Gabbi Reviews: His Vampire Lover by Pascaline Lestrange

Title: His Vampire Lover
Author: Pascaline Lestrange
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Pages: 29
Characters: Beau, Christopher
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Vampire, Erotica
Kisses: 4.5


Beau went to the club looking for one thing. He knew what he wanted—who he wanted: Christopher. His lover, his companion, his vampire. Together they played a dangerous and erotic game of cat and mouse, one that only heated up more when it entered the bedroom.


Whew! His Vampire Lover is a sizzling, hot read from start to finish. I knew upfront that this was going to be an erotic romance and did it deliver!

First, I must warn you…make sure you’re in a nice cool room before you start this novella. Why? Holy smokes this story is definitely sexy and very erotic. From the moment we meet Beau and Christopher the chemistry these two men shared together practically steamed up my computer screen! I literally had to stop and take a drink of iced tea to cool off as I read their sexy encounter. Even now, I feel flushed.

When it comes to writing sultry, sizzling sex with a deep physical and even emotional connection, Pascaline Lestrange has a true knack for making her readers’ sweat. It was so easy to get wrapped up into these two characters’ lives, even for the few scenes they are in. I wish so much this had been a longer story. I truly found myself wishing I knew more about them. How did they meet? What kind of life they live…omg…I wonder if Beau always more dominant over Christopher? My questions go on and on. Which is a good thing for this author because I will be looking out for more books by her, but bad for me because I’m anxious to know more about them…ugh!

If you are looking for a sultry, stimulating and sexy short story then His Vampire Lover is definitely the book for you! *Just keep a cold drink and fan blowing on you while reading it*

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

Click HERE to purchase His Vampire Lover

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