Gabbi Reviews: Daddy by Default by Shawn Bailey

Title: Daddy by Default
Author: Shawn Bailey
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Pages: 113
Characters: Derek Webster, Chance Richards
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 3


Derek Webster is raising his six month old nephew, Jaden. He meets Chance Richards, a guy Derek wants to have a future with. But Derek fears Chance will leave when he finds out Derek comes with a ready-made family.

Derek Webster’s world gets turned upside down when his nineteen-year-old pregnant sister, Ashlynn, is injured in a car accident. The doctors manage to save the infant, but Ashlynn succumbs to her injures. Derek becomes guardian to his nephew and discovers it leaves him little or no time to socialize.

Chance Richards is at the top of his game. He has a job he loves and a loving family. The only thing he lacks is a serious relationship. He meets Derek, a young man with a gorgeous soul and a six-month old baby. The two of them may be happy together, or Chance’s fears and vulnerabilities about the future can put an end to them before their relationship starts.


Daddy by Default by Shawn Bailey is an easy, sweet read. I’ve read a couple of books by this author and she writes fast-paced romances with sexy heroes.

I love books that involve families. It’s always interesting to see characters grow and evolve when a child comes in the mix. One of the things I did like about this book was Derek’s loving relationship with his family. When it comes to raising his nephew, he is determined to be a good provider and loving uncle. Derek is also a genuinely nice guy who is easy to like. It was easy to understand why Chance became so enamored with him, because he is that kind of guy who everyone likes and admires in the end.

Like Derek, Chance was a good guy too. Though he’s five years older than Derek, Chance still enjoys hanging out with friends and the single life. When he meets and falls for Derek, Chance truly gives his decision on whether or not to have something special with Derek a lot of thought. He knows being with Derek will mean settling down and he wants to make sure that he makes the right decision…not only for him but for Derek and his nephew, Jaden too.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a sweet story and I liked it. I do wish the relationship between Chance and Derek had been fleshed out more. There is an insta-love factor to their relationship that might bother some, but I liked it. *Yes I believe in love at first sight* I just wish there had been a little more depth to their love. Sometimes it seemed a little one-dimensional and rushed. It has a lovely ending which I loved, but I felt a tad bit cheated because the last chapter or two was more generalized and not as emotionally driven as I would have liked.

Daddy by Default would be a good choice for those readers who crave an easy, lovely read. It’s a good rainy day / feel good story that will surely leave a smile on your face.


Reviewed By: Gabbi

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