LOVE CONQUERS ALL … Check out this very special submission call from Torquere Press

From diagnosis to ringing the bell, cancer is a bitch. Torquere is looking for fully realized 3,000-10,000 word cancer themed stories with a HEA ending for an anthology titled “Love Conquers All.” Proceeds will benefit DJ Manly in her battle with this horrible disease.

Please send your submissions to with “Love Conquers All” and your story title in the subject field. Please see our general submissions guidelines for formatting etc. Deadline for submission is August 15, 2016; all submissions will be held and reviewed after the deadline.

If the completed anthology reaches a minimum word count of 60K, the book may go to print. Terms of contract will be electronic and print rights for three years, as well as an electronic and print copy of the book. Print rights are reserved for six months. If the print rights are not optioned, all print rights revert to the author.

We’ll also be releasing the story on its own in ebook format. Royalties for the single title electronic version will be 45% net on books sold through Torquere Books and 35% net on books sold through our distributors, again for a period of three years. Torquere Press will be donating all proceeds of their royalties to DJ Manly. If you are interested in donating your author portion of royalties please let us know on your submission.

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