Lydia Reviews: Life Worth Living by Tina Blenke

Title: Life Worth Living
Publisher: Wilde City
Author: Tina Blenke
Pages: 213
Kisses: 4


Jake has been in love with Quentin throughout college, studying the sexy science major from afar. Quentin has been in the closet his entire life, keeping his sexuality a secret from his political right-wing family. A summer romance brings the two men together but when Jake is attacked before graduation and then later in his home, the truth about the violence threatens to tear the men apart forever. Only when secrets are finally revealed can Jake and Quentin discover a life worth living


Jake is just about finished with college that is if you don’t count grad school. During the whole time he has been crushing on Quentin. The problem is that Jake can’t seem to get the nerve to approach him. Thankfully Jake’s friend Steve intervenes or these two may have never gotten together. I loved the scene at the beginning of the story when Jake is complaining about having nothing to wear as he stresses about a group get together that includes Quentin. Steve’s response made me laugh and I could not help thinking of my nephew who would have acted just like Jake. Be prepared for Jake and Quentin’s first meeting. I could not believe Jake’s response after Quentin introduced himself, in fact the first thing that popped into my head was “holy crab”, and as the rest of the scene played out I felt like I was watching a train wreck. All I could think was “Jake you really need to stop talking now.” Thankfully for Jake things seem to work out, and then some. When Jake finds himself alone with Quentin for the first time, Jake is in for a surprise and watch out because the pages really heat up.

I want to say that everything goes smoothly for these two and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, there is so much angst in their story that at times I had to put the book aside for a time. The young men think they are going into this new relationship with their eyes open, yet both are unprepared for the difficulties they face and feelings get hurt. I worried more than once about how Life Worth Living would end, and readers should keep in mind that this story is a roller coaster ride so if you are looking for a light read you will need to pick up something else.

The author does a wonderful job wrapping this story up. It is done in a way that explains everything and while I hate what Jake went through, I think the story could not have gone any other way. I am glad I stuck it out and finished the book. While it will be a while before I read Life Worth Living again, it will be put in my to be read again file so that one day I can visit Jake and Quentin again.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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