Gabbi Reviews: To Steal His Heart by Alec Nortan

Title: To Steal His Heart
Author: Alec Nortan
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Characters: Matt Glenn, Jordan Cobbers
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 2


The best way to catch a thief is to act like one—or at least that’s how Matt Glenn operates. He’ll protect your valuables, but the one thing he can’t protect is his own heart. His life is looking up when he meets hot client Ben on his latest assignment. But when Matt comes back into contact with police lieutenant Jordan Cobbers, the man who could have been the love of his life, things get complicated. As the danger rises and lives are placed at risk, will Matt survive?


I hate writing reviews on books that I, for some reason or the other, do not care for. When I read a book, I expect to like the characters, enjoy the chemistry and emotional connection they have together and read a story-line that I like. Whether it’s a mystery, sweet romance, paranormal or filled with angst, I look forward to enjoying the ride the author takes me on.

Unfortunately, I struggled reading through this book.

I honestly did not like the main character Matt very much. Although I though his profession was interesting, I thought his wishy-washy feelings toward Jordan and even Ben bothered me. I wish I could get into it more, but I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it, so I’ll thread lightly. I just didn’t connect with him as a reader.

Jordan has been in love with Matt for some time. I thought he could do better than Matt. I didn’t like the way Matt treated him at times and I didn’t understand why Jordan didn’t tell Matt to bug off and mean it. I thought the chemistry they had together wasn’t natural, more stilted. They just didn’t mesh well with me. I’m sorry. I’m sure other readers will feel differently than I do, but I just did not connect with either hero.

I thought the ongoing plot was interesting, but it could have been more developed. Maybe if the book had been in 3rd person instead of 1st person, I would have liked it better? I just don’t know. Maybe if I saw Matt through Jordan’s eyes I would have liked him. Maybe, maybe not.

But… in saying all this I do want to end this review on a positive note. I think the author has a creative imagination and I will give him another shot. I truly think he deserves it.

To Steal His Heart wasn’t my cup of tea, but it just might be yours. I’m sure there will be people who will love Matt and Jordan and really love the story Matt had to tell.

Reviewed By: Gabbi

Click HERE To Purchase To Steal His Heart

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