Susan Reviews: Mad About the Boys Anthology

Title: Mad About the Boys Anthology
Authors: E.C. Cutler, Hollis Queens, Vanessa de Sade, Sam Thorne, Dale C Lowry
Publisher: House of Erotica
Pages: 73
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Anthology
Kisses: 4


Just My Luck by E.C. Cutler
Ash isn’t a gambling man, but a night at the casino might persuade him otherwise. And when his gorgeous best friend Danny makes a request to find out what sex with another man is like, Ash sees his luck changing for good.

About Face by Hollis Queens
Remembering his uncle and his watch, he makes the decision to come out to his family.

Tell Me a Secret by Vanessa de Sade
Grimm has a sexy secret, and it might just involve his hot roommate Joel…

Deluded by Sam Thorne
It shouldn’t take a crisis to make you realise what you really want, but on the night Max intervenes in a bashing, he finds that the bond between him and his forthright buddy Jay is stronger than he’d ever thought.

Missionary Disposition by Dale C Lowry
Two young men bound for Mormon missions decide to have one final hurrah before turning their lives over to the control of their church for two years. They meet up in the U.S. state of Colorado for ten days of camping and sex, then head to opposite sides of the world. But the enforced chastity of their missions can’t make them forget their nights of passion, and when they return home, each is eager to show the other how sorely he was missed.


Just My Luck by E.C. Cutler: 5 Kisses
Simple, effective, fluid. Friends-to-lovers theme with a HFN ending. Amiable characters, snappy dialogue, no-fuss, no-muss plot. Recommended.

About Face by Hollis Queens: 3.5 Kisses

Quite a lot of editing errors in this one, too many to miss. Present coming out of the closet frames disparate scenes of the past where Mike learns he’s gay. Not much story beyond the flashes. The actual coming out is jumped over which was disappointing. The current boyfriend is not shown in any real way. Not much substance for a story here.

Tell Me a Secret by Vanessa de Sade: 4 Kisses
Another tale where the past and present mix. Never been a particular fan of those. The current time frame shows an explicit MF sex scene, so be forewarned; while the past sex scene is MM. The whole thing is told like a sexy bedtime story of a straight guy experimenting once. Could be true or make-believe. Graphic, descriptive language throughout.

Deluded by Sam Thorne: 3 Kisses
This story starts out confusing, with a lot of guys mentioned. It’s hard to tell who’s who and what’s going on and who might be hooking up with whom. Vivid imagery. I hoped the main couple would get together since the scene is set for it, with feels and sex appeal. Instead, unfortunately, we get something else and unfilfilling, a pointless fantasy. Bad aftertaste.

Missionary Disposition by Dale C Lowry: 5+ Kisses

Best story in the anthology by far. Reminded me a lot of the amazing book about two Amish boys falling in love, A Forbidden Rumpspringa. Absolutely beautiful and realistic love story. Wonderfully relatable characters, realistic scenarios and plot lines, engaging dialogue. Loved this one. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By: Susan

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