this thief smells like mate. Felix has never met another creature like him, so he’s not sure what to think of the wet dreams he’s been having ever since he’s been on this case. His adopted father, Ben Cotter, keeps telling him to man up and figure it out, already.

Felix finally comes face to face with burglar Tyler Panterone, a white panther shifter. Tyler is being forced to steal against his will. Now, it’s up to Felix to help Tyler, and then claim the man as his own, for always.

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