Gabbi Reviews: A Bouquet for Adam by AJ Marcus and KT Spence

Title: A Bouquet for Adam
Author: AJ Marcus, KT Spence
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: Adam Stephens, Trent Osborn
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Adam Stephens’s simple life working in Denver as a computer programmer is turned upside down when his mother suddenly dies. His crazy relatives in Virginia want him to move in with them because they believe his autism makes it impossible for him to care for himself. But life improves, at least for a time. One day while wandering through the botanical gardens, he runs into struggling wildlife photographer Trent Osborn.

As a hesitant love blossoms between the two, Adam’s aunt and uncle push for him to live with them. Adam again refuses. The struggles between his desires and what everyone else wants collide. Adam disappears, and Trent is unsure if he’s run off to escape life’s pressures made worse by his autism, or if something far more sinister has happened. Trent embarks on a cross-country journey in search of Adam. What he discovers changes the course of his and Adam’s lives and the lives of everyone connected to them.


A Bouquet for Adam is a sweet and sexy romance written about two heroes that live and breathe off of the written page. I thought the relationship between Adam and Trent was a special one and I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this book.

At first glance, you would think these two men would not be a good match. Trent is a successful photographer who has lost his boyfriend under tragic circumstances. Trent is a likeable man but since his boyfriend’s death has closed himself off emotionally toward others. When he meets Adam, Trent’s care-taking instincts take over and he’s immediately drawn to the man.

On the other hand, Adam is an extremely smart and loveable man. Though Adam has Aspersers he is self-sufficient, but still enjoys living with his mom. When his mother unexpectedly passes away, this puts Adam’s life in an uproar. When he meets Trent, Adam immediately feels safe and feels an instant kinship with him. Soon, the friendship turns into something special but when a conniving relative decides to interfere with Adam’s life, both men must face certain demons to allow the love they share between them to bloom into a beautiful relationship.

Between the strong love story and the angst Adam has from his relatives’ interference, A Bouquet for Adam is a love story not to be missed. Although the story ends on a very positive note, in my opinion, this book needs a sequel. I would love to watch Adam and Trent blend their lives together. Also, though they do become friends, the love they share is a fast growing one. I liked this, but some readers might think it is an insta-love romance. I personally thought their relationship made sense and that they belonged together, so it was paced well.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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