Gabbi Reviews: His Enemy’s Son by Iyana Jenna

Title: His Enemy’s Son
Author: Iyana Jenna
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Pages: 48
Characters: Alex Parker, Luke Garrett
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, May/December
Kisses: 2


Alex Parker is celebrating his eighteenth birthday when he is abducted by Luke Garrett, a young oil mogul, because Alex’s father crossed Luke on a business deal. The strong attraction they feel catches both men off guard.

Luke Garrett, a young oil mogul, can’t get his business counterpart to return his calls after a deal goes bad. After making every effort to contact the man, Luke decides to kidnap his former partner’s son, Alex, to gain the man’s attention to their shared problem.

Alex Parker is celebrating his eighteenth birthday by getting drunk with his best friend–and studiously avoiding the debutantes his father tries to throw Alex’s way. His night of revelry is cut short when he finds himself a houseguest of a rather unconventional abductor.

Even though he’s angry and scared, Alex is drawn to Luke, whose plan falls apart when his attraction to Alex generates a change of heart. Luke can’t do anything else but turn himself in to the police, much to Alex’s dismay. Alex doesn’t want to lose his chance at something great before it even begins.


His Enemy’s Son is the first book I’ve read by this author. I admit I was excited to read this story. If you follow this blog you’re already familiar with how much I love May/December romances. Also, the blurb is very intriguing. I haven’t read many books with kidnapping and an age difference between the characters so I couldn’t wait to read it.

First, though I had some issues with the story let me say I give the author a lot of credit to come up with an interesting plot. Ms.Jenna is a talented writer. I enjoyed reading about both heroes and was invested enough to wonder how things were going to turn out.

The main issue I had with the story was that it was way too rushed. Their relationship, though interesting, was not fleshed out at all. This can be a problem with short stories. Alex is eighteen years old and comes off as a little naïve and immature…of course he should because he is a young age and I was on board with it. But the insta-love/insta-crush these two men shared between them wasn’t detailed or given enough story time together for me to be able to really believe in their romance.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I understood the fascination they had with each other, it just was too washed over and too quick for me to enjoy it like I wanted too. I wish the author had taken more time and wrote a longer story because I truly liked the premise of it.

There will be readers that will enjoy this book. There will be readers who will love it. I wanted to love it, but unfortunately I didn’t. It’s obvious Ms. Jenna has talent and can tell a good story. I plan on reading more from her in the future.

Reviewed By: Gabbi

Click HERE to purchase His Enemy’s Son

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