Roxy reviews” Uniform Fantasies,” by Mark C Wade

Mark C Wade
MLR Press
Genre: fetish(Uniform) MM contemporary
Buy here: MLR


A state trooper breaks the law when he indulges people’s uniform fantasies for pay.

Mike hires state trooper Tom to fulfill his uniform fantasy. By chance, they meet each other in a diner and begin a relationship. Mike struggles with Tom having sex with other people for money, and they learn to understand the difference between lust and love as their relationship matures.

Roxy’s thoughts

This is the first time I’ve heard of this author, so I offered to read his story to help get his name out in the big reading world. I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review so here it is.

As the blurb states, Mike hired Tom- who is like an escort- to fulfill his dream of having a man in a uniform- in this case a state trooper-to bust him. As in arresting him. But not. Throw the cuffs on then head to a private area and have his dirty way with him and then let him go. Seeing as how we rarely act on our sexual fantasies due to whatever reason, I thought that the writer had a wonderful idea for a story so perhaps more of us will come out of our sexual hiding places and share what we think would turn us on. Mike did it and guess what? He not only got lucky in the sex department, but he met the real life officer- yes, he’s the REAL deal here, as in he is a deputy sheriff! And on the side he plays an escort to bring men’s fantasies to life for extra money…how do you like that?! A person of the law…doing that? LOL! Epic move on part of the writer! WTG! Mark!! Never mind the legalities here, nope. We’re not concerned at all because this is a FICTIONAL story boys and girls and real life doesn’t matter when we’re lost in a story! Dammit! Well, they meet up one day while they’re out having lunch and bam! They find that they are attracted to one another but it’s the handsome deputy who is the brave one and kisses sweet nerdy Mike, but runs off before getting that accountants number…The meeting between them is just cute, and hot…the sex in this is HOT…Mixed in here is how a man in uniform deals with having a lover who is stuck on the uniform and in turn how that man deals with the why’s behind his man being an escort…yes, they get together! It’s as it should be and it’s not an easy meet, fall in love and move in, marry and live happy ever after here…it’s more than that and that’s what I like about the story. There’s a plot happening. The issues I had were more to do with word building than anything. It’s an easy fast read for that hour lunch you have and need something to read that takes you to the edge of your seat in yummy ways. One other thing I had a problem with was how choppy some of the sentence were. Way too short and not complete. Sorta like that last sentence and now this. But the guy’s story was terrific!!

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