Lydia Reviews: Premonitions by Edward Kendrick

Title: Premonitions
Publisher: JMS Books
Author: Edward Kendrick
Pages: 110
Kisses: 4


Artist Daniel Chase moves into the house he inherited from his grandfather — with the proviso he must live there or lose it. Soon after, he begins to get premonitions that something isn’t right. Then he meets Griffin Pryce, a handsome man who lives off the grid. They become friends when Griffin agrees to become the subject for one of Daniel’s paintings.

Before that can happen, Daniel’s ex Ray arrives, wanting to partner with Daniel to turn the house into a fancy restaurant. When Daniel says no, Ray sends a man to threaten him if he doesn’t sign the contract Ray has drawn up. Daniel refuses and things go from bad to worse.

With Griffin’s help, can Daniel stop Ray’s machinations? As the attraction between Daniel and Griffin grows stronger, will it — and they — survive what Ray does next?


Mr. Kendrick has delivered another well done story with the publishing of Premonitions. Don’t let the title of this story fool you, while there is a bit of a paranormal air, it is slight and not the main focus of the story. Like other books by Mr. Kendrick, it is the characters in this story that will really pull you in.

Daniel is an artist who has recently had a tough break up. Thankfully he has an inheritance to keep him occupied. When his grandfather passed, he left Daniel the family home. But there are a few stipulations, which come into play later in the book. The place is in need of some major repairs, which leave Daniel at loose ends while the work is being done. It’s a good thing that he runs into Griffin.

Griffin lives off the grid and has no plans to change. Anything he needs he either grows or hunts for, he tries to head into town as little as possible. While hunting he comes across Daniel and although the two really have nothing in common they soon form a strong connection.

I loved the way these two are with each other. It seems from the start as if they have always known each other. The friendship between them forms easily and grows naturally. Griffin helps Daniel to understand his new surroundings, while Daniel shows Griffin it is possible to come out of the woods without becoming totally citified. I will admit that I wondered how this important difference would affect their relationship. I was glad to see the author choice a way that is believable and works for the men.

is not just about the men’s relationship however. There is a mystery here that will leave the reader wondering how things will play out, even though everyone knows who the bad guys are. I actually could not believe the extent that Ray, Daniel’s ex, went to to get what he wanted.

Premonitions is a great start for those who have not tried anything by Mr. Kendrick. He is an author that will easily make it to your must get list.

Reviewed by: Lydia

Click HERE to purchase Premonitions by Edward Kendrick

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