Out of the box


Amazon is at it again! The we sell everything, anytime; everywhere giant of the world has decided to ban more books. –shaking head- They go out of their way to be sure that the items they allow listed or list themselves follow their policies. I think.

Sex sells. That’s a given and it has since the beginning of time, so why can’t we write it and sell it without being hassled. OH! It’s because we take it a step further. We add elements that burn virgin eyes and blow virgin minds up. The thrill of a great BDSM with added non-con, is a hard one to sell in this day and age. YET…a shitty told one with dead characters took the reading world by storm and Amazon hopped on that bandwagon. Go figure. We add plot, we flesh the characters, we have the HEA ending and nothing is left unanswered. YET…

I can probably go on for days about that but I’m a writer and a reader first, so I’ll focus on that area. Amazon is playing big daddy by not allowing certain taboo FICTION stories to be uploaded onto their site to be sold to the reading audiences. Fine. It’s their site, it’s their call. Their rules and not much we can do about it. Sure, we can gather together, get a petition going, share it on all media sites and keep telling your followers to sign it and share it and some will. Most won’t. It’s reality. It really is like fighting a losing battle but one worth fighting.

We have the freedom of speech on our side. As a general public that is. According to the constitution anyway. BUT, apparently, when it comes to FICTION stories, we are shut down even before the public is even aware of what’s going on. IF Amazon says no to a story chances are, that story, even if it’s available elsewhere, won’t be seen. It’s the truth and again, that’s Amazon’s fault…or ours? We did make that site what it is today. So, in short, Amazon is taking our freedom to speak, (in books that is.) Away from us once more.

Now, let me make one thing clear. I understand their reasons. I do. Because let me tell you. I have seen some of the things that wannabe writers try to and have successfully published there. Some sick minded people in the world, that’s for sure. They wrote/ write about really twisted shit that will mess with one’s mind for days, weeks, maybe years. I won’t even get into the poor editing (it’s actually non-existent.) The missing plots, the one dimensional characters with sick twisted ideas, the missing settings, and the holes in the plot, and I can go on and on here, but I won’t. You get the idea.

However, on the flip side of that are the successful writers who have many followers due to the many amazing stories they create, the ones which are edited with well thought out characters who are very dimensional, where the settings drag you in and make you a part of the story even if you’re just watching from the sidelines, that writer has talent. Their talent outshines the twisty wicked ones who did manage to screw things up for them on sites like Amazon.

They, the twisted ones, focus on rape, murder, gore, blood, more rape, rage, madness, and on and on. Without a plot at that. So, we had innocent readers who like to explore outside of the box and read something a bit more daring. They ended up with a twisted story and went ape shit on Amazon. Who was at fault? The writer was to start with. Then Amazon for allowing it to be published before they realized what was happening. I mean, I’m a self published author. I love control over my stories so that’s why I do it my way…I don’t do it because I’m trying to hide things that a publisher won’t publish had I selected that option. . I have nothing to hide. But, those other sick so-called writers did and they messed things up for people who write on the edge, out of the comfy box and for ones who like to read those type of stories. I’m also a responsible writer. I warn the reader beforehand so they aren’t surprised. Twisty idiots didn’t.


A friend of mine, Claire Thompson has been fighting with Amazon on and off for years over her stories. They get a kick out of banning her stories and have done so once again. Claire is one hell of a talented artist and I admire her in many ways. She dabbles in MM and FM fiction that is BDSM…Not that fifty shades of shit business either. It’s REAL BDSM. She knows it, she lives it, she is it. She also loves to write out of that safe box and her fans actually beg her for more. BEG for more edgy reading material! AKA: Taboo erotica. She adds non-con for her readers…not in a sick twisted way either. She does it with class. She has her Dom’s and her subs down to a T. She knows how to get inside their heads, inside our heads and feed us our inner most fantasies. NOT all of you of course. I know we all have different interests and that’s what makes us all amazing. But to be slapped across one’s face for daring to write what many want to read, is an insult.

It’s not right to Claire, it’s not right to her readers. Amazon really takes things one step too far, all the time. I wrote this because there are other ways to buy what you want to read. You can look on the author’s websites, their media pages, and they’ll guide you. They write for them and for you, please find them and support them away from the giant of Amazon. If they don’t wanna, they don’t haveta, but we want, and we should have.

Here’s a (tiny) list of publishers who do publish edgier stories. Not the fluffy ones we have too much of…IMO…I don’t do fluff, and that’s not a secret or anything new. I do like the edgy darker stuff and that’s where I’ll spend my money…not on Amazon. I don’t even have a Kindle! I refuse to follow the masses in that way. I own an E-reader but one that allows me to load what I want. I guess we’ll go ahead and call it… Safe Taboo Fiction. That would be a great publisher name! Safe as in NO incest, no sex with minors…NO sick twisty shit either.


Romance Unbound Claire Thompson actually IS her own publisher. She has an amazing editor and cover artist as well. Here’s her site. Buy there and she gets to keep her royalties. A note from Claire. Romance Unbound Publishing is a part of a groundswell of authors who are taking a more active role in the creative and financial direction of their writing careers. After publishing over forty novels in both print and ebook, I decided it was time to take control of my own destiny. With the help of dedicated beta readers, freelance editors, my cover artist and webmistress, I have achieved more success and creative freedom than I ever dreamed of! Please stop by my publishing site and check it out! Love, Claire

Forbidden Fiction– this is actually my favorite site. I read a lot of stories published by them.

Fantastic Fiction– is the mama bear to Forbidden.

Blushing Books– New site to me but they do publish the naughty and ARE on Amazon! They pay well too…looks like they have really great stories. I pointed you to the GLBT section.

A1adult-Looks naughty! I’ve never seen it but they do publish the taboo erotica stories.

Smashwords– It’s a fight of the fittest there but they’ll let you publish.

I wish I had the time to scour the internet for more but I don’t. If you know of any, please feel free to contact us and we’ll add a list to our classified page.

If you yearn for more, let the writers know so they can keep going knowing they have your support. And if you look, they don’t charge a bundle for a book.


P.S.- When I say Taboo I don’t mean incest on any level or sex that involves minors in any way…I have limits. Those are mine.


  1. Agree and Agree and Agree!! The ‘free-for-all’ on Amazon is a disaster for many authors who write carefully and correctly. I have long bought direct from publishers rather than Amazon; and I make careful note of those writers who, like Claire, lose out through no fault of their own.

    And I am happy to buy direct from authors too 🙂


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