Friday is finally here! Start your weekend off with a Hot New Release from JMS Books!

TITLE: C21 Box Set
AUTHOR: Edward Kendrick
ISBN: 9781634862578
GENRE: Gay Mystery Erotic Romance Box Set
LENGTH: 112,372 words
PRICE: $7.99


C21 is a covert operation comprised of good men and women who ended up on the wrong side of the law. Now they have a chance to track and punish criminals to whom the law doesn’t seem to apply. In this gay erotic romance box set by best-selling author Edward Kendrick, meet three of C21’s newest recruits.

Contains the stories: Dylan’s Dilemma, Sean’s Predicament, and Tate’s Quandary.

TITLE: Dad’s Nerdy New Boyfriend
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder
ISBN: 9781634862585
GENRE: Gay Romance
LENGTH: 27,352 words
PRICE: $3.99

When website designer Rick Pruitt takes his eight-year-old son Micah to see the latest Pokémon movie, he expects to be bored out of his mind. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the guy ahead of them in line.

Self-confessed nerd and Harry Potter look-a-like, Marty Owens runs a comic shop downtown. Marty needs a new website to help grow his business and Rick needs a guy he can eat cozy meals with, snuggle up to, and … But no matter how many of Rick’s boxes Marty checks, there’s still Micah to consider. Fortunately Micah and Marty hit it off, connecting over a love of video games and all things Pokémon.

Rick starts coming by the comic shop after hours to work on Marty’s website. Can they also build something long-lasting and meaningful offline, too?

TITLE: Darryl in Distress
AUTHOR: Feral Sephrian
ISBN: 9781634861861
GENRE: Gay Interracial Romance
LENGTH: 11,663 words
PRICE: $1.99


Sequel to Daniel in Distress

Daniel and Cole manage Seyda Ranch, which is now Camp Seyda, a summer camp for adolescents who want to get away and learn who they are. Eighteen-year-old Darryl is a high school dropout from Detroit who has gotten into plenty of trouble back home, so his parents send him to the camp hoping he’ll start down the path to a better future.

At Camp Seyda, Darryl meets Miles, a counselor with a lot of good advice, and Reggie, another troublemaker like himself whose tough attitude draws Darryl’s attention. Darryl isn’t sure what his sexuality is yet, but he knows he’s attracted to Reggie.

As he spends time with Miles, though, Darryl discovers he also has feelings for the counselor, too. Will Darryl learn the difference between love and lust? What path will his heart take?

TITLE: Sacred Isle
AUTHOR: Eve Francis
ISBN: 9781634861694
GENRE: Lesbian Fantasy Mystery Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 17,424 words
PRICE: $2.99


After Tara Hayes’s most recent best seller, she and her long-time girlfriend Wendy go on a road trip. They soon arrive along the Florida coastline at the Sacred Isle Diner where yet another case falls into Tara’s lap. She uses her training as a PI and the notoriety from her famous book to wedge her way into the investigation of a man who appears to have been killed by a mermaid.

Though Tara knows the idea is ridiculous, the possible siren that haunts the Florida coastline is all she can think about. It’s not long before Tara stumbles on Sabrina Taylor, the victim’s sister, and forgets about Wendy entirely.

Sabrina is a blonde bombshell with an amazing voice and even more amazing touch. Tara is enchanted right away, but a shocking turn in the investigation makes her realize Sabrina may be more than who she says she is.

TITLE: The Beach House
AUTHOR: Shawn Lane
ISBN: 9781634861380
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 21,060 words
PRICE: $3.99

After model and actor Mason Adams nearly died from a drug overdose and served time in rehab, his agent is convinced the quiet life is the perfect way to get his life and career back on track. So Mason rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast-paced, partying lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Mason, however, isn’t sure the sedate life is for him — until he meets his neighbor, crime fiction author John Harding. Forced to retire from the fire department after a career-ending injury, John has found a new life in a modest beach house as a best-selling novelist. Life is good, but quiet and not exactly exciting, until Mason comes to stay next door.

Unable to resist, they begin an affair. Once the summer ends, Mason knows he’ll return to LA … and he’ll have to leave the man who has stolen his heart.

TITLE: The Short and Long of It
AUTHOR: Paul Alan Fahey
ISBN: 9781634861267
GENRE: Nonfiction
LENGTH: 44,033 words
PRICE: $4.99


Do you write short fiction but long to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those tight little 55ers, flash pieces, and short stories into longer, publishable work? Do you have binders full of short pieces with characters you’d love to flesh out? Are you dying to tell the rest of these stories?

If so, The Short and Long of It is for you!

Award-winning short fiction writer Paul Alan Fahey shows you how to expand and adapt your brief creations into longer, more satisfying stories, plays, novellas, and novels pitch perfect for publication in the e-age.

This book will help you practice expanding your short fiction. Through detailed examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to:
Adapt 55 fiction into flash fiction;

So grab a copy today and start writing longer stories tomorrow!
Adapt flash fiction into short stories and plays;
Adapt flash memoir into personal essays;
Write a tight logline;
Develop a story theme;
Build three-act structure; and
Develop characters and enhance backstory.

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