Lydia Reviews: Stray by Kari Gregg

Title: Stray
Publisher: Self Published
Author: Kari Gregg
Pages: 116
Kisses: 4


With a lycan father, a human mother, and the human side of his genetic makeup dominant, Luke left his birth pack to try living among humans, but he felt awkward and uncomfortable isolated from the culture that raised him. He’s still searching for where he fits in.

After losing his family in a vicious attack, Dean rebuilt his pack by accepting loners, rejects, other survivors, and even ferals. He and his ragtag group of strays made a warm and welcoming home.

Luke believes he’s finally found where he belongs. Meddling parents and a neighbor who isn’t as human as he seems won’t sway him. Luke wants Dean to take in one last stray…him.


Stray, by author Kari Gregg, is a shape-shifter story with just enough twists to the normal mythology that readers have become use to, to make it a refreshing change. The world that the author has built, as well as the characters, pull the reader into the story and keep them turning the page to see what will happen next.

Luke is a hybrid; his father is lycan while his mother is human. Although his siblings were born with the ability to shift, Luke was not. As he got older he knew that the only life for him was away from the pack. Only life as a human has not gone well for Luke so he looks for a pack he can join and feel safe with.

Dean is the alpha of Yeager pack, only in Stray the position is referred to as the patriarch. He has a reason to hate humans since his whole family was wiped out by them when he was a teenager. He is not overly friendly when Luke shows up on the night of the full moon requesting to be made a member of the pack.

While in Stray the concept of true mates is a fantasy to be found in books and movies, the connection between Dean and Luke cannot be denied. Of course these two men have a lot to overcome, and Luke’s insecurities come close to separating them for good. It is easy to understand Luke’s issues, but more than once I wanted to smack him for his inability to overcome his problems, especially given what Dean had gone through.

The author finds a way to give the men their HEA and I liked the way it was done. I do wish this story was longer as I felt there was more to be told. I am hoping that Stray is just the beginning of a series and that not only will we see more of Dean and Luke, but also Nate and Jeremy.

On a side note, when you get to the part where Luke and his mother are talking on the phone, I suggest you make sure you are not eating or drinking otherwise you will have a mess to clean up.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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