A note from Michele about A More Perfect Union’s authors.

Dear, J. Scott Coatsworth,

I’m writing this letter to you to thank you for being persistent. If you hadn’t of taken the time out to find me, I would have missed out on the stories within that anthology. In that, I would have missed out on some amazing characters and I wouldn’t have  read your story, or felt the hurts and the joys, or seen the happenings, none of it. I would have missed talent and true love all rolled up in one book.

Remember when you first contacted me about reading the anthology? I think I said that I didn’t review any more and that Gabbi would find a reviewer and let it go…then you found me again…(Let me say that I’m shocked you know who I am to start with. LOL!) And you asked if anyone had reviewed the anthology yet. I honestly didn’t know because Gabbi takes care of that stuff but I contacted her anyway to see if anyone had selected this book. I had a feeling no one had, we’re very thin right now with reviewers, and when she told me that we are swamped (not shocked.) with a bunch of books and very few reviewers I felt bad. I could feel that excitement by you via FB messenger…So, I took a step I stopped taking some time ago.

See, I stopped reviewing sometime ago. It’s not to say I quit reading because I haven’t, but I don’t read anything sent to us at T2B anymore. I retired to be honest. However, I didn’t think you knew that. And guess what? I’m glad you didn’t. I’m thrilled you stayed on top of it and basically pinned me in the corner over a review….Truly I am.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into here…I didn’t pay attention at the beginning…Remember when I said, “Okay, I’ll see if I can get Roxy to do it?” Well, she’s swamped and couldn’t do it…I sorta put a “time” limit on this one  because I didn’t want to let you down.  I hate to let anyone down actually and that’s part of the reason why I decided to stop reviewing.  So, moving on…Yes, I had Gabbi send me the file and read all of the stories.

Boy oh boy. Here’s what I didn’t know. I had NO idea this was an anthology! I’m serious I didn’t. I didn’t because I didn’t read the blurb or the email. I just downloaded the file and opened it and HELLO…

I don’t want to say I came out of “retirement,” to start reviewing again but I did for you and I’m glad I did. These stories are so much more than stories. They are true words written by each of you and those words came from your hearts, from your very lives. While they are fiction, there is truth behind them, all of ’em. All of you-the authors-are so very talented, incredibly gifted, right out  amazing guys. Humble, each of you. It’s hard to find guys like that in this day and age. I see so many people stuck on themselves they can’t see beyond the tips of their noses, that includes women too. But you all, you all have it going on and I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to help you all out, even if it’s just by a review.

So, without further blabbering on my part, here you go, Mr. J. Scott Coatsworth, because you asked me for it. I don’t do this type of thing for just anyone anymore….And B.G. Thomas, Jamie Fessenden, and Michael Murphy, this includes you all too…Stand tall, be proud, smile, and remember, we may not know one another, we may never meet in person either(I have met you, Jamie) but you have my respect. I love you without knowing you, the real you’s because you’re truly super sweet men. You are all truly wonderful people and I’m thankful to J. Scott for standing up and bugging me to read this. If he hadn’t, I would have missed out and who knows…maybe we wouldn’t have had a moment to do this review up.

OH! And I want to say: CONGRATS! on your marriages! All is as it should be….I hope that one day I can find the true love each of you have found.


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