Gabbi Reviews: Circle of Change by Laney Cairo

Title: Circle of Change
Author: Laney Cairo
Publisher: Torquere Press
Characters: Kim, Dash
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Transgender, Romance
Kisses: 5


Kim is in his last year of high school and just hopes to make it through the year without running into any gay bashing. The thing is, Kim is not only gay, he’s transgender, too.

Things get even more complicated when college student Dash joins Kim’s mother’s coven. Dash is immediately attracted to Kim and they wind up going out together, but when Kim reveals he’s trans, Dash reacts badly.

With all the other things going on in their lives, will Kim and Dash be able to try again and find happiness with each other?


Circle of Change by Laney Cairo is a well-written romance filled with intriguing characters and a thoughtful storyline that kept this reader’s rapt attention from start to finish.

I’ve actually read this book before when it first came out several years ago. I really liked it then and I honestly think I liked it more the second time around. I was immediately swept up into Kim’s life and quickly admired his strength and perseverance to live in the body he was meant to live in, as well as strive for the life he wanted to have despite the everyday struggles of Kim’s day to day life.

Kim’s story isn’t always a pretty one. He’s been working on transitioning from Female to Male and the journey hasn’t been easy. Lucky for Kim, he has an incredible mother and friends who are very supportive of him transitioning to the body he knows he is meant to have. Being eighteen can be difficult enough, but to a man like Kim, there are times it can be almost unbearable.

When Kim meets Dash, he immediately believes that the slightly older man will understand him. Dash’s uniqueness and drive to be himself is something that Kim admires. Dash isn’t afraid of being different and his androgynist look is something that Kim is very attracted too. But, when Dash doesn’t react to Kim’s truth as he thought he would, this puts Kim back into a tailspin of hurt and grief and once again Kim is left to stand on his own two feet again.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the personal growth that all of these characters go through as the story progresses. Each and every one of them continue to evolve into richer people, despite what life throws their way.
Ms. Cairo has a real knack of getting to the heart and soul of her characters, while still allowing them to make mistakes and remain likeable and humanly flawed people.

Between the strong romance the well-written storyline, Cirle of Change is a very easy book to recommend. I hope one day Ms. Cairo will write more about Kim and Dash because I would love to read more about them as they grow older.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

Click HERE to purchase Circle of Change

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